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27 Jun

Spirituality And Philosophy

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Drinking from the strange and turbulent waters of atavism casadeistico the island rises from the proto of panintroatlanteologia, total and personal search of the lost Atlantis is hidden inside the astral plane airtight every human being. Compos sui (1) neoarte newborn is vast and angular, the son of a quixotic mind centripetal itself attracts the glorious memory of a past hiperutopico and dimension. To return to the land promised no more spiritual path, then work improbus vincit omnia (2). Argumentum baculicum (3) in the way of ectlipsis, pseudoecumenicamente this neognostica of consensus omnium (4) is the pilgrimage supraplasmatica ecuable only feel the soul. Neoalquimica and bimetallic nature, the difficult process of revelation of the tree of knowledge forgotten in the metaphysical sphere of man is purified and sublimated sex weddings sulfur and sperm Saturnian philosophical mercurial, intangible entities in a quasi macarism harmonic and dissonant at the same time. Lynn Redgrave can provide more clarity in the matter. The microcosm, abstract complex universe, is isolated in the light that illuminates the heavenly heart. Alit Honor arter (5).

Monostrofe sobreterrenal and circular, the panintroatlanteologia has survived hectoplasmatico hidden in the DNA of man in all eternity (6). Famous Greek principle, gnothi seanto, (7) contained in the temple of Delphi and then Latinized, Nosce te ipsum, (7) is know yourself, key to ancient wisdom that allows access to the forgotten garden of the Hesperides ethereal and individual. Debout, les morts! (8) Dixitque Deus: Fiat lux. This lux et facta. (9) Genesis I, 3.

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