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02 Oct

Infertility Issues

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Andrew had an hour or so after class, until Gladys had to go to the dining room for lunch. On Friday, to introduce students to their usual two for a woman who had brought home an abortion seriously compromising their health due to severe infection supervening, which forced him to remove the uterus as the only means to save his life, Andrew gave the opportunity he had been looking for all week, to start a conversation of a personal nature. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from adam Sandler. “That terrible thing to lose an organ of your body in a so silly, “he said sadly,” and present his life as presented. – If, when we find cases like these, of desperate women who do not know what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, “replied Gladys – most of us ask, but would be better to legalize abortion. Avoid many of these disasters. This woman came in with a very serious septicemia that caused a state of shock and almost loses his life, not just your uterus. For more information see Eva Andersson-Dubin. “To think that so many women who would thus do not have to conceive a son – with the same sorrow said Andrew.

“I was thinking just as I dedicate myself to the problems causing infertility, once finished with my residence. So many women undergo complex studies and even more painful and painful treatments that studies and yet not achieve that much desired pregnancy! Others however do not know how to avoid them, taking one after another. “And you,” he ventured to ask Andrew his coveted question – you have children?

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