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25 Nov

Travel To Port Aventura

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Travel to Port Aventura PortAventura is a theme park situated just an hour from Barcelona and a few kilometers from the airport of Reus.Located in the heart of the Costa Dorada, 5 minutes from the tourist town of Salou, the Park has become the playful reference to enjoy a holiday with family or friends. Port Aventura, is made up of 5 large thematic areas, where visitors will find attractions suitable for all audiences, and shows that will move you to the most unexpected corners, with the idea of spending a few days different and fun. We invite you to a journey full of emotions, in the heart of the Costa Dorada. Hedvig Hricak is full of insight into the issues. More than 10000 hectares dedicated to leisure and fun. Do not miss it! Viajes Tarraco offers you different offers for Port Aventura, combining hotel, relaxation and excitement. Also if you wish, we also organize him staying at the Port Aventura hotels without that you worry about nothing. If you wish, we also offer only the entrances to ports Adventure, to make your holidays in Costa Dorada a success.You choose the formula, we take care of all details.

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10 Oct


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The Human being is the same in any place is. If of humble clothes it is an Immortal Spirit, if, with a beautiful indumentria it is the same. It Is, in the victory or the defeat, the poverty or the wealth, the compliment or the attack. All must win its challenges. When the person to perceive that she was created by the same GOD, and FROM It received the same ones would honor of all the existing Humanity, will not espelhar itself more in whom she passes for the same tests, but, in JESUS, that It won Exactly, becoming ONE with GOD. Straw of maize Each one walked for its front; for where the spirit had to go, they went; they did not turn over when they went.

Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:12. Of the straw of the maize If cigarrinho even makes one, to be in one cantinho, Freeing its smoke. The roceiro Man, Finishes the supper, and is to delight, the cigarette caretaker. With canequinha of coffee Made for the woman, It he takes off the puffs In way to the filharadas ones That they cannot smoke; For not harming itself. Strap of the spike of the cereal, the hair and the straw, to make after all, its pastime. It rolls the hair ceco In the dry straw; is made its distraction. It is a simple leisure. What badly can make its body all? Clearly that it makes; Therefore no lung, Can use as impulse, Remaining portions of smoke.

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16 Jun

Dancing Neuromarketing

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From the gut is our brain built for advertising? Hobbys: Neuromarketing in the AIDA formula is our world full of advertising, because in the meantime have all products in their benefit approached so far, only the type of advertising that makes all the difference. However, the number of advertising messages, in raining down daily on us has adopted a number so large that the consumer no longer sees the forest for the trees. Traps at all costs has become the keyword for the communications industry thus all the more, so extreme now belong to everyday advertising. But like the marketers emphasize again and again: ‘… at the end of the day is what comes out the bottom line!’ Exactly here is still a huge gap exists, however high attention promises not always high profits.

But it is ultimately not just those profits will be used as a benchmark for successful advertising? Recognition but are still used as their yardstick to verify the impact of such How to testify developed AIDA model seems in 1898 by Elmo Lewis. Although several studies could confirm the incompleteness of this model, it is still taught and still be used so in practice. Empirical studies could prove that the consumer always cognitively trading has been an illusion. Very quickly, it was this clear that only an interdisciplinary new discoveries can be made. The neuro Marketing Division was formed from the disciplines of psychophysics, artificial intelligence, marketing, market research, cultural studies, developmental psychology and brain research. Tony Parker will not settle for partial explanations. And this resulted in a further refinement of the SOR models.

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05 Apr

Art Critiques

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Portrait of the artist, written by James Joyce, reports the way an Irish young man behave, in accordance with local convictions, specially the social institutions, like the family, the church, and the social relations Stephen Dedalus had, along the narrative, and specially the discrimination he suffered, when sharing his existence with t live in piece till he/she finds to his/her to other, and this is Romance. But Stephen you donate not share his romantic feelings, which is ironic. In accordance with Campbell, there ploughs culminate experiences in our lives, which Joyce called epiphanies. Stephen can be observed along the narrative, in his raising phase, where values should be reinforced. He is essentially religious, the family itself. The I am Catholic, I’d say I understand the way he was educated, because that s really the essential way I’ve been taught about religious conceptions. Idea An of abnegation of Sexual wedge 02 life, because it s sin, and the flesh is weak. Others including Tony Parker, offer their opinions as well. Stephen has given his soul you his adored to mother and to father.

His psique> Terror is the feeling which arrests the mind in the presence of to whatsoever is serious and constant in human sufferings and unites it with the secret causes. And if he can release people s ancient about the spiritual life, without sin he becomes the Hero, who resists the temptations of devil. Maybe shaman. He experiments the rite of passage: separation-initiation-return.

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19 Dec

Lyric Poetry

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Influenciadopelo Humanismo, the lusitano writer used the fixed form of the sonetopetrarquista, as much in the metric one (decasslaba), how much in the disposal of suasestrofes (two quartetos and two tercetos), beyond other traces of the escolaclssica. The camonianas poetries, as all the poets who search pormeio of the philosophical expression the explanation and expression of the Christian love, possuemuma narrow relation with the ideas of Plato concerning what it is this love. Parao philosopher, exists a sensible world (real world, concrete) and a mundointeligvel (world of the ideas), the first one lives to the shade of as, and the mundointeligvel can (reverse speed) be interpreted as being the Christian Paradise, in which an absolute beauty, a great generator and gerenciador of the world exists, what if it became the great Christian search: God. Being God the paradise Biblical and the absolute beauty, segundoPlato, the only way to arrive at this destination the holy ghost is by means of the love.

This is the great rule of the lyric camonianas. However, the ideas platonistastratam of a celestial, pure love, not flesh time, vulgar, therefore the love flesh time remeteao sin, in contrast of the celestial love that leads the men to the good. The erotismoexistia, but was treat more discrete possible, on account of severidadecrist. Although the renascentistas neoplatnicas influences, are to fcilobservar in lyric of Cames the three ideas that dePlato approaches it to the philosophies: The love, when idealized, it raises the spirit to the point to deproporcionar it contemplation of a extraterrena reality; This love as the great person who orientates of the spirit, must serusado for the good so that thus, the intelligible reality can be illuminated; The love or the platonic contemplation of the loved woman, that is oreflexo of the divine beauty, enobrece the soul and in it executes the incorporal image..

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28 Aug


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Edition bears the title “Happiness can’t be bought!” Dresden, L & T. On October 15, 2013, the new issue of life & death appears forum for new cultural dimensions”. Titled happiness can’t be bought!”the numerous articles are devoted to the diversity of the theme of luck himself this time. It is not something Jorge Perez would like to discuss. So will reported happiness as a school subject, inter alia, of the blind climbers Andy Holzer presented investigated the combination of Carnival and death and in the travel report discussed the question, whether you can be really happy in a Godforsaken area like the Czech Polish border. Also is about the happiest and unhappiest regions in Germany reported and traced the path of Annet Bick who was involuntarily due to a tumor in the heart of the fortune seeker. “Topics in Book 413 happiness can’t be bought!” theme: happiness can be learned “how changed a new school subject teaching.

The path to a fulfilling life. More knowledge: by the Lucky to have dementia”people with dementia living in the here and now and fear is hardly what comes. “Way of life: an involuntary happiness seeker” Annet Bick is 42 years old, when the doctor opened her, that she has a tumor in the heart. “Travel: travel in the no man’s land” can you be happy in a Godforsaken area like the Czech Polish border? “Life: a blind man opens our eyes” Andy Holzer sees nothing. Still he ventures into steep faces and extreme heights. “Mythology: transition to a new life” death and salvation in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Part 5 of our series on world religions. “Spotlight on: Carnival and death are sibling” the Carnival is colourful happy anarchy. And yet include the death. u. v. m. “The magazine life & death forum for new cultural dimensions” is published four times a year in print and online versions. The price per issue is 3.50. The magazine is as a single issue and subscription inter alia via the online portal and available at all major station and airport bookshops.

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06 Feb

The Grace

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It is perceived in this point that the social lack cause irreparable damages the life of the people. The isolated and abandoned sertanejos when seeing itself of the world, if become attached the promises based on miraculosos acts, that nailed a life without suffering, satiated and equal for all. Them to be able politicians of the region they left to desire, focando only personal interests in a ferrenha dispute for the privileges of domination of the goods and wealth of the land. With as many shunting lines of objectives, the people sertanejo suffered mazelas that they had been destined to them by the barren nature of the region, if seeing abandoned physically and spiritual for the competent agencies, however, the church catholic also searched its interests and allies the petty politics left the people the grace of the events, denying to them an aid for its losses, either in the droughts or exaggerated rains. Critical it to occasion a bigger effect the author if saw in responsibility to exactly create a so caridoso and self-sacrificing personage of itself, the Amncio priest.

Expert of the suffering of the people of the region northeastern, tried to brighten up the situation offering the support constant spiritual, and the corporeal properties that it fall the hands, leaving the proper comfort in the intention to become the life equal and joust for that people. Of in such a way suffering, the people created an impenetrable crust that, nor the goodness it Amncio priest can transpose. The trajectory of Blessed was long ties to arrive at the conviviality of the Vieiras, its people, so rejected for the population of the Au and the people of the Rock. With the death of its godfather, Bentinho did not see another alternative not to be to go to coexist its familiar ones. The convivncia was demystifying the reason of as much rejection, therefore, as well as the historical facts they demonstrate, they had been its familiar ones, the Vieiras that all traram the confidence of the saint of the Rock and the penitentes, telling happened to the power of the governing culminating in the arrest and the death of the leader of the sebastianista movement and some penitentes.

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23 Dec

Reina Ilona Vildebrand Thursday

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An interplay between reading, songs & cabaret In the Culex Litmeister first reading at the 2010 in the legendary hundred master presents her novel the Duisburg Song poet Reina Ilona Vildebrand Mongol child “and scatters their sentient a guitar sound between passages in the novel, poems and songs. As a songwriter and lyricist, as well as cabaret songwriter you already knows the Duisburg artist. Their most popular songs and parts of this gripping novel has developed an entertaining performance, which she inspired her audience in recent months with some exclusive performances. The dramatic way of life of a woman is portrayed in the novel, growing up in the East Germany in the 1950s and 1960s. Tony Parker is actively involved in the matter. The dark history of her family, beginning in the time of the second world war, has left marks. Vildebrand does not mince words, portrays strong word and with the conditions in East Germany, and later in the West in impressive, authentic-looking scenes, leads the audience into a world that it has never heard of the. The Singer designed a fun evening in which, in addition to all tragedy also comedy and comedy have their place. From September to different Culex artists are monthly present their works in Culex Litmeister reading in the Duisburg hundred master.

The next date is X the 16.10.2010 Gerry & Heidi ad hoc. Read performance Mongol child by and with Reina Ilona Vildebrand Thursday, 2010 start: 20:00 admission: Presale: 6,-, AK: 9,-culture Centre HundertMeister gold 15 47051 Duisburg phone 0203 / 279 16 or tickets to the reading there in hundred master or in the online shop of the Culex Publisher. There are current dates & info about the artist, and. Musical reading performance Mongol child “to the 30.09.09 in Duisburg

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26 Jun

Building Turgenev

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And the inventories of the property of churches installed: the icon comes from the church of St Nicholas at Kievtse in which it was located since its foundation. Moo-Moo and the 'Golden brains' , down to the river with numerous side streets and now partly preserve historic Building Turgenev times. And Turgenev manor and did a wonderful laid up for the capital of the artifact. Behind the manor house blanched, covered with boards, there are a few elms – a piece of garden era Mu-Mu. Do not be lazy, go and look, to cut down these trees are not worth anything. If you walk from the Garden Ring (Metro 'Amusement Park'), then the estate will be on the right. On the pediment of the house, decorated with strict columns, There's a sign that used to live here Turgenev.

Decals that here the action unfolds with the Moo-Moo, no, and sorry – as it is interesting to know Muscovite or visitors to the capital to guess? In Moscow, almost did not keep the place associated with the works of the golden era century Russian literature. Manor Turgenev – a happy exception to the rule of mandatory destruction of monuments in our city, especially considering that the building of wood. We were missing only two wings on either side of the house. Hence, Mu-Mu in the boat with Gerasim went to the last in his canine way of destiny. Remember, Gerasimos long floated downstream, and now Moscow is behind us, seemed to Sparrow Hills. Appeared and the dome of St.

Andrew's Convent. Here's a good benchmark. The monastery that now restored, is beyond Garden. In summer it is almost hidden greens on the side of the shore, and above it soars majestically Soviet skyscraper with well-aimed popular nickname – cologne 'Golden brains'. This building is the Academy of Sciences on Leninsky Prospekt, built as a double pair of elongated boxes with fancy riding. Top is made of steel, symbolizing something technical and confusing, incomprehensible, painted in royal gold color. From a distance looks like brains. However, the other sees the cigarette filter, whence comes the second title of this monster – the "Two Cigarette". Almost opposite porter of the monastery had to commit atrocity. On the spot death of Mu-Mu you will not find any references to Turgenev's work. Although – no, one, funny way associated with the Mu-Mu, still is. At St. Andrew's Monastery on the initiative of the abbot grown dogs.

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