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03 Sep


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Ana Leopoldina Dos Santos received some headings in its homage. With cultural exponent and alive patrimony of Pernambuco for the Secretary of the Education and Culture of the State. In 2005 it received from the hands of President Lus Incio Lula da Silva, the heading of the order of the cultural mento, with one of the most important in legitimation developed cultural actions in the country and for the happiness biggest of our Owner of the Adobe the dream that it always wanted to carry through, turned reality in September 2000 with the presence of Jarbas Governor Vasconcelos and other local authorities, inaugurated the Center of Arts and Culture Ana of the Figureheads, located in the one of the quarters of Petrolina, next road that to the access the Airport Nile Senator Rabbit. It was one day festive for our artist of national reputation and until the International, where politicians, artists, journalists, broadcasters, senders of local and national TV and until people comings of another state and local community had come to sanction deservedly this artist who made name through its work. Our Owner of the Adobe, Ana Leopoldina Dos Santos, left for the celestial field in day 01 of October of 2008, victim of cardiac arrest to the 85 years of age. Its history of love for the art will go to forever remain through its husband and devotion while still alive for the spreading of the art that they interested.

Owner Ana was our bigger representation of the Hinterland of the Valley of the San Francisco in the expressividade of its professional and cultural talent that of huge form she knew to take to all the cantos of the country the name of its land that adopted of heart and passion. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gina Bonati and gain more knowledge.. Ana of the Figureheads, maximum exponent of the culture of the adobe in the petrolinense region and Are Franciscana..

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28 Aug

Actor Zac Efron

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Zachary ' ' Zac' ' David Alexander Efron, more is known as Zac Efron or still as Troy de High Musical School. Been born in U.S.A., in 18 of October of 1987, this young actor and singer possess millions of fans of all the places of the world. Its history started early. Although it has attemped to be esportista, still early Zac demonstrated an aptitude with music. The parents of the young man had started to stimulate that it sang, because they had perceived that any music that touched in the radio made the small Efron to cantarolar.

With only 11 years it started to make lessons of sings. He was a professor took who it to participate of the first musical production, ' ' Gypsy' '. Based in a musical comedy of the Broadway, this age only one local production, but was the first moment that Efron was in palco. As it took taste for the thing garotinho followed in the productions ' ' Peter Pan' ' , ' ' Mame' ' , ' ' The Music Man' ' ' ' Little Shop of Horrors' '. In year 2002, with 15 years, Zac was for Los Angeles and finished obtaining an agent. From that moment, its career started to point new routes. In telinhas it participated of seriados famous as ' ' Firefly' ' , ' ' ER' ' , ' ' The Guardian' ' ' ' Summerland' '. At this time, its papers did not demand very of it as actor and not yet they passed of participation special.

Everything moved when it was scaled to record the film ' ' High School Musical' '. After acting as Troy Bolton, the captain of the teams of basquete, in this musical comedy of Disney, Zac it turned dolo adolescents of the entire world. The film was a success appearing still more two sequencias ' ' High Musical School 2' ' ' ' High Musical School 3: Year&#039 senior; '. The young shining actor continues acting in the films, most famous is ' ' The Death and Life of Charlie' ' ' ' 17 Another Vez' '. Its beauty and talent had made with that Zac conquered the respect of the boys and, the love of the girls. If you also adore Zac Efron, you use to advantage to send messages livened up thematic of it. The messages of the site Clickut are so charming how much it, its friends will go to adore the messages livened up of the Zac Efron!

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19 Mar

Archaeological Tourism

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This article intends, of specific form, to carry through an analysis on the archaeological tourism, emphasizing its social importance, analyzing the relation of the culture concept and tourism, as well as the one of the performance of the government, through public politics, for the defense of our patrimony, and also to know on as the turismlogos could act. Certainly one politics of incentives on the part of the government does not exist, with regard to the preservation of the archaeological small farms; estruturao of the national parks; support for research and studies; projects of ambient education and others. Therefore, through this article, it is possible to bring to the knowledge of all, the performance of the public power for one politics of I stimulate to the tourism. Bringing not only to the public power, but also the society in general, conscience of the conservation and preservation of our historical, cultural and ambient treasure. Giving obligation to all (mainly to the turismlogos) to stimulate and to bet in the tourism, as well as creating new vises and attempting against for the new paradigms of the activity, mainly as for the cultural and archaeological tourism. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: tourism; archaeological tourism; culture; history; patrimony; ABSTRACT This article aims, specifically, conduct an analysis of archaeological tourism, emphasizing its social importance, analyzing the relationship between the concept of culture and tourism, well the actions of the government, through public you police, toguard our assets, and also learn about how tourismologist could act. Surely there is politics of you stimulate by the government with respect you the preservation of archaeological sites; structuring of national parks, support will be research and studies, environmental education projects and others. Therefore, through this article, you can bring you the notice of all the acts of public policy will be stimulus you tourism..

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