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26 Jul

Babyland General Hospital

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From the beginning, eBay's primary growth came from the collectibles market. There are two basic models for eBay sales: 1. Currently available consumers goods. This is a model based on the price, and although smart sellers can get higher than average prices, buyers are there looking for a bargain and the price is # 1. 2.

Other buyers are collectors, looking for one-of-a-kind unique items that can not locate elsewhere. Here, the price is not as important as it is with consumer goods. The power of this market is obvious because, before eBay and the Internet, most collectors are limited to a local market. Dolls have always been big sellers as eBay collectibles and eight of them are especially strong sellers: 1. The Cabbage Patch Kids began in 1978 and never "sold." These are 'born' at Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia and proud parents to pay. An "adoption rate" The Cabbage Patch Kids were one of the larger phenomena toys later 20th century.

At one time, was a common sight to see grown women shopping and having lunch with their babies in hand. At restaurants, children had their own chairs and were always dressed appropriately for the weather. 2. Precious Moments began in the 1970s when creator Sam Butcher began drawing the endearing teardrop eye children as gifts for friends and family. Today Sam's Precious Moments artwork is among the most famous in the world, and eBay prices reflect this popularity. 3. Madame Alexander dolls were created in 1923.

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