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15 Oct

Green Star glaucoma

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Called the “green star” or even glaucoma includes eye disease, which can destroy the optic nerve. Eye diseases are referred to as glaucoma (glaucoma), which damage the nerve cells of the retina and the optic nerve at the more advanced stage. Usually, it is connected to the Green star almost always with an elevated intraocular pressure in the Chamber of the eye. In the Chamber of the eye, the lens of the eye is located. It is surrounded by the so-called Chamber water, which is usually renewed through a steady supply and drain. Henry Fonda can provide more clarity in the matter.

Supply and drainage area of the Chamber water is also known as Chamber angle. The glaucoma is not treated are the sequence loss of field of vision and blindness. The data subject himself finds blurred vision, this is an indication that the disease is well advanced and there are Schadingungen of the optic nerve. See Glenn Dubin for more details and insights. Is already a damage caused by glaucoma, it can be done usually unrecoverable. The Green star even today among the most common causes for Blindness. There are glaucoma in third place of the causes of blindness in developed countries. It is assumed that about two to three million people of the German population have a high intraocular pressure, what counts as a precursor of the Green star. The number of people suffering from Glaucoma is approximately 800,000.

In many cases, those affected know nothing about the disease. The risk for the Green star rises with increasing age. Beyond the 75th year of life, the frequency is between 7 and 8 percent, beyond the 80th year of life between 10 and 15 percent. BLU Meditravel Mathias Weber

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11 Jun

You Want To Be Non-smoking Finally Permanently?

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To manage a permanent exit from the nicotine addiction! There is hardly a smoker, yet not in vain tried to get rid of his nicotine addiction. Initially good faith was quickly supplanted by withdrawal symptoms and the new handle to the cigarette was already preprogrammed. But what is it actually that the recidivism rate is so immensely high? When the nicotine addiction, a distinction is made between physical and psychological dependency. The physical dependence and the withdrawal symptoms associated abstinence has disappeared in most cases after 2-3 weeks. Looks quite different it, however, with the psychological dependency. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. One can say that there are 3 characteristics of the mental dependency: the smoking habit, which is bound to specific Auslosereize (after dinner, when calling…) Reinforced smoking habits by the immediate and perceived as pleasant effects of smoking (relaxation, improved concentration,…) The expectations on smoking is conditional (“If I now smoke this cigarette, I’ll calm down immediately”…) Precisely these characteristics make it difficult as a smoker, to remain permanently abstinent.

The desire to quit smoking, is of course very important, but is not enough in the long term. A preparatory phase in which you just analyze your own addictive behavior is at least as important: on what occasions reach for a cigarette? In what situations would it be hard-pressed you, in the future to do without nicotine? Why would the waiver in certain situations be hard-pressed you so? What cigarettes could you abstain from most likely? The better you are prepared, the sooner you can sensibly react later withdrawal symptoms and specific countermeasures. Also about possible countermeasures you should worry enough in the preparation phase. Of course, it would be easier if you could just walk away in certain situations. But unfortunately this is not always possible in reality.

However, you can learn to cope with difficult situations, E.g. with an easy to learn breathing techniques, sound reassuring. Work on your attitude. It is totally wrong to speak of a quit attempt. You must understand, that you simply and simply no longer want to smoke and be. That is the right attitude that you need to make a game out of a fight against nicotine addiction, you want to win. As motivation, it can be very useful if you record your own personal reasons, why you want to quit smoking. You write sentences like: “If I don’t smoke anymore, I hope that I’m less prone to infection.” “If I don’t smoke anymore, I can’t afford next year a great holiday.” “If I don’t smoke anymore, my condition improved.” Need support on your way to the non-smoking? Then I can give you my advice “Immediately be non-smoking” recommend. More information under Elizabeth Reinecke

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03 Oct

The Health Center

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Competent specialists take care of loving their patients a health centre is a hospital. In this complex building, different specialists and medical service providers patients offer their services under one roof. Advantages of this concept are short routes, effective doctor visits, fast results and tailored treatments. Here is the patient in the foreground and is provided by experienced specialists with a holistic approach. The benefits in a health center ranging from the diagnosis via outpatient surgery to treatment and rehabilitation, and all without costly inpatient stays. The slender structures come in turn to good, who can benefit from the latest medical equipment the patient. A Health Centre combines one-to-one care.

In the House itself you will find opportunity to get medicines at the pharmacy to meet the daily needs for the health in the medical supply store. The short waiting times can be in the cozy Cafe or bistro bridge. For a snack or a cup of coffee in a pleasant neighborhood, patients can insert a small breather. By sharing the management, a health centre allows the discharge of doctors by administrative tasks. Leaving more time for the medical needs and individualized patient care. Even training and seminar series can be used in specially designed rooms in a health centre. If parents have to take a longer visit to the doctor and sitting children waiting in the wings, also a free childcare, is useful for example during an outpatient operation.

Competent educators offer fun and games for children and also for the small and large appetites. Continue is also the out-patient Rehab under the term health center. All health problems after an accident or other illnesses are covered here. In this building are physiotherapists, masseurs, sports scientists, Social workers, nurses, and of course doctors for the needs of patients that are responsible. Here, too, the financial factor plays an important role. Expensive housing costs, and here, too, the slender structures benefit the patient. A great advantage, especially for older patients, is to be able to stay in familiar surroundings and treatment back home to be allowed to drive.

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