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18 May

Reliable Means Of Payment In The Design And Management Of Your Store Online IV: Solutions PayPal

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Payal is one of the means of payment used and in continuous growth. If you are going to create and design an online store and want to accept various types of credit and debit cards, or by bank account, PayPal is an American company group eBay that offers payment solutions for merchants and customers. PayPal represents an alternative to traditional means of payment, such as the discussed in previous articles, which is governed by rules of the Treasury Department of USA and the ASF in the European Union (web hosting). In a question-answer forum Neil Cole was the first to reply. PayPal in the USA is headquartered in San Jose, California, where recently sentencing by the Apple-Samsung case, and European headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. Apparently this entity may seem to work as a bank or any of the issuers of cards, but is not the case.

The money that moves between usuarios-clientes and traders is exclusively of these, do not lend money and Yes charge commissions. The user who works as a client, before making his first purchase in a shop online and make payment through PayPal must open an account with a balance of which not be available for at least 20 days previously. The customer of the online store will not pay commissions for using this service, except in the case of transfers, but the merchant if you will have to pay a Commission as it would to any authority of credit or debit cards. PayPal offers two solutions for the creation and design of online stores in the field of payment systems: standard payment and payment by email.