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19 Nov

Marketing Presentation

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Some points to consider in an oral presentation of a product. Arrive at the meeting agreed with time to spare if it is possible to 10 to 20 minutes earlier. At that time will have the possibility to fix it, go to the toilet, relax and liven up the place where is hara the meeting. Try to be dressed according to the place of the appointment. If you take a show and spend it on a computer that is unknown tested prior to the meeting. Request permission from the host of all material that can be used (for exhibition).

To prepare a good exhibition must know that I want transmit? who is the public?, and the other important point is the time that I tell. Before you begin with the presentation of the product, it is good to make a brief summary of who I am or make any comments of some object or photo you have seen in the salon to go breaking the ice and then if you start with the presentation of the product or business. Start with the presentation. The first transparency suggests that its contents are: title, author, institution, or company. The second transparency, an outline of the index so I’m going to post or submit. In the central body of the talk you must traverse work spinning between different parts of the same giving more relevance to the most important and thinking that the talk is as if outside links that form a string and each transparency.

Make a summary of what was said at the end of the talk. The transparencies are an important part of the talk.They are not a background to talk or text to read.It is a complement to help guide and making it more entertaining presentation. A picture is more than a hundred words. Use short, clear sentences. Keep in mind it only more important. Prepare transparencies extras for possible questions that are asked on a regular basis. Use clear fonts and not so complicated backgrounds. Check the spelling of the transparencies. Practice, practice.Learn the order of the same long breaks and doubts repeated ruin our presentation. It suggests two minutes per presentation. Get someone to listen them to practice if it is possible that he does not understand the subject. Try not to look at the screen or the computer look at the people to the eyes. Look for someone among the public to know that will generate you more confidence and by their gestures sabra as March meeting. Does not incorporate or abuse of humor if it is that it is not his personal characteristic. Be yourself (natural). Demonstrate enthusiasm and contagielo. Avoid talking with a single tone of voice during the meeting. Remarque importantly with gestures and a tone firmer, speak with confidence and security. Do not lower the tone of voice when in doubt. Check the time allocated for the talk. Well I hope that they have been useful this article and see you at the next.