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16 Jul

Balloon Flights Kiev

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I will tell you about a site that is dedicated to fly a hot air balloon on this site balloon flight is presented as a separate program balloon flight Kiev turns out you can get married under the clouds and even married in the basket aozdushnogo ball. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. Can and stag on the ball and the corporate order in a balloon, in short, virtually anything you like … The entire program lasts 4-5 hours, including flight is, in fact, chas.V rest of the time You can see how the balloonists prepare the balloon for flight and, traditionally, the post-flight drink a glass of champagne in the process of initiation into the balloonists. If anyone is interested in the history of aeronautics – this information can also be found on the website. First in the air in a balloon up duck, rooster and baran.Posle as people realize that flying a balloon is safe to fly and become themselves. Aeronautics beginning of the era is 1783, when French Pilatre de Rozier and d'Arland.

up in the sky in hot air balloons. It turns out that the balloon can be used as a unique advertising medium, because its height is the height of the seven-story building. In this he draws set kompvny around mire.Unikalny media advertising causes people only priyanye emotion at the sight of them swimming by balloon. The use of hot air balloons everywhere, on almost all events where there are 50 * 50 m area. For those wishing to buy a hot air balloon, too, there is a corresponding razdel.I, in general, balloon flight, an original gift for all occasions life at creating mind after viewing content of this sayta.Eto and concerts, and festivals, days of the city, and of course the Fiesta sharov.Nesomnenno air, a beautiful sight when in the air simultaneously raised hundreds of thermal aerostatov.Fiesty balloons held around the world. A lot of interesting information + ability to play online. IMHO, an interesting resource.

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25 Sep

Volleyball Federation

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Volleyball – Eng. Volleyball – hit the ball in the summer," "Flying," "floating ball" – a team sport noncontact game in which two teams on a platform throw the ball over the net on the enemy, that he was unable to recapture. This game appeared in the U.S. in 1895 and immediately won the hearts of many. In Russia, the spread of volleyball began to artists, actors, as in Moscow, first appeared in the volleyball courts theaters.

In 1923 the USSR the first official match between the teams top theatrical arts workshops, and the State School of Cinematography. In 1925, the Soviet Union were developed and approved the first official competition rules on volleyball. Since then, competition in the sport ever held in Russia and elsewhere. Since 1964, volleyball is an Olympic sport. Virtually all competitions Soviet and later Russian and teams (male and female) won prizes in Tokyo (1964), Mexico (1968), Munich (1972), Montreal (1976), Moscow (1980), Seoul (1988), Sydney ( 2000.), Athens (2004), Beijing (2008).

An international body of volleyball as a sport – FIVB – "International Volleyball Federation" was formed in 1947 in France. It brings together 220 national volleyball federations. FIVB headquarters in Switzerland, in Lausanne. Federation is developing rules to volleyball, is responsible for organizing international competitions, said balls for the world competition in volleyball. The last few years, the official tournament balls, steel balls are approved by the FIVB Japanese company MIKASA. Volleyball is a spherical structure consisting of an inner rubber is usually the camera enclosed in a covering of leather or synthetic leather. In all official competitions ball game is circumference of 65-67 inches and weighing 260-280 grams. Balls MIKASA generally tricolor: a combination of bright yellow, blue and white colors allow athletes to more clearly identify the trajectory of the ball. It should be noted that this manufacturer produces volleyballs for various purposes: training for the classical and beach volleyball. Balls MIKASA is available in different price ranges, so that every fan of this game can afford to drill with a really high quality and "thoughtful" in all respects ball. MIKASA releases balls for different levels of play: training – for example, stretching MIKASA MGV5ATTR – to practice hitting, heavy-weight MIKASA MGV500 – for strength training, classical training balls MIKASA MV250 (recommended for training in sports schools and clubs), MIKASA MVP-2001, MIKASA MVA330 (T); Amateur – MIKASA MGV260, MIKASA MVP5S (you better durability in this price range) of match – MIKASA MVA310 (T); Professional – MIKASA MVA300. Balls are also distinguished by glued and stitched. Beach volleyball most preferably crosslinked using balls, because they are less susceptible to deformation when wet. The quality of glued and stitched balls MIKASA so high that the method of their connection does not matter. And of course, for a truly professional and beautiful game should be mindful of proper pumping the ball. It should not be too soft, not to reduce the rebound the ball, and too hard to not beat the hands of athletes. Ideal to pump the ball allow the specialized electronic manometers (MIKASA AG-500). Beautiful game! Tasha Interested

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13 Apr


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Learn to windsurf Windsurfing in Hurghada – once he saw it and for life! Windsurfing popular recreation – each year finds more and more admirers in Russia. Just lie on the beach and tan is not, for health need to show some athletic activity! But it's better to do it with pleasure. In windsurfing, anyone will find something different: A sports game is a way of life with nature Activities Leisure Participation in exciting competitions and the opportunity to travel just a very beautiful sport You think – it's not for me – it is very difficult The process of learning windsurfing is not a special difficulties if there is a good instructor. And it is most important. And if you learn as a family – learning becomes a great pastime in which each participates.

What do I need to learn how to windsurf? For learning not to have special skills, there is not significant sex, height, weight. Need only your desire and willingness to follow the instructor! Windsurfing is available at any age. Where can I learn how to windsurf? An ideal place for learning should look like permanent steady wind The warm sea air and lack of emotion General Security Professional windsurfing instructor is also desirable that the sun was shining, to increase the already sverhpolozhitelnye emotions in teaching Russian health resort of Hurghada – is not only a favorite resort and democratic Egypt. Hurghada is also a kind of 'MECCA' for those wishing to learn and cultivators in windsurfing – a wonderful sport and entertainment together. Necessarily in every hotel in Hurghada you will find windsurfing boards. For teaching windsurfing in Hurghada Russian tourists choose naschu windsurfing school. Relaxing atmosphere safe lagoon professional instructor for a very short time you will learn to sail. We offer you not just relax in Hurghada, but to learn from enjoy this wonderful sport and odyha – WINDSURFING! An ideal exercise for people who love sea, sun, travel and life – welcome to our windsurfing school in Hurghada.

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