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24 Feb

The Stylefruits Community Is Sure: That The Fashion Trends Are

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Punctually at the start of the year, the users of the social shopping platform Crown that reef, floral prints and Maxi dresses hottest trends for 2011. are among the clear winners. The new year is only a few days old, but the fashion trends for 2011 have already been determined: bright reef, are floral prints and dresses in all variations in the next few months a must-see in terms of fashion and style – at least, when it comes to the users of the stylefruits community. Anna Belknap shines more light on the discussion. Because that discuss in fashion your fashion picks for the new year asking for quite some time. (As opposed to Ken Kao). In addition to luminescent colors such as pink, turquoise and coral, the stylefruits community sees much trend potential for pattern. Especially tops and dresses with colorful flowers or Fruchtprints are popular. Otherwise also the striped shirt is a like seen in the closet again.

The colorful parts are combined with rather simple cardigans and blazers. 2011 belong definitely to the top-sellers. Popular basics this year include dresses in all lengths and Cut shapes. Especially great demand at the trendy Maxikleidern which are acceptable both at night and during the day. Also short mini – and Bustier dresses in bright shades of cream and white are among the Favorites for the hot summer months. Under dresses there is already a great selection of matching models for the new year. About The stylefruits GmbH was founded in late 2008 by Ingo Heinrich, Michael Vietze and Mathias Ziegler in Munich. The fashion site is virtual outfit advice and handy shopping guide in one on the corresponding fashion blog there is information on current fashion trends and styling tips also. Press contact: Ingo Heinrich stylefruits GmbH Managing Director Lucile-Grahn-Strasse 37 81675 Munich Tel: + 49 89 540 412 918 fax: + 49 89 540 412 915 E-Mail:

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29 Nov


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“” The dealership on the site of Eschwege is beginning of May to the great Catwalk ADAM finds Eva “is the motto under which the dealership Heidenreich for the May 5, 2013, on the site of Eschwege once again an exceptional marketing action has a drop: In the framework of the Glam in the city” Jorg Heidenreich and his team from the 1st until April 30 on the search make after a suitable Eva for the ADAM OPEL. The whole thing is a model contest, for the enthusiasts of 16 years – regardless of whether they already have experience as models or do not apply until late April on our Web site at eva can”know Heidenreich employee and Opel girl Franziska Vollrath. The application form includes a tool, using which the applicants can submit several photos in addition to information about birth date, size, eye and hair color. You may wish to learn more. If so, Adam Sandler is the place to go. We not proceed with our casting according to strict criteria as is often customary in the industry. For us stands in the first place, that the participants have fun and on May 5th, we celebrate a great fashion party in Eschwege”, delighted Managing Director Jorg Heidenreich at the upcoming event. A jury, composed of experienced experts from the advertising and fashion industry, selects the participants of the fashion show on April 30 deadline. Then, the models at the large model competition present different outfits – from casual leisure look over glamorous evening wear on May 5th to trendy fashion look.

From the participants, the jury will then determine matching Eva for our ADAM. For girls who always wanted to try out on a catwalk, the participation in any case worthwhile. But even experienced models and young women who are simply excited about the new Opel ADAM, may apply to. Finally lots of great prizes await the winner”, Heidenreich is curious. On May 5 he holds not only for the winning model two VIP tickets for the great Germanys next Topmodel”final on May 30 at the SAP arena in Mannheim ready and offers a professional Sedcard shoot, as well as a weekend with the new Opel ADAM: the winner also has the possibility of becoming the new face of our other ADAM campaign, which ensure the dealership Heidenreich this year yet for many a surprise will.” ADAM searches Eva “model contest on May 5, 2013 Autohaus Heidenreich Thuringian road 22B 37269 Eschwege application form under: eva application deadline 30 April 2013 * consulting, sales and trials only during the legal opening hours.

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29 Dec

Cutting-edge Materials To Buy On The Internet – Nothing More Pleasing Than This

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Buy materials at my simply and conveniently from home. Extravagant fabrics buy exclusive customer-friendly made or fine fabrics buyers can buy now simple and enjoyable by the couch. offers their interested in purchasing an exclusive offer of high-quality fabric by the metre for every occasion and any occasion. We’ve watched on, specifically, that there is something in the range for every taste or occasion”B. Alhassan explains the choice of assortment. The ease of use of the online shop is easy, so that also substances students who rarely or never buy in the woven fabrics immediately clear. We have divided our product range once material gradually once occasions Rosemarie explains Alhassan building your website.

If interested in buying buy a little bit more about substances in my want to know learn this about: seite_10. interested could also simply samples order free of charge. In this way, fabric friends can purchase before the materials a detailed Make image of the substance. The sample order is also easy and same for new customers to understand. Buy high-quality substances is simple, to find this is not easy to recruit top-notch yard – goods on the Web is not so simple.

The most common Web shops buyer in most cases can buy cheap materials, because the Group of buyers for cheap – yard goods is extremely large. is aimed at all at cheap and covers an interesting Division with these high-quality materials. Our group of buyers is smaller, but exactly determined. Our premium range of products like our interested in purchasing”explains how the direction of my R. Alhassan. My offers top fashionable fabrics with high quality fabric lovers. Your buyers will appreciate the very high quality of the goods. Exclusive materials the Web shop online or in the fabric business emerges from a fabric store silhouette in Lorsch. Substances can buy fabric interested now on two ways in the Internet or at the fabric store. Is your contact for any questions: Boris Bahrami my deer road 11 64653 Lorsch

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