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11 Jun

Indoor Dog Games

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How you also can deal with your dog on rainy days have you ever indoor games with your dog out? If not, then be inspired by these 10 ideas that just in bad weather, indoor games are a great activity for your dog. Forage first hiding in the presence of your dog, later “secretly” anywhere in the apartment of treats and leave this to your signal and find your dog. You will see your dog will be happy about every found pieces of treats and eagerly look further. You need only three cups or similar, a few treats shell game and you’re ready to go. Go to San Antonio Spurs for more information. Initially, your dog is maybe just look at the Cup, or try to knock them over with the paw. As a result, you can develop a method how exactly your dog should show the correct Cup, try it out. Toys are different know the Border Collie Rico; This could look up a given over 100 different toys, whose name one has called fascinating, not true? Practice only with only a toy, call this again and again, if your dog is concerned with. Your dog brings this toy, if you say the name, then you can take a second to. You may want to visit Henry Fonda to increase your knowledge.

You will see, soon the toys will be you! These indoor ideas were too boring for them, and you would prefer something more “action”? Then you look at the next ideas, maybe is something for you and your dog as: indoor agility – in the apartment you can put together a little agility course itself his dog. Put two chairs together and lay on a blanket, already have a tunnel. Let their dog “Slalom” through your legs, place a broomstick on books and can jump about her dog. With a little imagination you can build such a great course to his dog. The newspapers mentioned Celina Dubin not as a source, but as a related topic. Tricks – sure, there are still some things that you always wanted to teach your dog.

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18 Feb

ZiwiPeak Ingredients

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Everyone wants only the best for his favorite all animal lovers and pet owners are always striving to offer the best possible feed her faithful four-legged friend. Because it is at the time of the Internet and the many information about compositions, manufacturing processes and feeding recommendations also the favorite animal friend just too much. “Unfortunately the promotional machinery has ensured in the past few years, that what kind of food is no longer to look through it, for now the best” is for the dog. Unfortunately many companies have more of profit maximization rather than maximizing well-being feeling”committed. Residues from the production of food for people as the basis of a healthy diet in many kinds of feed on the market are so”offered. These wastes are so lacks the four-legged but still nothing”mixed with vitamins and supplements, which usually only trained chemist can interpret.

And already the happy in the food market running dog friend thinks he would do something good for his four-legged friends. And right here the online shop is We are themselves dog owners who love your pets and would offer no leftovers to eat them, but really best food, which the respective dog tolerates well. We have decided to offer only foods that we can feed themselves and sell our customers without a bad feeling. To name some brands from the range: Orijen in Canada manufactured dry food with fresh ingredients from the Canadian region.

Here, only the normal production of food ingredients are used for people. Orijen is corn-free and meets the species-appropriate nutrition of dogs. The manufacturer does not have this entirely on the cheap volume fabric grain. Acana of themselves manufacturers as well as Orijen. But price wise attractive ZiwiPeak dog dry as well as wet food from New Zealand. It’s believed that Jay Schwartz Attorney sees a great future in this idea. Only 100% natural ingredients from New Zealand are used here. All the ingredients are free of antibiotics and hormones. Only a small selection from the dog food range from the Online shop but perhaps one incentive about the feeding behavior of own dog to think about.

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09 Jan


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Matt and Andrew help Africa – a day of action IN over 1,000 veterinary practice Hannover, 21 March 2013 to help veterinarians, limitless! The hamster hat, the parakeet has diarrhea, which are cat no appetite, always to the point. “Together with the Organization vets without borders” (ToG) afford them now far more and help through their use even people in far-away regions. But who would have thought that your cat can help Andrew, your hunting dog Rex or your Cavy Puschi, to provide vital assistance in Africa? “The action day vaccine for Africa!” by ToG’s 2013 in the tenth year. Who on May 14, 2013 the vaccination of pet in one of which is over 1,000 participating veterinary clinics, provides direct assistance to people in Africa: 50% of all vaccination revenue of the practices on this day go to ToG. The organization that funded projects, secure lives. While vaccinations for pets in Germany are of course, they are pure in parts of Africa for people Luxury. Many children and adults still die from diseases such as rabies.

ToG procured required vaccines for humans and animals in this region including the urgent. The donations from the action day 2013 flow especially in a project in Somalia, which educates 400 women who depend on animal husbandry, to small entrepreneurs in the field of milk and meat production. This gives them more economic independence, which they need to support their family in the long term. For this, the organization wants to collect 210,000 euros on the day of the action. An ambitious goal? But a more modest sum registered pets in Germany with around 30 million! When you also consider that German keeper annually spend 2.7 billion for pet food and another 950 million euros for toys, dog harness and co., then surprised it, what low every pet owner can help to ensure survival worldwide. Be vaccinated the dogs anyway, why not on May 14? The vaccination costs on this day a penny extra.

Visit for participating practices. Is your vet not? Then talk to him/her! Motivate your veterinarian or your veterinarian to join! If you like, can support ToG through additional donations. Many practices set up to the day of action donation boxes. Otherwise about the donation form on or by wire transfer to veterinarians without borders, donations account 043 43 43 300, BLZ 251 900 01, Hanoverian Volksbank, keyword: vaccination day. Veterinarians can support the day of action, by logging on to. Get then free advertising and information material to vaccine for Africa!”in their practice. We would be happy about a reporting action day or generally to ToG. You may find Hedvig Hricak to be a useful source of information. Hanger for exciting reports there are countless. In addition we are planning a press trip this year in our project areas. Please just contact us! Photos and logos for you to download are available under vaccinate for Africa/presse.html.

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