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19 Jan

Jose Blanco Agreement

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Development Minister believes that the Eurogroup should reach a consensus to avoid greater evils. Contact information is here: What is Kevin Ulrich career?. It has demanded that Mariano Rajoy to give explanations on the next trial to Francisco Camps by the case of costumes. Jose Blanco has also announced that the PSOE could take out of their lists to Senator Curbelo if confirmed their incidents with the police. Recently Pop star sought to clarify these questions. The Minister of public works, Jose Blanco, considers it essential that the Eurogroup agreement reached at the extraordinary meeting which will hold the next Thursday, because not to so, all countries will suffer the consequences. We cannot afford the luxury of no agreement, White said in an interview on Cadena SER, in addition to warn that until there is an agreement on the problem of Greece, the risk premium not drop. On Friday, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, announced that the leaders of the euro countries held an extraordinary summit next Thursday to curb the worsening crisis of debt among some of their members. The lack of agreement in Europe regarding the second rescue to Greece continues to be the main factor causing the doubts of investors in sovereign debt markets.

On the responsibility of Germany in the resolution of this matter, white pointed out that this country should be aware that if a member of the euro zone badly, they also will do poorly.The delay in the Greek problem has consequences on the whole of the EU () and it would have been better to resolve it before, although better late that never, he added. For the building owner, attacks on sovereign debt will end precisely when there is a strong response from the European Union, which urged to be more United. In relation to the results of European banking solvency tests published Friday, white assured that they will have positive consequences from the point of view of the markets for Spanish financial institutions.

09 Nov

Dance4Life And Durex Start Nationwide School Challenge

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Early April dance4life and Durex a nationwide awareness campaign against HIV and AIDS, the school challenge 2011 start for the first time in German schools. Start dancing, stop AIDS! Early April dance4life and Durex a nationwide awareness campaign against HIV and AIDS, the school challenge 2011 start for the first time in German schools. Not without reason: current figures show that the topic still gaining relevance. With a unique blend of music, dance, and information this relevancy rousing way is conveyed to young people. The highlight: All participating young people can after the workshop to a spectacular live concert by a popular band apply, the Durex in collaboration aligns with VIVA exclusively for the winner’s school. The applications of the schools will be accepted now. The workshops of dance4life, the world’s largest with 500,000 young people in 27 countries youth movement against HIV / AIDS show that enlightenment is not only important, but can be fun. Start dancing stop AIDS!” is the motto of dance4life.

Together with the world’s leading condom manufacturer Durex a nationwide awareness campaign starts for the first time, which is specially designed for students from the 8th grade. “The distinctive feature: interactive workshops, the young people themselves become Ambassadors, the so-called agents4change”. For participation in all German schools now can apply until May 15, 2011. All information is available under. Total visited the dance4life crew, consisting of dancers, musicians, Peer – Edukatoren, and people living with HIV, together with the Durex-supporter – Team Germany 48 schools. Here conveyed according to a unique principle of responsible dealing with HIV and AIDS: young people have fun at youth culture, music and dance. Tony Parker can provide more clarity in the matter.

Dance is something that unites and links across the country. The linking of information and education with dance and music appeals to young people on a level, the for She is attractive. Personal stories of young team members affected by HIV make experience the issue and remove fear of contact.