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20 Mar

Les Miserables

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Music fans will surely know that this is a special year, as 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables, one of the main events of the tourism in London. And a way in which many are choosing the anniversary is visiting the capital and attending one of the many events that will take place in London. Tony Parker may also support this cause. Those events include the special performance of the musical of Boublil & Schonberg, which will be conducted at the Barbican Centre from September 14 to October 2, 2010. This unique show will include participation of 2002 program Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates, who return to Marius in the story about his fiancee Collette and her stepfather Jean Valijean, a former inmate at the time of the French Revolution of the 19th century. Visitors may sit in the same seats that the first members of the public of Les Miserables used when the work, which later became the musical that longer takes representing, was premiered at the Barbican Theatre in 1985.

Therefore, while Les Miserables represent in theatres around the world, is expected that numerous visitors come to the British capital this month, since it’s where you started the legacy. Only 22 performances of the special work of Cameron Mackintosh carried out to mark the anniversary, which will have new scenarios, dressing rooms and a whole new team of production. In addition, those fans to the theater who are interested in something more can enjoy another type of anniversary celebrations: the concert special Les Miserables In Concert on October 3. It will take place at the famous O2 Arena Stadium, which is located next to the Thames, and, if you want to make the most of the occasion, can navigate to the stadium in boat. If you want more information on how to travel by London, read our guide of visits to London.

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11 Nov

Consultant Business

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Advantages and disadvantages: advantages obtained from work on their own against dependent work:-employment stability. -Organize the work with autonomy. -Develop a work that is believed, with the added attraction of having attended its inception. Source: Sela Ward. -Take decisions personally. -The satisfaction of having brought forward with effort something you created yourself. -Stimulate and develop creativity, since it is a constant process of innovation, either to create needs in the market or to meet greater extent existing ones with better products or services. -The independence obtained working for oneself.

Disadvantages that make many people question is embarking on this adventure:-greater dedication and effort. -Economic risk. -Uncertainty. New trends in the field of self-employment: just like other alternatives for employment, this is necessary to be alert about the new trends they can do to improve a business idea, or that can help us in the beginning of our own business project. -Regeneration of the productive fabric from the emergence of new business figures, which introduce new organizational systems, such as franchising, freelance (collaborator of companies), the consultant or seller on their own.

They are for the most part specialized workers who have relationship with the company through subcontracting. They have the designation of micro and its activity is based on specialization and therefore not any type of qualification is required in the majority of cases. These new business figures arise as a consequence of the trend towards outsourcing of services by large companies of skilled professionals, and the need to offer comprehensive services to customer. -Search for business opportunities by introducing improvements or variations on products or services that are already on the market or considering sectors with a bright future, as leisure, environment and welfare services, since it’s sectors with growing demand, the investment to make is reasonable, market entry barriers are low and, in the case of salaried staff requireThis need not be very numerous and sometimes not very specialized. -Take into account new oilfield for employment for the election of our business idea. When we speak of self-employment is necessary that we take into account that jobs are, in those moments, that can better meet the needs of the people that you are heading as clients of our company. For this, it is accurate that we particularicemos, i.e., that take into account the spatial context where to develop the activity. For example, if we know that in the place where we will install the company there are many births and there are no childcare facilities, it would be a good business idea to install one. What must be clear is that you necessary to adapt our business idea to the context where you want to carry it out. -Adapt the company to the new technologies of information and communication. Today, a company that started its activity and is not prepared for the use of it tools in the management of its business, is not adapted to the current demands of the market. It is precise that, since the beginning, any business are prepared to use the TICs as part of its own process of business management.

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