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13 Jun

American Company

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The decision to expand the number of commercial bio fireplaces (ekokaminov), our company has taken in response to growing demand for this great product. Now choose and buy Biofireplaces a lot easier. 'After competition of young designers 'Fire in the interior', in our e-mail began to arrive a lot of proposals asking for the sale of exclusive models. However, in the current economic situation, I mean uncertainty about the exchange rate and the lack of large amounts of free, many of our clients can not afford to really bio fireplaces exclusive models, so the company's management decided to increasing the range of bio fireplaces for sale by the inclusion of the rare models on the market '- justifying the decision made by the company's management, commercial director of the' New Vision 'Bagabo Allen. Indeed, simple market analysis bio fireplaces (ekokaminov) of St.

Petersburg shows that most companies offer product lines of two manufacturers: the Polish and German Planica Wunder. But there are many other equally interesting producers of these goods, under-represented salons fireplaces and dealer networks. A decision on cooperation with the American producer bio fireplaces (ekokaminov) Art Flame was adopted unanimously. Biofireplaces this company practically not represented in Russia, except for 3.4 companies in Moscow. For the market of St. Petersburg will be a completely new 'trend'. Under most conditions Vanessa Marcil would agree. Biofireplaces (ekokaminy) Art Flame made by American technology. The range of these bio fireplaces are not as wide as that of Alfra Feuer, a total of 20 models, but these models are characterized by originality and unique style, very different from the design of bio fireplaces other companies.

Soon, a new range will be presented on our website for a detailed explanation of features and recommendations from the manufacturer and designer of St.-Petersburg. It is also noteworthy that this company 'New Vision' will not stop. In near future we plan further expansion of the range due to an exclusive bio fireplaces and lesser-known manufacturers. Currently, negotiations are underway with representatives of French companies DirectCheminee. So , our company strives to diversify the choices of consumers bio fireplaces at prices that lineup and services offered in support.

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01 Jun

Auto Tracking

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It seems that it was very recently! Time always brings a novelty: to replace the tin soldiers on the shelves burst into radio-controlled robots, and chubby dolls gave way to electronic talking doll. Already in each house has remote control toys: parents "play" with them with great desire, as well as children. The choice is very large: fearsome dinosaurs and monsters, radio-controlled models of military equipment (including model aircraft – radio-controlled helicopters and airplanes), lorries and the car, pets. Since the fashion game with the dog and Aybo Charming radio industry in the world of Furby toys wins by leaps and bounds all over the world. Rare boy in the store will stand near the entertaining products, as radio-controlled boats and radio controlled tanks, because the manufacturers to the smallest detail considering every detail to achieve an accurate resemblance to the original. Rapidly developing area such as a professional remote control toys for adults, for example, large radiomodeli with a gasoline engine. The stores can be see, and special accessories for the models of toys.

There are blades for racing cars called auto tracking – one of the achievements of the toy industry. This gift will be enjoyed for every child of school age and be happy as much as a new skateboard. The Company's production of toys in America, Europe and Asia continually working to improve the technical characteristics of the product: in the modern world emerged license radio-controlled helicopters and radio-controlled boats are catching up on their original impact and ride quality. Any kid will be an excellent radio-controlled remote to control beetles, so parents buy toys in bulk for themselves and their children: what else can they do? Our world is full of robots!

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