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16 Jun

Personal Growth – January 2010

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Week 1 January 2010 – Choose … Speaking candidly General Electric told us the story. – Choose to get ahead – Choose who you want to be – Choose writing goals inspiring – Choose to invest your time wisely – Choose not be an obstacle for yourself – Choose visualize positively – Choose a style of life of total dedication to your goals 2nd Week January 2010 – I am me – You are you someone with the intention of offending, says to another: – You look like a dog that I have. – How nice! … Then you have a very nice dog. – Who has high self-esteem is difficult to offend. – So that you can insult me, you have to have my approval. – So that you can depend on me, hate me, not you.

– The problem is not you tell me I look like a dog. – The problem is that I feel and think I'm a dog. – It depends on you tell me things … but depends on believing them. – You can not feel for me. Or believe me. Neither love me.

I am me. 3rd Week January 2010 – Understanding men Here are some truths that lie behind sex male: – For them, love has nothing to do with communication, has to do with the connection. – A woman will fail to approach your man if he speaks like one of his best friends. – Emotions are male as female sexuality: no one can be very direct, or go too fast. – There are four ways to connect with a man: touch, activity, sex and routine. – Men want relationships that work, provided that this does not mean acting like a woman. – The conversation about women but men away. – The best kept secret of a silent man is: his wife brings meaning to their lives. 4th Week of January 2010 – Walking, thank us remember to care for a walk. People often walk little and badly. Sometimes we decide to walk the legs so as not to stiff. But in addition we must learn to walk the eyes, ears, hands, lungs, heart … Gratitude is typical of the generous souls. We should forget the good we do but never to receive. Souls generous pay their favor with the recognition. Gratitude is a word that many mentioned, but few practice. Gratitude makes us more humble and exalts another. The recognition is stored in the memory and hearts of those who receive it. Take good care of this day. This day is for our life experience, ability to grow. Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow's, is only a vision. An employee does well today, every yesterday a dream come true. An employee does well today, each morning, a real hope. Well, take good care of this day! PsicoAyuda Team.

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30 Oct

The Treatise

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This enigmatic body would act as a kind of transducer (a system that can transform one type of energy into another) allowing the soul to convey the sensations of the outside world that have impacted the body, and also transmit orders to the body through the action momentum to the animal spirits that they, in turn, act on the muscles to Descartes, the human body operates on mechanical principles and is linked to the immaterial soul through the pineal gland (H). In the figure, she acts as a vehicle through the sense of vision. (The Treatise on Man, published in 1664, after his death.) A reaction against the Cartesian interactionism: For Malebranche the body and soul are two separate and unrelated entities. The series of brain and mental events run on parallel tracks, unaffected. It is only the will of God, present in every act, which performs the "miracle" to correlate both types of events so that at certain bodily events (eg., A stroke) occurring in certain mental events (eg., pain), or vice versa (body movement, the will to move) is why the doctrine is called "occasional", being omnipresent God's will on every occasion that the mental and physical appear correlated. Leibniz's preestablished harmony Like Malebranche, Leibniz understood that the mind and body do not interact per se and are related only by the will of God. The difference is that Leibniz believes that God, the beginning of time, synchronized series of mental and physical events such as two clocks.

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12 Sep


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Very often, in the course of our existence, we are faced with many challenges and uncertainties that we put to the test. The key to exit gracefully lies in not let ourselves be overwhelmed by circumstances and able to see beyond the problems to be able to find a solution. Love tarot is an ancient practice that uses ancient wisdom to guide us and show us the way to solve our problems, particularly those related to our love life. It is due to the heavy emotional burden that we deploy in our relationships, we often leave us confused and deceived by the problematic situations. The emotional type setbacks don’t let us see beyond and lead us directly to the pessimism.

That way, we only noticed more problems and no solution. Sela Ward usually is spot on. It is true that the tarot is basically a technique of divination of the future. However, it is necessary to stress is not only that. Tarot, in this case applied to the emotional level, allows us to see our relations from a fresh and renewed perspective. One of the great paradoxes of spirituality is that our future is defined by ourselves to the point that is already defined. From this standpoint, applied to the love tarot fits perfectly, since it is precisely, very useful to define the course of our lives, in the sense that we consider most appropriate. Readings of tarot cards, focused in the sentimental aspect can be useful when making tough decisions and instead of predicting the future, allow us to understand the potential consequences of our decisions.

The problem with these choices is that, generally speaking, we fear what might be the consequences. But once we know them, it is much easier to accept them and go on with our lives. A Tarot reader skilled and adequately prepared to perform a reading of Tarot cards will be able to predict how the current circumstances, will be developed based on certain decisions and in certain courses of action identified by the cards and guide us. If we feel cornered in a situation No output, no solution in sight, tarot of love can give us the answers we need. If insecurities are overwhelming us, leaving us completely inert, may be the tarot which help us to see new horizons. In the same way, if we feel certain qualms about consequences fed by our choices, we will know what to expect.

22 May

In Philadelphia

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Presented? What do you do – take a piece of paper and pen or open the program Word And in my head is empty, the vacuum Familiar? Although last night when you go to bed, in your head have experienced this great Association, words with no problems evolved into sentences, and in the head occurred real picture, the benefits that will be your subscribers will examine your training course. Where did all this had happened in the morning? Where the ease of phrases and improvisation, along with humor? I am sure that with such a 'small stuff' facing a very Many site owners and senior newsletters. It turns out that there is a very simple and reliable way, how quickly to engage in such work. And this process takes just a couple of minutes. Heard a word – Furious? Usually this the word is used in relation to the engines on an airplane, when sharply increased thrust of the engine. It turns out that this is true for the brain, can also dramatically increase its thrust. Read carefully about the Treasure of the brain, sure you need it. Simply and quickly.

And the last 'detail' for today. In Philadelphia, a city in the U.S., there is a music school. Those children are taught to 4 – 5 years to play the violin. Want to know how the first lesson looks at this school? All – children, parents, teachers, festively dressed, going to the school hall. Children with a violin and bow in his hands raised to the scene. (This is the first lesson.) When a child reaches the middle of the stage, he turned and bowed.

All public applauding, whistling and shouting 'Bravo'. After this the child leaves the stage and sits in its place. And that's all. The first lesson is over. # Get rid of the fear of public speaking, so this is called 'fines' way, according to surveys of psychologists among adults, the fear of public speaking is in second place, after the fear of death. Is not this an occasion to reflect on such 'trifles', and most importantly time to deal with them. In our life there is no 'little things', because failure of one thing – this 'small thing', which has successfully managed other successful people!