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26 Dec

Car Battery

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Car battery is the most important element of life support vehicle and to use it for quite some time, it is advisable to carry out certain rules of operation and storage. Battery Automobile necessary to keep clean, wipe its case in a timely manner as well as terminals with rags soaked in ammonia. Suddenly, if you for some reason were not able to clean the terminals of oxidation and the oxide layer of lead is quite large, with specials. Strip the attachments terminals to shine, you will improve this state of the battery surfaces. Do not allow to reduce the density of battery battery is below the allowable, as this can occur sulphation plates, after which it decreases battery life. In addition, the reduced gravity of the electrolyte can also cause it to freeze at high frost. To check the electrolyte density, unscrew the plug on the battery flood and typing using the hydrometer in the electrolyte flask, make sure that the density is noted within the scale hydrometer. Why for certain types of cars there are different types of batteries? If you put in the compact car battery capacity 70 amp / hour, for a journey he physically can not be charged in full.

The whole point is that to recharge the battery need more speed than a compact car can give. That's the conclusion that the battery is spending more than it receives. I wonder if it will work in this mode? And though he will work half the time, what would be served by a smaller capacity battery. So when you buy a battery, then his only salvation will be his daily recharging. Conclusion: buy the battery, your right car. Monitor the fluid level in the banks, its level should always be such that the electrolyte were covered with cages battery. If necessary, top up the banks with distilled water. Look for clean holes for ventilation, traffic jams battery periodically purged them. These tips and tricks to help you maintain a car battery for a long time provided by the manufacturer.

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11 Dec

Original Motor Oil Pennzoil

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The choice of the original motor oil for cars Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler. Pennzoil motor oil meets the requirements and standards of the American manufacturing plants to your car, and often exceeds them. To select the original motor oil for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler need to know what the requirements for oil makes your engine manufacturer American cars. 1. Viscosity. For American cars are mainly used in oil viscosity 10W30, 5W20, 5W30. This liquid motor oil.

with Pennzoil motor oil viscosity index of the above may be synthetic and semisynthetic! This allows you to pick up oil for virtually any vehicle mileage! 2. The oil should be certified by the American Petroleum Institute. Certificate API. The oil must be certified not less than API SM and have an official certification mark on the bank! 3. Engine oil for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler should be energy efficient (saving fuel, emission test). For energy-saving properties of the oil would indicate designation ILSAC GF-4. 4.

Mandatory compliance with engine oil tolerances Chrysler. Admission motor oil for cars Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler: Chrysler MS-6395. Original Pennzoil motor oil is equal to all the above parameters and: – Pennzoil motor oil contains active chitsyaschie components that purify up to 40% carbon in the engine at the first change! – Engine Pennzoil oil keeps the engine pistons to 40% cleaner than require the most stringent industry standards. Finally. Pennzoil Motor Oil produced in the U.S.. Selecting the right motor oil has always been important, and not one generation of motorists puzzled over the correct solution to this issue. But for all the owners of American cars now have some good news. Now you simply ask, select motor oil for your engine car. And this is now the engine oil from America!

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