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22 Feb

Main Jobs

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The main orders, and the rest will be. The most difficult thing in the taxi dispatch center – this is the balancing of Orders-drivers. It is necessary to increase orders and drivers to see you fly like bees to honey. Once they (taxi) dramatically reduced and drivers fleeing to other taxi companies. There is some corruption of the monks, what do the commercial interest – is a commercial interest, and for "just so no one was hired." The skeleton is the main Thank God and thank you guys for their loyalty to the company. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Thurgood Marshall on most websites. But by then decrease and increase taxi, so it is supported by advertising and promotion.

The taxi had long been tested and are major sources of orders corporate and regular customers, the Internet, reference services, affiliate programs. With hotels, the clubs do not get us to work until, well, does not add up somehow, but we would like. And it turns out, if there are orders, then drivers happy (a stable job and income), managers are satisfied with (stable sn), customers are happy (they all want to earn and everything in tone and quality of service received no complaints), the management of taxi companies rather (it is possible proceeds to the development of income denied). And money makes money, and development entails an increase in orders. Add to your understanding with real-estate developer. In the office, dispatch center hangs a motto: We have between 1,500 orders per day! We have many large corporate clients! We best professional control center in Moscow! And we are happy !!!!! We work honestly, my God, give us good luck and effort, and more orders a taxi! And we'll do it! As we worked with a night club rang us a organization, and says: "My dear you our wonderful, if you place on our website as a participant in a taxi and we'll pay a subscription fee, then orders a taxi you will pour through us fabulous. .

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