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22 Mar

Super Talent

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Homeless Max Bryan is the singing Jesus! Max Bryan, who in early September at the pier in the port of Hamburg discovered by chance homeless, the Vitali Klitschko has now officially confirmed its participation in the Super talent competition (RTL). (TNN) therefore the 34-year-old already in June of this year and well before his chance encounter with Vitali Klitschko at one of the Hamburg-based castings for the Super Talent “took part. And the details of its application to the output of his appearance Bryan wants no comment for the time being, also because he is still negotiating. I am currently in negotiation with a member of production and this person has promised to sign, so I like to just wants to wait this feedback, before I me further to me again,”Bryan communicated on demand. However, is the Internet eagerly discussed, a homeless “Jesus” which will supposedly occur and sing in the show “Das Supertalent” and the content rich by delusional and compassionate.

One of the writers of the Forum answers even, the bearded man was not even Max Bryan, but the resurrected Messiah himself.”… Others believe that the man is homeless and keep the whole story for a single fake”, a brilliant PR campaign of the transmitter.… But the sad truth is, Max lives for 7 months on the road. Beginning of March he lost his apartment, the House was sold, and he had to get out.

Several independent witnesses have confirmed that. To deepen your understanding San Antonio Spurs is the source. Bryan is also nothing new since then – and according to own information -, now sleeps in freezing temperatures outside in the cold, under the canopy of a fish restaurant. There are things in my life that are so insurmountable that they negate any normality in themselves already,”says the author stranded in Hamburg and scientists. For the first time, Bryan expressed to his musical past.

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10 Oct

Guitar Cases

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Dynamic balance and panning tracks. When you record tracks from the very beginning to worry about timbre and spatial texture plans and groups. Hard and fast rules that are suitable for all occasions, this issue does not exist. But some general advice would be worthless. Different textural layers better timbre and spatial localization based on the principle of contrast. For example, if the rhythm guitar and electric piano ponaromirovanny right, the bed-strings and keys must be placed on the left.

That is, have like with like. But do not dilute the tools are too far away at the edges, as is blurring the stereo effect, and the application of audio effects which leads to unpleasant surprises. However, the principle – like with like is not always good. If the texture of the "thing" is very rich and varied, this method can not distinguish textures fit. And then you have to go another way, ie, a more detailed localized tone-texture elements – each instrument its place.

Percussion instrumenty.Ih better pan in the center with a small deviation to the left to tom-toms, the right for hi-hat and in different directions for different dishes. Bass. Located in the middle due to a fundamentally impossible localization of low frequency (perhaps excluding the cases of the bass guitar as a solo instrument, for example, 6-string bass guitar). Solo instruments. Because these instruments should sound brighter than all the rest, their should be located near the center or near the left or right. Anticipating a little, I would say that there is a good way to submit a solo instrument clearly and volume.

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29 Aug

Paramount Pictures Corporation

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The funny family comedy “Fun Size” appears Hamburg home media distribution on DVD and Blu-ray on March 14 at paramount, 12.02.2013 – in love on Halloween – Wren, high school student played by teen star Victoria Justice (“victorious”), have to watch Albert on her little brother although the party of the year is. Now it is called, with Albert from door to door pull and inform “Trick or treat”. Actually, she would much rather listen the self-composed love songs of its swarm of Aaron (Thomas McDonell, “Dark Shadows”) on his guitar. But at one time, Albert is gone! How to finding all her little brother on the night of the year, where absolutely everyone is dressed up and are all out of hand? Also her mother, it must explain his disappearance. Quickly, the night turns into a wild roller coaster ride with incredibly funny incidents, eccentric characters, and an exciting adventure that goes far beyond your imagination.

“Fun Size” is a rising young stars such as Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”), Thomas Mann (“Project X”), Kerri Kenney (“Reno 911”) occupied and appears home media distribution on DVD and Blu-ray on March 14 at paramount. Bonus material such as music videos from Carly Rae Jepsen, distant scenes and making-ofs are included. Comedy with addictive the debut of Josh Schwartz is an absolute must-see for all comedy fans no matter what time of year. Along with guest star Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass the movie”) and the audience to see a race against time, they never will forget technical data Victoria Justice:-genre: teen comedy starring: fun size country/year: 2012 United States image format: DVD and Blu-ray: 2.35: 1 audio format: DVD and Blu-ray: 5.1 Dolby Digital languages: DVD: German, English, Turkish Blu-ray: audio description in English, German, English, French, Turkish subtitles: DVD: English, German, Turkish Blu-ray: German, English, English SDH, French, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian,. Danish, Dutch, Arabic, Indonesian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Turkish runtime: DVD: approximately 83 minutes of Blu-ray: about 86 minutes FSK: from 6 years Extras: DVD: – unpacked: fun size making-of – removed scenes Blu-ray: – unpacked: fun size making-of (HD) – Jackson Nicoll extra trouble! (HD) – bloopers and mishaps (HD) – Carly Rae Jepsen: “The Kiss” music video and making-of (HD) – distant scenes via paramount home media distribution paramount home media distribution (PHMD) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of film productions. PPC is a subsidiary of VIACOM (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB), a leading media company with an extensive portfolio of well-known film, television and digital entertainment brands. PHMD oversees the global activities of PPC related to home entertainment, digital and TV. Division is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment content on behalf of paramount pictures, Paramount Pictures Animation, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Insurge pictures, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS and PBS. In addition it provides home entertainment home entertainment services for DreamWorks Animation. PHMD controls licensing of Studio content as well as broadcasting via digital and TV marketing platforms such as online devices and future technologies in addition worldwide mobile.

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30 Dec

Afenginn: World Music Extravaganza – Live!

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‘Artist of the year’ in Danish folk music award 2009 (thk) energetic, melancholy, exciting, unique, say: worth a visit. The reputation as a first-class concert attraction precedes afenginn that tours in may by Germany. As the Danish Finnish Quintet brings his fusion of Scandinavian folklore and Jewish musical tradition with punk-like energy on stage, can grow wings the listeners”, cheers online magazine” and continues: all of this is served with such concentrated power and humor that even the biggest pessimist must smile and with pounding the beat. “This is beautiful: afenginn are the best proof that a band can experiment and mixing many styles, to revolve around itself, but rather the broad audience.” In the program of the upcoming performances, the ensemble has his latest album bastard ETNO”(Westpark music/Indigo). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The key words for this are much innovation in musical terms and especially lots of fun to play”, notes

Best conditions for a concert experience remarkable in many ways. Tickets cost between 7 (Berlin) and 17 euros (always plus fees) and are available at the ticket offices. afenginn – etno bastard”KulturForum 12.5. Berlin, Germany 2010 11.5 Kiel, Kaffee Burger 13.5 Hamburg, goldbekHaus 15.5 Osnabruck, may week 16.5 Ludinghausen Castle Vischering 19.5 Potsdam factory (Dance Festival) 20.5 Fulda, cross 21.5 Cologne, stage of cultures may Mainz, open ears Festival 23.5 Konstanz, K9 cards from 7 to 17 (plus fees) at all ticket offices of tour organizer: secret agency,, Tel: 030.9700 20 44 links: afenginn, public relations:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 88/9 Afenginn Henning Hjorth

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29 Dec


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With know what sounds good the online music magazine”is a classical music magazine, which provides interesting and up-to-date music news and music tips. The online music magazine there are in each lot music tips and latest music news to browse through. The music magazine classic informed all relevant topics from the world of music. In addition, a legal and free music is offered download. Music tips the music to the free music download has plenty to offer magazine. The makers of news gather every week many interesting and current music. Reviews of new albums give an overview about what should land in the CD player. What is not on the home page, is accessed via the categories. You may find Robbie Lawler to be a useful source of information.

Interviews and biographies of celebrities complete the reading fun. For the Visual pleasure of the makers of the music have added quite a few videos and photos magazine. The special highlight is the free music download of selected titles. Download the music is about the category “Download” to reach and offers a variety of interesting titles to listen to and download map. And who wants to play still prefer a real disc in the CD player, you will find it in the CD-shop. Music tips and music news may be missed the current music of charts, providing magazine right behind the music. By the same author: Tony Parker. Interesting links around the music perfect page.

Music tips are plentiful on the Internet, but with, an excellent online music magazine succeeded the creators. Looking in vain much frippery on the side. The clear structure and simple but striking design captivate the eye. The music news is clearly arranged and always up-to-date. The descriptive category name lead the reader right to the destination of your reading. Long search is eliminated. The positive appearance of the page is complemented by additional, special content. In addition to music tips and music news there is in the music magazine many photos and videos, as well as reviews and interviews that invite you to linger. But the music is special about Download. Legal and free download offered some tracks to the music. A real plus for The selection is while not huge, this exquisite. For any music fan is the music download a real gift of A positive impression is also offering a CD-shop. On the whole, the music offers magazine with tips on the music the music news and music download appealing package off. On, every music fan finds what he’s looking for and Furthermore, even something more. Johann Alekseenko

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11 Sep

Music Download Music Flatrate

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Music downloads – the best music-flat rates on the net! Napster offers its customers more than 8 million songs of all genres – from current hits from the charts on hip newcomer to absolute Insider – and is therefore one of the largest legal music archives on the net. You can hear easily at any time your music – either as a download on your PC or online from any computer via streaming. The music downloads are of excellent quality, and the 8 million songs still not enough who can access over 100 online radio channels. Online portal from MusicStar, the inclined user takes over 3 million titles. MusicStar offers a Streamflatrate where you can listen to unlimited songs for a small monthly fee streaming on your computer, as well as the opportunity to buy the titles individually or as an album and then any play on a medium of your choice.

You can create up to 20 playlists with 25 songs you and your favorite music in top quality to listen to so every day ready! is no Online-shop for music, such as Napster or MusicStar, but offers a program allows all desired songs from Web radio stations can be recorded and stored in top quality on your hard drive as MP3. You must only specify which tracks or albums you want to have, and the tool monitors all available online radio stations and record your desired song. This is 100% legal, and the downloaded songs you can keep forever, play and burn as many times as you want. Musicload is a service provided by T-Online, where you will have 5.5 million titles to choose from. You can either buy individual tracks/albums you or stream with the flat rate listen to on your computer wherever you with the Internet are connected. In addition to the wide range of music titles, musicload also music videos, audiobooks – offers and now scratch – tickets and concert tickets. The music videos can be copied unlimited after the purchase and viewed.

You can thanks to the clear shop interface and the user friendly operation all your favorite songs/videos simply find and then buy on request. In addition to its wide range of ringtones, mobile games and videos, Jamster has a music Flatrate in the offer. You can select your favorite tracks from the 1.7 million songs at Jamba, and then decide whether you want to buy them via subscription or rather rent. The songs have the best MP3 quality and can easily be played on your PC or mobile phone. Should you decide to rent, you can with the “Jamba music player” get your music on your computer, create your own playlists and listen to other user’s playlists.

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09 Nov

Piano Tuning

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We offer you a handbook on setting up the piano, which can be found at the following link: A guide designed for school-based art of the Division of Culture and Film Area Ozinskogo Saratov region in 2009. The manual presents the theoretical material and practical experience of the author to set up a piano. Work as its main objective to provide some knowledge and skills to configure and Restoration of the piano, while avoiding unintended consequences. The basic premise and reasons to engage in the activities of a tuner and a basic knowledge about tuning. Based on its own practice, the author can responsibly say that the setting is a very responsible and do not tolerate noise. This is not just a technical operation, for "stretching the strings," but rather an art.

Adjuster their work makes the instrument "sing." And, if a musician says this – it (tune) with the task managed. Piano tuning is a necessary attribute of learning music. Correct-sounding piano is the key to success ensemble and choral music. Currently, the profession has become a rare customizer, if available in remote regions of Russia and the CIS. New piano is negligible, the price of tools "sky-" high, the quality of their leaves desired. Because of certain circumstances of a developing economy post-Soviet space and modern lines of musical development, expressed in an attempt to replace the classical instruments of electronic counterparts, many talented young people, received in due time musical training as the end of the music schools, academies, conservatories, can not be claimed by major field of study and work must be limited to a very nominal salary. After reviewing the work of the author, some of them may try out in the field of tuner, practice first on old instruments (written off, or for some reasons not repairable).

It does not require significant initial investment, but in the future can be a source of additional income. So at an early stage is only required Adjustment KEY (description making such a key in the manual provided), which may be made individually or leased, all other equipment will be purchased as needed during the repair works. In the proposed manual, which is easily possible to "download" on the website of the author, presents theoretical material and practical experience of the author to set up a piano. The work aims to give the main task some knowledge and skills to configure and restore the piano, while avoiding unintended consequences. The basic premise and reasons to engage in the activities of a tuner and a basic knowledge of configuration. Summarizes the theory of acoustics, glossary, economic incentives for the purchase of tools, described his history of the piano the main constituent elements, parts and construction details, care tool during its operation, methods, and especially transport a piano, the factors affecting the efficiency and durability of the piano, the detailed process of setting up the technology used and the traditional modern tools, the most frequent defects piano and effective methods to address them. Provides practical experience in tuner with clients, analyzes the main errors that occur during organization acquiring the instrument and its successful operation. Work with the manual is quite simple. Manual is designed as an electronic book, with sections

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15 Oct

The Perception

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Night – this time, sensory changes, when the body breaks the chains propriety operating during daylight hours. Basking in the arms of Cimmerian night, we feel that extends the range of our experience of life and lets you enjoy fresh social experience. This sense of expansion experience and is the basis of research klabbinga. Our bodies are constantly stay immersed in the world, and itself is a state of cultural immersion, ideologically and emotionally structured so that dictates and controls even our ability to perceive and experience the world. Wisdom klabbinga chaotic and passionate. It is based on the sensory conflict between our bodies as they are the light of day, and our nightly binge. To penetrate it, understand its form and the potential impact on human life, we need to figure out what is the role of the body in the structuring of these very lives. Our social interactions arise out of the body, through which we experience them.

If you wake up angry or depressed, you will be in contact with the world through these emotional states, which left its mark on your body, as well as the perception of the world. This imprint will also affect on the world to you. Thanks klabbingu people create and enter into communion, equipped with upgraded bodies, thereby supporting the new social customs, which are gradually taking root and go beyond the club's space. Intensity pleasure which can be tested in the clubs, making klabbing sensual extreme, challenging traditional morality. Christianity, especially Protestantism, have always regarded with extreme distrust of pleasure, because believed that his demonic nature, that it distracts people from God, and labor and, therefore, it must be tightly controlled.

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08 Oct

Yesterday Songs

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5) Sing to everything! Romping advice, but … in your repertoire to be almost all genres. You never know who and how will celebrate the holiday. Some simple suggestions: – In the field of club music and catchy rhythmic needed, well are remixes of old popular songs – If you work in a simple tavern, where the audience is not aristocratic, do not hesitate to charge the chanson, disco, '80s, modern pop music – If you're at a wedding, then a little more poetry, songs from nuptial meaning, more beautiful, romantic music, well, so when cleared, go to the previous advice =) – Working in an expensive restaurant involves execution firm (foreign) products. It can be blues, jazz or old, well-known: Yesterday, What A Wonderful World, there could be opportunities to taste and – Consider the age of the guests, the type of celebration (wedding, birthday) and look at the situation – the guests get bored – Overclock, tired – popoyte ballads. Not weary of the same type of people singing, if you are asked to perform another, for example, more fun – listen.

Conclusion: The larger and more diverse than your repertoire, the more the public interest to you with their work and the more songs you can sell. 6) Do not overstrain his voice! In the exercise be careful – do not cry, do not overstrain, even if this requires time songs. The restaurant does not necessarily scream, rant. Nobody wants your attempts. Much nicer and more pleasant to be heard a soft voice with a steady low tone.

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25 Sep

Sergey Komarov Oleg Tsarev

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"Legion" – a Russian rock band playing in the genre of heavy metal. Founded in 1981 1 was one of the first hard rock bands in the USSR. The founder of the group – Oleg Tsarev. The group disbanded in 1990 and was revived three years later, Alexei Bulgakov, who is in her main songwriter and vocalist. The group took part in the concerts of Christian rock and was published in the respective collections. The first group – Alexei Bulgakov (vocals), Alexander Tsvetkov (guitar), Oleg Tsarev (bass), Sergei Komarov (drums).

Tsvetkov Alexei Chernyshov soon changed. Since 1981, the band successfully toured the Soviet Union and has released two magnitoalboma "Battle" and "Apocalypse" theme which were mainly the battle, battle, war. In 1990, the "Legion" has broken up, and soon passed away and Sergey Komarov Oleg Tsarev. In 1993, Bulgakov resumed activities as part of the Legion: Alexei Bulgakov (vocals), Yuri Kryukov (Guitar), Stas Kozlov (bass), Konstantin Fedotov (drums). In 1995, Bulgakov is tried to place the vocalist in the 'Aria', but the management and label the group returned to the place of Valery Kipelov. Bulgakov reassembles the Legion.

New Legion was released on CD Knights of Cross, written in English. However, the composition completely changed soon: the group returned Chernyshov, Vyacheslav Molchanov come (guitar) and Dmitri Krivenkov (drums). In this composition was recorded album, "Give me a name" (1997). The release of the album followed by further changes in the composition. Molchanov replaced Andrei Golovanov (now both play guitar in the group "Kipelov"). Krivenkov went to a group of "epidemic", he was replaced by Sergei Goran. After this "Legion" has recorded a concept album, "The pendulum of time", dedicated to Russian soldiers of different eras – from the epic heroes to participants in the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. In 2004, the label CD-Maximum" group released the album "Element of Fire." In 2005, Bulgakov took part in the project "Artery" Sergey Terentyev (ex-Aria). In 2007, saw the light of a new studio album, Legion – "Myths of antiquity." The central theme of the album – Myths and Legends Ancient Greece.

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