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12 Jun

Heinz Schiller

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A new technology of the Swiss company SWISSBATTERIES now enables a technical performance profile as in conventional disposable batteries. New technology in rechargeable batteries: never throw-away batteries! 01.07.2008, Vienna. A new technology of the Swiss company SWISSBATTERIES now enables a technical performance profile as in conventional disposable batteries. This up to 1.000-fach reusable battery brand accubattery helps to save money and reduce waste mountains. For the first time, it is possible to use rechargeable batteries for demanding technical applications. t, an internet resource.

For digital camera, CD, MP3, game boy, pagers, wireless mouse, toy, flashlight or other mobile devices. Therefore each disposable battery of type AA (LR6) and AAA (LR3) replaced the accubattery of SWISSBATTERIES. The performance specifications of the accubattery convince the accubattery loads delivered and is ready for use immediately. With a starting voltage of 1.4 volts has over a excellent voltage behavior. It provides much more power compared with conventional alkaline batteries. For example, this means that up to 4 times more photos can be taken with digital cameras.

The accubattery has a very high cycle stability, and high current and fast charge capability. As a result, the accubattery for all applications, batteries and disposable batteries are intended for, is released. Robust for the most arduous with guaranteed capacity not even extreme cold and heat can have on you. The accubattery provides full power even at low temperatures up to – 20 Celsius. A rechargeable battery has never been so robust as the new accubattery. While similar products at the capacity with claims such as \”Max.\” (maximum), type\”\” (typical) and \”up to\” (up to) operate, guaranteed SWISSBATTERIES at accubattery thanks to the highest quality level (high grade) the specified minimum capacity. Never empty rechargeable batteries after long storage Heinz Schiller, electronics expert and is responsible for the technical division at mobile-extra, by the technical uberlegenenheit of which accubattery thrills: the accubattery has a long shelf life through the new battery technology virtually no self discharge.

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16 Dec

Tennis Accessories

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The Football World Cup held in South Africa this year, 2010, has been won by the selection of Spain, after an exciting match against the selection of Holland, by one to zero in favor of Spain. This result was obtained at the end of the last fifteen minutes of extension. This was a match full of emotions and great expectations. For the first time Spain has been winning the precious Award from the world of Football. Spain and the world have celebrated this great and well-deserved award for everything high. And the football lovers just they have slept filled with joy and excitement, celebrating the victory in the streets, to a single voice screaming, champions, champions. It is thought that this sport is exclusive for boys, but is not certain many girls are lovers of the same and fan games and players, is for this reason that this game for free on the internet has included a game to dress girls which includes a girl from the team champion of the 2010 World Cup. In this game dress girls see three models, a so-called brunette read, a blonde named Lilou, and a modern girl’s blue hair named Lee, any of them can be chosen to be our model in this game for free dress girls, which is designed a new costume for the game.

Once the girl has chosen your model starts the new uniform by choosing t-shirts, shorts, socks, Tennis Accessories, to be elected and sports opens a range of models among which you can choose, but also has a second choice of models by clicking on the arrow. The bottom of this screen can also be changed color, white, gray or pink, so that the garment to be chosen to stand out more. The clothes chosen for the model come with a specific color, but there are still more if the color of what has been elected don’t like or want to combine different color you can do since this game girl dress offers you that option, with a huge palette of colors. This game has a trash to be able to go deleting things that displease you, or that you want to change, is very practical because you simply dismiss it and follow, rather than be trying to order to place instead and choose another. Within attachments here we can find balls Football, wristbands, antennae and hat. Organize your own fashion show playing dress up games. Become a fashion designer playing games dress girls in original author and source of the article

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25 Nov

Travel To Port Aventura

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Travel to Port Aventura PortAventura is a theme park situated just an hour from Barcelona and a few kilometers from the airport of Reus.Located in the heart of the Costa Dorada, 5 minutes from the tourist town of Salou, the Park has become the playful reference to enjoy a holiday with family or friends. Port Aventura, is made up of 5 large thematic areas, where visitors will find attractions suitable for all audiences, and shows that will move you to the most unexpected corners, with the idea of spending a few days different and fun. We invite you to a journey full of emotions, in the heart of the Costa Dorada. More than 10000 hectares dedicated to leisure and fun. Do not miss it! Viajes Tarraco offers you different offers for Port Aventura, combining hotel, relaxation and excitement. Also if you wish, we also organize him staying at the Port Aventura hotels without that you worry about nothing. If you wish, we also offer only the entrances to ports Adventure, to make your holidays in Costa Dorada a success.You choose the formula, we take care of all details.

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