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03 Nov

Flamenco Dance

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They lived a secular existence, and they met socially to each other. Behind schedule at night, the members of the meeting interpreted songs of moan and sadness, expressing the difficulties that face in the life and the desperation that they felt. Each song was transmitted orally of generation in generation, without music individually written and interpreted by each artist interpreter or executant. With time, the singer would be accompanied by the sound of a guitar, the movements of a dancer, or both things. The thematic one of the songs has been extending to even include subjects like the love, the death and the celebration, the policy and humor, the development of the different styles from flamenco that they exist at present.

The musical influences of the Arab, bean and the local culture Andalusian little by little even became a part of the sound. What began like a heavy voice, continuous, with the sound of the guitar, the movements of a support dancing, and later, the applause of the hearing, that is accentuated to the rate of music. In truth, the flamenco one is a experience that does not have to be lost, and if its itinerary includes a trip to Seville, it is very probable that it finds, a range of options that can be presented/displayed to the magic and emotion of the experience. A visit to the Museum of Flamenco Baile (Museum of Flamenco Dance) is a good place to begin to learn on the history of the dance. Abierto of 9am – 7pm, the visitors have the opportunity to sail by a collection of audio-visual screens, permanent exhibitions, and the studies of education, distributed in the three plants of this multimillionaire project that was inaugurated in the 2006. They have activities of season in the afternoons during the summer, or also to participate in the classes and factories that throughout the year.

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