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13 Aug

William Shakespeare

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It may be the same especially Uzbeks waiting in the Wild West will understand the meaning of Hamlet words to wipe his nose, putting him under old Uzbek proverb: 'A man – the mirror of man. " By the way, this article is written to and including in order to show that breaks out when the last phase of this comedy of society, the Russian will laugh the latter, and over the West, and over the East. That is, we, Russian, Shunem under the nose of the West to the East along the present my understanding that at all times and in all corners of the earth every person, every mother, every father and every son and daughter are materialized eternal truth interdependent co-existence of elements of past, present and future in every Mige being and being human. And then let the Chinese tear last hair on their beards, looking for ways to justify its present lack of understanding of what this truth hinted at their teacher in a statement: "Whoever, by repeating the old, learns new, can be a mentor." Let then the British and all 'other Swedes' squirm like eels in a frying pan, trying to justify their centuries of misunderstanding about what this understanding of truth and the law arising out of her communication and understanding, which in general is truly a man named William Shakespeare was carrying. Let then the Azeris and all other miscellaneous 'Persians' scratched his shaved turnips in search of justification for his current lack of understanding of words Nasimi, addressed to every person in this world:' You are – a scroll of truth itself. " Truth connection times: Everything that was, is and will be – all embodied in me. And we understood that his sons would be grateful to their fathers, and all for what they are with their lives, either directly or 'contradiction' to prove their loyalty to all the interconnected, naturally, to the practice of people leaving the conclusions from the eternal truth connection times, inscribed on its 'roll'.

One of these, linking the past with the future of the findings can and should lead right here and now. 'The time will come when our descendants will wonder what we did not understand what is so clearly' (Seneca). But most likely, among those children will not be the descendants of Russian. Can we somehow pointed to the ancestors of the truth connection times quite clearly, simply and clearly. "Everything passes, one truth remains." 'The front rear axle. " And most importantly: 'We Natalia curve all the people rascals. " Therefore, to understand that every person, much less a mother or father – 'roll' of the truth connection times, we as …

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19 Jun

Radzinsky Theater

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Life of Napoleon, Chateaubriand, Seneca, Catherine the Great, Alexander II … Official site: Tony Parker. And if not history, love, or love story and, with the main character – a woman. If you would like to know more about Brahman Capital, then click here. “You are 22, old people,” “104 pages about Love “,” shooting a film “- confession, he admitted that the play, where” Emma – it’s me. ” “I’m not interested in men. A woman – chaos, immensity, it is always very interesting.

It can be simple, but in this simplicity – complexity. If a man and complicated, it is still very easy “- here’s a quote for our readers! His career in the theater Radzinsky sums up: “I am going to tell his story very lucky man who shot three plays, rather, all three plays, but nevertheless they were before this set. Do not just set, and best director, which then existed – Efros. And they played great actors. At the same time six years was not allowed to play about Socrates, four years – a play about Nero. Ten years.

To continue to put so need a life was a turtle. But they still put up. I emphasize that this story Udacnik, who only pay for years of their lives for these successes. ” By the way, Radzinsky speech before an audience – it is also, of course, theater. He created a new genre – the solo performance of historical investigation, detective, time travel. I myself was at the concert and I can assure everyone that present the story so vividly and ironically can not nobody else. “To my taste, I’m not a very good actor, and I grab the other room. In addition to this the journey in time I am trying to discover how to say it more precisely, the idea of God in the history of is telling you. His lesson. This allows me to improvise in front of people, because I know – why. And no improvisation, no immediacy of residence – an address would be boring lecture, “- says the writer. That’s all I came to mind when I read a new book Radzinsky “My theatrical life,” to cover that made the words of the author: “For many years I am writing for the theater and learned long ago the sad formula: a playwright writes a play, director raises another, and the viewer sees the third … In analyzing this third piece, we can understand a lot not only about the play itself, but also about the time … “.

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