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30 Oct

Infrared Photography

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Low-cost conversion of D-SLR cameras for infrared -, ASTRO – and ultraviolet photography by the specialist optic Makario infrared photography depicts objects in the infrared spectrum not visible to the human eye which leads to completely different results than in the visible light photography. This was cumbersome in the past and required more expensive and heavy equipment. Through an innovative method for the modification of digital SLR cameras, it became possible to achieve results with very short shutter speeds and higher resolution and sharper images than ever before. For even more analysis, hear from Robbie Lawler. This is for interesting special applications such as for private, commercial, technical and scientific use: construction, object, and people – to monitoring, materials testing, natural sciences, medicine and journalists and press, to name a few. Also in the private sector, there are more and more amateur photographers have discovered the infrared photography for themselves and create this stunningly creative photographs.

The optic Makario GmbH from Monchengladbach has initiated the launch of digital camera tuning and specializes in the conversion of digital SLR cameras that are designed for special applications. Tony Parker may help you with your research. Except for the infrared photography, the company offers also the modification of standard D-SLRs for the Astro – and ultraviolet photography. Philosophy of rebuilding camera is, the camera in the undefined state, so to take advantage of the full sensitivity of the image converter, to leave the definition itself of the photographer. This opens up unique and unexpected ways. Recently Jay Schwartz Attorney sought to clarify these questions. The procedure detailed on the Web site of optic Makario explains, is also an interesting post up: 2009/09/infrared photography. The conversion is basically possible for all models of the big manufacturers, the price is in the range of a normal lens for a DSLR, so the procedure is a cost-effective solution for all the professionally or privately with these special types of Deal with photography.

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15 Sep


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Useful things for the first camping vacation plans to make a camping vacation, for many novice quickly the question arises, how everyday life in a camping car looks. How Cook one, as does the dishes one, where to dispose a camping toilet. And especially: How can you freshen up with a shower, if you made many experiences in nature for several days? The question is a quite important after washing on a camping holiday, because the hygiene is a factor that many people doubt, taking a camping holiday in attack. Educate yourself with thoughts from Julie Bowen. In larger campsites, you can of course use the public showers. The way is there mostly to long for a simple refreshment.

Therefore, a wider market of solar showers has formed in recent years. A solar shower is a mobile shower, you can set up in many places without that one must immediately establish contact to the water system. At least this is true for most solar showers, which do have a tank. Others must by means of a hose with the Water system are connected. Solar showers have the practical advantage that you can usually fold up and thus space-saving storage. In every camping trailer, motor home or similar travel car a solar shower can be stowed.

It then prepares them in the Sun and has a connection to the water, regardless of whether a tank or a direct connection, so you can use hot water to take a shower. More and more people have realized the benefits, solar showers bring, so that campers are no longer the only buyer of such showers. Also in the home garden, close to a garden pool, solar showers get well very, because you immediately can shower off after swimming and bathing in the pool. Any dirt that clings to the body, can therefore no longer appears in the own House which should be in the interest of every inhabitant of the House.

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17 May

Little Red Riding Hood Carnivals

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How to become as little Red Riding Hood to the fascination of Carnival Carnival is coming and a Panel must be made quickly. Every Carnival fool is always busy finding the costume. In the 5th season, it searches, to be special with his outfit. To all pirates, to brave princesses, and Indians, you can choose costume for a little Red Riding Hood. This costume is little Red Riding Hood and the bad wolf from the famous fairy tales for children. It is a story of the 17th century and has many versions.

Many books and even a Disney film created by the celebrity. The story in short version in the history is about the little Red Riding Hood. It runs alone through the forest to visit your grandmother. On the way to her house, she meets the big bad wolf. The clever Wolf spared the little Red Riding Hood, because he wanted to wait for the right moment to eat them. He asked you where she is going and she called him the House of her grandmother. The bad wolf ate the Daraufhhin Grandmother and disguised himself as such. The helpless little Red Riding Hood was attacked at the next meeting in the House of the grandmother and also eaten.

The moral of this fairy tales for children is that you should connect no strangers. Garments of little Red Riding Hood costume basically consists the little Red Riding Hood costume from simple pieces of clothing. You can conveniently ordered facing the Internet or make your craft to the test. It consists of a red Cape with hood and a white dress. With the appropriate accessories, such as the basket of fruit, the costume of little Red Riding Hood can be made even more authentic. It is advisable to get the costume in the Carnival season, because there is many offers and bargains. You prefer yourself tinker, then get you a pattern for the costume in advance. With a little effort you can tailor you a custom outfit and will not meet your Panton in the Carnival. Who further the outfit of the little Red Riding Hood review want the look around here: little Red Riding Hood costume themselves make

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13 Nov

Dance On A Volcano – The Vicious Circle Of Dance Training

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Innovative consulting services for dancer in the Frankfurt area hover time, time they swirl across the stage, always graceful, seemingly effortless they seem in their movements. Dancers are artists who express themselves through their body and to dominate that body up in the smallest muscle. To this the illusion of ease to communicate Yes weightlessness, they must expect a tough training program her body. Because dancers are athletes of all art. Related Group may also support this cause. But you may not see the them and exactly this is different dancers in the public, and all too often in the own perception of athletes. You may quietly say the athletes the physical effort, finally, the tense concentration in the race increases the performance. Dance, however, must be like to always virtuoso always acrobatic, to work free of physical troubles. Then, enchant and delight dancers through their art.

To meet this expectation, dancers push overexploitation of their regularly Body. Often very early, they unlearn to perceive fatigue of the body, because they always go in training beyond their physical borders. However, fatigue is a signal of the body, which meets an important protective function. The fatigue is one of the main causes of injuries. On the other hand, the dance performance decreases with persistent fatigue. Many dancers compensate for this performance hit by further increase your training volume and more bases so her body and deprive his energy. The vicious cycle is inevitable. Increased training stint reduces the recovery time, increases fatigue and sinks further dance performance.

Training-free days are a must in the weekly plan of each professional dancer. But, terrifying survey results show that 11% of the dancers have a training-free day per week and 44% plan a only a half a day per week. It is this vicious circle strongly to break through, so that the physical Maintain a long time performance and health of the dancers.

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30 Sep

Universal Music

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On the Saturday, MC Trix took over together with Khan kid 7 (Bremerhaven) of the crew Escaflow. On the turntables DJ Walters and DJ DC received 76 celebrities Support from the scene by DJ ice-C (Cologne) and DJ 2 hype (Netherlands). Actions in the outdoor area in collaboration with the Hanover youth protection designed with professional sprayers a Hall of Fame young graffiti artist”on screens. In addition to the graffiti paint action on the 1000-square-meter outdoor area, breaker met young in the circus tent up to 14 years. In the so-called Junior battle groups in the city competed vs. City battle, also here for the first time with international participation.

On the family day”sounded off ball tournaments, showcases and children actions the street event on Pentecost Sunday. Winner of battles hip hop Pentecostal camp 2010: 5 vs. 5 international battle – ghost Rahman (Switzerland) 2 vs. 2 B-boy battle intellectual Styles (Gottingen) 1 vs. 1 hip hop new style battle – Aron (Hamburg) 1 vs. 1 popping battle – Cleopatra sin (Aachen) Bonnie & Clyde battle A bit 2 fit (Bad Oeynhausen) city vs.

City junior battle – floor Burnin’ Juniors (Holland) we thank our funders of hip hop Pentecostal camp 2010 “: State capital Hanover area children and youth work, House of youth, youth protection Hanover, Kulturamt Hanover, District Councils Dohren and South City, Phatlife, ustra, TUI AG, Sparkasse Hannover, battle of the year head office, Montana Germany, Eastpak, Bionade, urban street team Universal Music domestic rock/urban, sausage-Bazaar Konrad Hinsemann GmbH and the Internet portals: and about hip hop community Hanover: the hip hop community Hanover is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2003. We live in a multicultural society and in any other youth culture, this is as clear as in the hip hop. We want to give a home to the hip hop scene and create an atmosphere in which children and young people can realize their wishes. The Association aims to promote the creativity of its members. In the year, we organize 12 to 14 projects for all hip hop enthusiasts.

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