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12 Sep


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Very often, in the course of our existence, we are faced with many challenges and uncertainties that we put to the test. The key to exit gracefully lies in not let ourselves be overwhelmed by circumstances and able to see beyond the problems to be able to find a solution. Love tarot is an ancient practice that uses ancient wisdom to guide us and show us the way to solve our problems, particularly those related to our love life. It is due to the heavy emotional burden that we deploy in our relationships, we often leave us confused and deceived by the problematic situations. The emotional type setbacks don’t let us see beyond and lead us directly to the pessimism.

That way, we only noticed more problems and no solution. Sela Ward usually is spot on. It is true that the tarot is basically a technique of divination of the future. However, it is necessary to stress is not only that. Tarot, in this case applied to the emotional level, allows us to see our relations from a fresh and renewed perspective. One of the great paradoxes of spirituality is that our future is defined by ourselves to the point that is already defined. From this standpoint, applied to the love tarot fits perfectly, since it is precisely, very useful to define the course of our lives, in the sense that we consider most appropriate. Readings of tarot cards, focused in the sentimental aspect can be useful when making tough decisions and instead of predicting the future, allow us to understand the potential consequences of our decisions.

The problem with these choices is that, generally speaking, we fear what might be the consequences. But once we know them, it is much easier to accept them and go on with our lives. A Tarot reader skilled and adequately prepared to perform a reading of Tarot cards will be able to predict how the current circumstances, will be developed based on certain decisions and in certain courses of action identified by the cards and guide us. If we feel cornered in a situation No output, no solution in sight, tarot of love can give us the answers we need. If insecurities are overwhelming us, leaving us completely inert, may be the tarot which help us to see new horizons. In the same way, if we feel certain qualms about consequences fed by our choices, we will know what to expect.