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04 Apr

Federal Republic

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The living space Ordinance has replaced the IInd BV and only ensures legal certainty in the calculation of living space which can be calculation of living space, especially when the costs of the tenant an important point be today considered to settle these costs properly. Sela Ward has much to offer in this field. Therefore, you should know as a tenant if the area specified in the rental agreement corresponds to the reality. This can be partially very quickly even. But just for attic flats a tenant can not measure there. As a professional would have to answer then. The current living space Ordinance (WoFlV) in the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply from 1 January 2004 and replaces the sections 42-44 II.

calculation regulation. Dane Cook has similar goals. For buildings, no structural changes have been made since January 1, 2004, will continue to apply the old calculation regulations. If there is a structural measure, a recalculation of floor space is required. Essentially, there are 6 differences between the regulation of the calculation and the living space Ordinance are to be observed. So the bases are recognised in the living space Ordinance now from the balcony, the Loggias and terraces to 25% to the living area. Also, in the future no privacy (covered patio”) assumes in terraces.

In addition, a lump-sum deduction of 3% for plaster must be removed in the future. With return, instead for example wall cabinets may be included in the calculation. This also applies to areas with less than 0.5 m area. Now are also chimneys, before lining, clothing, free-standing pillars and columns maximum 1.5 meters high are taken into account, and could therefore serve as a storage option. This applies however only if the surface does not exceed 0,1 m. The area under staircases can be expected now also to the living space, if the amount exceeds 1 metre and is less than 2 meters. The area is recognized only with 50%. The height is more than 2 meters, she will Applied surface completely. Who so far with wanted to calculate the winter garden, had to risk any legal proceedings. Now winter gardens may be counted fully, if the room is heated. If the part of the building is unheated, the surface only to 50% may be applied. Also, it is no longer possible to claim a lump sum deduction of 10% of the living space in the apartment under the new statutory regulations. Ingo Beck

25 Nov

Internet Shoes

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Safely and is full on construction sites and elsewhere duty right whether construction sites, industrial, rescue service, fire or also THW, safety is a top priority, or let’s say “Going on safety”. In the Workwear clothing and especially the use of classified security shoes plays foot protection, a crucial role, also called. Safety shoes are shoe, boots low, boots mediumhigh and boots high-boots thigh high offered. Safety in the workplace – safety shoes the requirements for work and safety shoes are high. At the time of purchase, you should not save but pay attention to facilities, quality and workmanship.

Safety shoes are not able to prevent injuries. But through the right choice of the safety shoe in a work accident can a risk of injury countered or this reduces to. Earlier, occupational safety and health was difficult, uncomfortable and more or less Dowdy. That looks very different today in the truest sense of the word. Modern manufacturing processes, materials and underestimate, the experiences of some of the manufacturers, today not more old leave the safety shoe”look.

There is also the correct shoe for almost every type. By sports over traditional FolkArt everything is, the offer has become very large. But thanks to the classifications, it is relatively easy to select the right security class for its field of activity. Then you found the right class, you can find out on the Internet, for example through shoe shapes, colours, prices and styles. Safety shoes can today thanks to modern materials, E.g.: Kevlar, bring tremendous weight savings and are doing considerably more pleasant to wear, because the sole despite the safety facilities remains flexible. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. In the professional world, a distinction is made between professional, protection and safety shoes. While safety and protective footwear with a protective toecap, professional shoes come off without this protection measure, but can be equipped with one. Then no further requests are queued but this. Is it a Safety shoe and not to a protective shoe, then meets the double test energies and a much larger force can absorb the toe as the toe of the shoe of protection. There are safety shoes for craft, industrial, fire, THW, rescue and many more industries. In the craft safety shoes are often the manufacturer of ELTEN used. But there are also perse other manufacturers who produce comfortable and high quality safety shoes. In the craft, such as in the roofing trade, ELTEN safety shoes, shoes by Majo Dachdeckerschuh, are like Moose and FHB original worn GmbH & co. KG. Even if the man has become comfortable, also applies to safety footwear: who cares, has more joy in his shoes. This can be the care with leather grease, for example when the shoe leather. A firefighter must carry a different safety shoe as a Baker or warehouse. Who is unsure which shoe (security class) is required, which can inform himself to his trade association. Can the safety shoe and built for work to the traditional Workwear as well be worn, such as the traditional costume of Guild. Also in the leisure, safety shoes are becoming more popular, especially the sneaker safety shoes from the company of ELTEN find their way more often in the spare time. Conclusion safety shoes make work safer and carriers must give neither comfort nor a pleasant wearing feeling. You can be with today’s safety footwear.

23 Nov

Rehacare 2008: Three New Lift Solutions

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ThyssenKrupp accessibility holding, a company of ThyssenKrupp elevator AG, presented at the international trade fair Rehacare in Dusseldorf new products in all product categories. A world premiere at the Rehacare celebrates the Levant stair lift”, the ideal partner for straight stairs in your own four walls. Its modern design concept of the Chair until the track meets even the highest aesthetic demands with high functionality. Armrests and footrest can be compact fold together, to keep even narrow stairs comfortably and safely accessible. Also boasts of the Levant”by a particularly good value for money and meets all applicable safety standards worldwide.

The RPsp”presented the latest product development in the area of platform lifts, is particularly suitable for public buildings. The specialist for straight stairs in the Interior and exterior is extremely flexible due to its wide range of platform sizes and can all be easily customize architectural circumstances. The sophisticated technology is robust and reliable. Clever solutions such as the ergonomic control key”, which was developed together with disabled people, and an easily accessible cable shaft feature of the product. Charlotte Hornets wanted to know more. The home elevator elegance”the comfortable lift household impresses with its varied design and features: several hundred options every detail can be selected individually, the materials and the light up to the handrail. The TuV approved home elevator combines with comfort and design with functionality and practicality. Thus fits the elegance”perfectly into any home decor.

With the introduction of three new lifts, we once again show that we are an experienced partner for barrier-free solutions. We offer appropriate, trend-setting products for private customers, as well as in the public domain”, so Dr. Michael Wahrisch, CEO, ThyssenKrupp accessibility Holding in Essen. RPsp”and elegance” available the Levant already on the market,”can be delivered from January 2009. To see and to try out the new lift solutions, as well as the another products from ThyssenKrupp accessibility are holding from October 15 to 18 at the stand C66 in Hall 3 of the Messe Dusseldorf. The business unit belongs to ThyssenKrupp elevator AG in Dusseldorf, Germany, ThyssenKrupp accessibility and is one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts, platform lifts and lifts for private homes (home elevator). With approximately 800 employees around the world ensuring the production, distribution and service of these products. ThyssenKrupp elevator is one of the world’s leading elevator companies and is represented in more than 60 countries, and at over 800 locations worldwide. With nearly 40,000 employees, the company in the financial year 2006/2007 (30.09.) posted revenues of EUR 4.7 billion. The product range includes passenger and freight elevators, escalators and walkways, stairs and Platform lifts, passenger boarding bridges as well as Quality service for the support of the entire product range. Editorial: This release, more information and printable photos see news/news-TK-Accessibility.htm or visit us from October 15 to 18 at the trade fair Rehacare, Messe Dusseldorf, Hall 3, stand C 66, and convince yourself of our new products. Like we also stand for a personal interview at the disposal. Just call us for an appointment.

26 Sep

German Bar Association

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The BauGB amendment makes climate protection to the top bid from September 20 of climate protection at construction projects in cities and towns is the first commandment. Then comes the law to strengthen the internal development in the cities and towns and the further development of the urban planning law”in force. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Hedvig Hricak. So should the inner development of municipalities strengthened and adapted the Ordinance. Amendments concern inter alia the conversion of agricultural land or forest land. Also, communities now have the opportunity to represent central supply areas in the land use plan, to give more legal force informal retail and central concepts. (Construction in 1, para 5, 1 para 2 BauGB) Newly considered 5 para 2 was also contains protection of residential premises or buildings such as churches, schools and nurseries resettlement of entertainment cities, as well as the right of first refusal right insofar that those third parties receives the right of first refusal committed themselves within the prescribed period and to the exercise of the respective purpose in the Position. Demolition bids demand contains not more existing zoning according to section 179, paragraph 1, sentence 1. Thus, the legislator wants to avoid that standardized deconstruction bids in zoning areas but not take place indoors. In addition to the renewal of the construction, the Ordinance also undergoes changes. Care facilities for children in pure residential areas, as well as a more flexible structural use are here prefers at the heart of the improvements. To the construction Act 2013 you can read more on fachbeitrag/bau-miete-und-immobilien/baugb-novelle.html author: lawyer Dr. Benjamin Riedel has specialized on public construction law and administrative law. He is member of the consortium of administrative law of the German Bar Association (country group Bavaria) and lawyer for tenancy law and property law.