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12 Jun

DSL Internet

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Internet Agency MV full service for Mecklenburg Vorpommern, exclusive hosting service and after-sales service bestenhender Web sites and online shops. An even better customer retention is achieved by full service. Service desert Germany? Who today thinks he represents what at one time on the legs and that’s it, will be morning soon without customers. Because the customers are the highest good, which a company can have. This will be achieved only through active customer loyalty and customer relationship management. Again and again I need to hear from my customers that had that have either taken care to support the Web page before an agency or others have created only the Web pages and this had been’s. Service and customer loyalty sounds different. So for example: Consulting, domain naming, domain purchase, creation of the Web site, hosting, training, and search engine optimization all from one source.

Exactly in this order or but the customer decides itself what exactly he of individual offers would like to have. Why the whole thing? It happened again and again, that a customer specifically for the Web hosting special settings required settings, which do not exist in many sharedhosting offers and are not even possible to configure, I for example speak to mod_rewrite or PHP safe mode, the module that are nowadays essential settings that are increasingly in demand. The Internet Agency MV has brilliantly solved these tasks, we have even made us the webhosts and left the customer so that the decision on cheap sharedhosting or professional hosting including Coreupdater for the CMS Joomla 1.5, Typo3, XTC, OSC, Drupal, WebsiteBaker and WordPress systems from our home. Thus, the customer is able to get everything from a single source given and not only the creation of the Web site. We accept even the repair of defective PC’s or the configuration of new PC’s, if the customer needed then we care a DSL provider also and that there is the choice of access up to the installation of the network components everything from a single source and above all for a fair price. The entire portfolio is as follows from: Web hosting Web design Web controlling search engine optimization DSL – Internet access PC configuration PC Repair training for more information and offers take contact with the Internet Agency Henri Burmeister webdesign & webhosting

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18 Nov

New Businesses

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Company founders often commit same mistakes when designing and implementing your Web presentation. While these can decide about success or failure of the enterprise. It unfortunately is not enough always to design the website by his fellow students and program. Too much is being developed here to “taste” and not according to guidance. Because entrepreneurs need to save at all corners, webtakel developed a special offer. The risk is on the side of webtakel. Without hesitation Charlotte Hornets explained all about the problem. The entrepreneur will pay only 50% of the fee and the rest at the beginning only after 6 months in smaller installments – but also only if the company is developing positively. It is not easy to be self-employed in Germany for business start-ups.

It is difficult to find meaningful support and she is either expensive or only superficially. Professional advice is also required for the presentation of the new company. Since it is a company logo to develop, business facilities, a company or product brochure and in most cases also a Web presentation. Web rigging entrepreneurs offers a 50% deal. Web rigging bears the risk that the young entrepreneur must pay only 50% of the fee at the beginning and need only pay the remaining 50% if the company goes positively. Two advantages for the entrepreneur, he can be sure that Web rigging offers the best advice and implementation, because only so can secure Web rigging for yourself to get the second 50% of the fee. Entrepreneurs who want to accept this offer, must email with a brief profile “apply”.

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29 Aug

South America

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For the rescue plan, we need money, lots of money. But we haven’t. So we have to make more debt. How does the State debt? The State’s bonds out, so government bonds and German bunds, etc. He then sold the 70% on life insurance, the rest is private investors, some funds and us on the State itself. We buy the life insurance back private investors, including the State itself. Because we are so the State.

But now no more government bonds to buy life insurance, but sell them out of financial difficulties. The State gets no credit, the Life insurance companies and banks are no longer supported. After our money were burned so hundreds billion, end the insolvency of many institutes will be inevitable. And we lose investors twice. Once directly, if we must abandon our savings and another by the thrown out billions of tax.

And yet a third time by the emerging high inflation. The State already, so that my I, before all these rescue plans for bankers and car builders and before all these stimulus packages, so highly in debt, will be not to think of a repayment of the debt. On the contrary. New debt to pay the interest at all, must be included. The State is not only in debt, but de facto bankrupt. Each private commercial drive, of the one-man craftsmen to the global corporate group, would be required in this situation by law to the liquidation. He would get long no loans from the banks. Now I wonder: I would borrow an over-indebted person, a bankrupt company, money? My answer is clear. Why because in Jesus name, should I lend money to Governments and to buy its German bunds? Because a State is not broke? Far from. States have always been bankrupt. Most recently Iceland was and is so to speak right at our doorstep, and not about somewhere in Asia or South America. More States will follow. In addition the unofficial insolvency of a State in the sharply rising inflation can be seen, because just yet of the financial collapse can be averted. best current example is Zimbabwe.

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16 Jun


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Also online purchases of Swiss citizens in Germany are constantly increasing that is very lucrative for Swiss citizens to shop in Germany, is no longer a secret long ago. What was a few years ago as a insider tip, is for the most Swiss, who live on the border with Germany, a habit become: shopping in Germany. It is not only noticed, on Saturday to a leisurely stroll to Konstanz goes and meets there are almost more Swiss citizens as Germans. You realize that Germany for the Switzerland become the attractive shopping country, now also on the Internet. More and more Swiss want to buy German online stores and portals such as eBay Germany. Because the prices are much cheaper.

Shopping on the Internet, especially eBay, the biggest problem currently is that unfortunately still many sellers not to foreign countries or only in EU countries want to send. Swiss struggling as often. A cost-effective and practical solution is a German shipping address. It has a German shipping address or a German camp to send its goods can be, can you without problems in Germany online shop. The provider offers a German shipping address for some time. In the portal, you will find several independent shipping center along the German-Swiss border. Purchases can be sent just there and then easily be picked. Swiss are still cheaper than you would buy in the Switzerland. If the merchandise has arrived already, you can check online on the website of the delivery addresses portal. So will reading in Germany online always easier and more attractive.