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25 Apr

The World Of Fine Arts

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Art currently has opened much borders, both these are presented practically vague. This is due to that contemporary art has called into question many of the variables that traditional art from the subjectivity of Western society, had established so far. Sean Rad, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. If you want to understand contemporary art, you should know a little more about philosophy of art. The influences of Primitivism and other cultures and societies, as well as the emergence of photography, helped craft began to flee a little representation to focus their interests on other issues with other priorities. The first Vanguards carried a transformation of art, art which nowadays has unlinked virtually from the conventionality giving too much weight to thought these doubts. In the contemporary art is multidisciplinary and therefore can be found in this a multitude of subjects such as the sociology of art, psychology of art or the anthropology of art, but above all, contemporary art is an art to be thought..

06 Apr

The Philosophy

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The philosophy cannot ahead open hand of its desmistificador paper of the effective ideologies, that teimam in passing a homogeneous vision, masking the real contradictions of our reality. The fact is that today certain requirements to the Philosophy are placed. It has a certain requirement of that the philosophy is ‘ ‘ a philosophy of the event, before of the structure. That the philosophy is a philosophy of the universal singularity. It wants to say: of what it is, to each time, absolutely singular, as a poem, a theorem, a passion, a revolution; however, for the thought, absolutely universal.’ ‘ (BADIOU, 1994, P. 43). The philosophy must still use a flexible language.

‘ ‘ A language capable in such a way to cite and to interpret a poem as to cite and to interpret an axiom or a theorem. A language that circulates between the poetical mistake ambiguity and the transparency cientfica.’ ‘ (BADIOU, 1994, P. 44) the philosophy must, thus, articulate a language that allows it to transit for scientific formulas and the logic, for the mistakes of the poem and the art, for perhaps of the desire and the meeting and for the politics, while creation of new forms of social conviviality and rupture with the established order. This estimates that the Philosophy has that to open hand of a univocal, universal and necessary concept of truth. The philosophy must admit different types of sharp and legitimated truths for different narratives, nothing to sacrifice of the philosophy desire. However, the truth is on to an event that if of the one in the quadrilateral determined for science (mathema), for the art (poem), the revolution and the desire/love. It is not depleted, therefore, in the mere adequacy of the thought the thing, nor in the internal coherence of the proposals scientific.

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05 Mar

Italy Naples

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He is a philosopher who exactly 2,500 years after its disappearance, still valley the penalty to be studied. The eletica school the eletica school received this name for being originary of Elia, region of next Italy Naples. This school of thought was developed parallel to the Pythagorean school and in common has with this the rationalism. Xenfanes de Colfon, approximately lived of 570 the 475 B.C. It was born in the Jnia in Colfon (Lesser Asia) and still emigrated to Sicily in youth for reasons not clarified. It passed great part of the life travelling, without fixed housing, singing its compositions as aedo (poet). Some authors consider Xenfanes as the founder of the eletica school.

However, problematic that Xenfanes places is of theological and cosmological order, the different one of the eleatas that had established the problematic ontolgica. The main problem developed for Xenfanes is the question of deuses, established in the workmanships of accepted Homero and Hesodo and as truth for the religious tradition of the time. Basically, Xenfanes criticizes its anthropomorphism, the idiosyncrasies Greek human beings of deuses. With this critical radical to the religion of its time, Xenfanes introduces changes in the way to mainly face the religion that will have many followers, with regard to its monismo that is clear in affirmations as: ' ' Everything it sees, everything it thinks, everything it hears. Without effort, with the force of its mind, everything he makes to vibrate. He always remains in the same place, without if moving by no means, That it he is not proper to walk however in a place, however in another one ' ' (as Reale, History of the Philosophy). Additional information is available at Sela Ward.

Parmnides was born in Elia, city to the south of Italy, in the Second half of century VI B.C. and died in middle of century V B.C. The philosophers of the south of Italy and Sicily had a trend of thought more directed toward the misticismo of what the philosophers of the Jnia. Parmnides is remembered as the inventor of a new form of Metaphysics, express in its poem ' ' On the Natureza' '. In this treated Parmnides it affirms that the directions are not worthy reliable and in many only .causing cases of deceits. In its poem, a goddess, symbolizing the truth that if it discloses, it communicates the three ways or ways to it to think the physis: the 1) way of the absolute truth; 2) the way of wrong opinions and 3) the way of the reasonable opinion Parmnides initiates its reasoning with the following affirmation: ' ' the being is and it cannot not be, to be it is not and not dust

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30 Jan

Talcott Parsons

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In other words, to the actions that are logical subjective and objective only in the explained direction. Other actions we go to call not-logics (by no means we must call them ' ' ilgicas' ')' ' (PARETO, 1935) Even so it does not define explicit the word action, the same one seems to assign the total complex of concrete phenomena that understands the life of the human beings in society in relation ones with the others, seen of combined the objective and subjective points of view. The peculiar way in which Vilfredo Pareto carried through the task of if studying the logical and not logical actions is of extreme importance for the understanding of its theory. To know more about this subject visit Gina Bonati. Talcott Parsons affirms: ' ' For preliminary analytical intentions, Pareto does not have none another interest in the logical action. It does not come back to consider it until its synthetic treatment of the social phenomena in the final part of the treated one arrives. Having if abstracted of the logical action, it intensively continues studying the action not lgica' ' (PARSONS, 2010) In the logical actions, the objective end is identical to the subjective end and the actions possess in such a way objective a logical end how much subjectively. No longer group of the actions not-logics, whose objective end it is different of the subjective end, some peculiarities must be observed. This group can be divided in four sub-groups, to follow: 1: the actions do not possess logical end objective nor subjectively (no-no).

2: the actions do not possess logical end objective, they possess but it subjectively (not-yes). 3: the actions possess logical end objective, but they do not possess it subjectively (yes-not). 4: the actions possess logical end in such a way objective how much subjectively (yes-yes). The first sort (no-no) affirms that the ways are not related to the ends.

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24 Sep

Spinoza Nietzsche

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Although Spinoza and Nietzsche, to construct to the imanncia its way, respectively its ontolgicos postulates possess in such a way in the practical one as in the ethics, an equivalent point of view, a time that come back toward the action: the ontolgica clause of the imanncia that defines the infinite substance of Spinoza, corresponds to a power to think, to exist. in the same way that in Nietzsche we have the imanncia of the life in the corresponding ontolgico direction the way to live where it favors the affirmation of the life. Spinoza and Nietzsche represent, each one its way, rocks of slip in the triunfal march of the emergent rationality in modernity, as much in its apogee, century XVII, how much in the exhaustion of its potentialities, to the end of the XIX. Its philosophies had dared to think from a perspective that are ece of fish symptomatically to the edge of all the traditional history of the philosophy: the perspective of the imanncia and the affectivity. Adam Sandler may help you with your research. To study the contribution of these thinkers, requires that let us tread an inevitable way, that is to analyze with severity philosophical the crisis of modernity and the proper contemporaneidade, in its continuity and rupture with that one, in order to search innovative alternatives for philosophical, existenciais and social the problems current. As much the dutch philosopher, son of Portuguese parents, Benedictus (or Baruch) of Spinoza (Amsterd, 1632 – Haia, 1677), how much the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (Rcken, 1844 – Weimar, 1900), had been incompreendidos while still alive and had as cursed throughout the history of the philosophy. The proper Nietzsche listed six points of proximity between its philosophy and of Spinoza in its it celebrates letter the Franz Overbeck, postada in day 30 of July of 1881, where it says to have in Spinoza its only precursor, and that from now on its solitude started to be a dualido. . Speaking candidly Robert Rimberg told us the story.

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18 Aug


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Those that has the candidacy at risk are that they look for to get away. reason of this, we can say that, even so if it has produced a law to assure honest people in the electoral dispute, we are obliged to attend the festival of judicial thresholds and resources that will favor to the dirty fiche. we, deceived people, what it remains in them? Not to vote? To vote null? To vote in ' ' branco' '? To order everything to broadbeans or the m? To make what? Any that is our position or our decision it not must be based on the principle or a position that searchs the unamimity, nor in an action of mass, but it must be assumed by all. Assumed because who assumes a position it demonstrates to have been capable to develop a critical attitude in relation it. Our decision does not have mere to be unanimous or massiva. ' ' unamimity is burra' ' Nelson said Rodrigues and the masses are manipulable.

As already it said the old K Jasper: ' ' Masses employees are more easy to manipulate when they do not think, but to-somente use of an intelligence of rebanho' '. So manipulable that the same outlaws whom they appear in the lists of ' ' fiche suja' ' they lead them to the slaughter house of the ballot boxes. By means of the vote the voters sign its sentence of death, therefore they delegate its powers. who assumes this power is not the clean ones, but the dirty ones therefore play dirty. thus we come back to the question: how and in who to vote? Sincerely not yet I know. But already I know in who not to vote I go to consult the list! By the way, this can be a criterion: To consult the list, that one officially supplied in the voting cabin, but to another one, that circulated for periodicals, showing who is not in the list and to make the question: how they walk its fiches? Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

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22 May

In Philadelphia

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Presented? What do you do – take a piece of paper and pen or open the program Word And in my head is empty, the vacuum Familiar? Although last night when you go to bed, in your head have experienced this great Association, words with no problems evolved into sentences, and in the head occurred real picture, the benefits that will be your subscribers will examine your training course. Where did all this had happened in the morning? Where the ease of phrases and improvisation, along with humor? I am sure that with such a 'small stuff' facing a very Many site owners and senior newsletters. It turns out that there is a very simple and reliable way, how quickly to engage in such work. And this process takes just a couple of minutes. Heard a word – Furious? Usually this the word is used in relation to the engines on an airplane, when sharply increased thrust of the engine. It turns out that this is true for the brain, can also dramatically increase its thrust. Read carefully about the Treasure of the brain, sure you need it. Simply and quickly.

And the last 'detail' for today. In Philadelphia, a city in the U.S., there is a music school. Those children are taught to 4 – 5 years to play the violin. Want to know how the first lesson looks at this school? All – children, parents, teachers, festively dressed, going to the school hall. Children with a violin and bow in his hands raised to the scene. (This is the first lesson.) When a child reaches the middle of the stage, he turned and bowed.

All public applauding, whistling and shouting 'Bravo'. After this the child leaves the stage and sits in its place. And that's all. The first lesson is over. # Get rid of the fear of public speaking, so this is called 'fines' way, according to surveys of psychologists among adults, the fear of public speaking is in second place, after the fear of death. Is not this an occasion to reflect on such 'trifles', and most importantly time to deal with them. In our life there is no 'little things', because failure of one thing – this 'small thing', which has successfully managed other successful people!