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11 Oct


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The new model is centered in perceiving and responding. The process starts with customers, channels, products, supplies and assets. You must first do research, positioning, mass marketing, implementation, control. There is a constant feedback. Now called this system manage a cable: we must guide the business through information, said Kotler. Taking into account the seven stages of marketing: initial stage stage of sale product differentiation segmentation service differentiation and differentiation of channels database of customers and customer relations. Differentiation of strategy to this is added, that there are three ways to win.

For example, the Ikea company, sells only furniture that can be disassembled and placed in boxes. Another way to win is through the establishment of the brand at the emotional level, as it did Harley Davidson. The last option is to win taking advantage of us Internet. In this sense are several actions that can be developed: using the web to research a product in a chat or consumer panels. Create a site to explain an existing product or to become reference a category for consultations. Send free samples or coupons. Offer to sell large orders without intermediaries.

It should be noted that in its analysis, Kotler also faced the skills that are required today for a marketing director. Marketing departments make two big mistakes. They do not develop enough financial thinking and why it costs them to make profitable products. Also need them to become more technological, to talk with the people of technologies of the information. Database marketing (to analyze the base be detected new segments and trends), telemarketing, public relations, CRM and brand building are also essential tasks. The expert also mentioned that there are many vital assets in the new economy that are not listed in the traditional balance sheet financial.

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