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05 Mar

Breguet Clocks

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Abraham-Louis Breguet, who lived from 1747 to 1823, is easily one of the most respected icons in the world of watchmaking. Born in Switzerland, Breguet moved to Paris when he was 15 years old. It was here that he made his mark with his notable inventions. Breguet most notable inventions include: the tourbillon watch aotumatico spring gong used in repeaters from minute one of the first guards against impacts spiral envelope spring advances technicians to the exhaust of lever in addition to all this, he also played a significant role in pioneering keyless watches. Earlier clocks had to be adjusted and be given rope using a wrench, therefore the invention of clocks without key represented a breakthrough in terms of convenience. In fact, many of the mechanisms currently used in clocks were invented by Breguet, so many that can often be a challenge distinguishing their actual inventions of many claims of inventions You abound. Indycar wanted to know more.

The ingenuity of Breguet and fine ability in the field of watchmaking led him to become the first celebrity watch. Any watch that take the name of Breguet demanded a very high price, more than any other brand of watches. Even the writers currently known as the masters of classical literature references about Breguet in his novels. His name also appears in the works of famous figures such as: Julio Verne and Alexandre Dumas. Historical figures as Luis XVI, Maria Antoinette, the Russian Tsar, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the Prince Regent English, Breguet Watches have all possessed. In 1775, Breguet opened his own firm. Funding came partly from his rich wife. On his death, the Breguet company passed Abraham-Louis son, Antoine-Louis, and then to his grandson, Louis-Clement. However, Louis-Clement was more interested in the field of electricity which in the watchmaking and the Breguet company departed the Breguet line and arrived at the hands of Edward Brown, who at that time was a manager of workshop at Breguet.

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