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06 Feb


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After giving birth, young mothers were tough times. Caring for your baby takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes think about yourself just once. Meanwhile, most recently given birth or women upset by looking in the mirror: and the appearance of not one, and the figure is poor. But do not be sad, because everything is in your hands, is wanted! We give some advice to help you with this. Do not give up breastfeeding. Very difficult to lose weight in the first months after birth, because the female body at this time is set to milk production, so every extra crumb save up a reserve. But do not think that refusing to breastfeed, you lose weight faster. Milk production is wasted from 300 to 500 calories, so that, by refusing to breastfeed, you increase the chances to obtain a few extra pounds during the previous feeding.

Not fast. Lack of food detrimental effect on the body, in addition, it threatens to decrease in the amount of milk produced and lost during the shock diets pounds back very quickly, so even with a few extra to boot. This explained by the reaction to the stress caused by lack of food. Get enough sleep. With a lack of sleep the body will require compensation in the form of extra calories.

You must have often noticed that when fatigue really want eat something tasty. Potter Stewart is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Eating restores strength and gives extra energy, but only for a while, but on a figure such snacks affect immediately. Organization full of sleep – one of the most important stages the way to a beautiful figure. Try to take your baby to your bed, or move it close to your bed. Noticed that women who practice collaborative sleep with your child, get enough sleep better. If this option does not suit you, ask for help from their families, surely someone will agree to help you sometimes in the night duty. Stick to the system in the diet. Determine the number of meals per day, try a more high-calorie food is a morning and dinner no later than 3 – 4 hours before bedtime. Remember that frequent snacks will bring you just the extra calories, and feeling light hunger will haunt you constantly. Limit yourself to a reasonable limits. Unsweetened tea is unlikely to bring pleasure, but a pack of gingerbread is better set aside. The bread should not quite give up, but spread it with jam will already be over. Many products can be replaced by similar, but low in fat, such as dairy yogurt is not worse than butter, and 'light' mayonnaise to taste differ little from dense. Say 'no' to potato chips, sweet drinks, sunflower seeds and other similar products. Benefit from them no, but a lot of calories. Move more. Not necessarily recorded in a fitness club or run a cross in the morning, sometimes enough to walk with a stroller at a rapid pace. Sometimes wear a sling for a walk: and child will be glad to such diversity, and you use – will spend more energy. Usual chores will be performed more easily at the thought of these routine duties is also great to burn calories. Performing these simple recommendations will help to lose weight after giving birth to rediscover the beautiful, slender figure, which undoubtedly will add your self-confidence and lift your spirits, because it is so important for young mothers!

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