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01 Jun

The Master

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But once you are no longer needed, that admiration becomes jealous. Envy, a mask is to hide a feeling of inferiority. If you think someone is better is to sink it at all costs, even if it be your help in difficult times. More so in this case because once you are well, envy having to "depend" on another. Of course this does not happen only with the heroes, great friends, in fact, false friendships have been broken when someone sees a chance to "get over" this has helped him in that he has admired and envied, and that possibility is betraying him and sinking into a sensitive time. The heroes are admired when required, but never bore people live with them, precisely because of this feeling of inferiority, precisely because of envy. How many teachers betrayed by their students.

They learn from their mentors all they can, but one day envy corrodes them and try to "outdo" the master betrayed and sinking. Usually the coin is returned to them. Always the same, envy, selfishness, self-destructive human nature. Yesterday I saw a girl in the burning ruins of what once was a building, their cries amused me. Inevitably going to die.

A young, crippled by a broken leg, went into building these relics. He showed a great value, this was literally a flaming hell. Soon the girl appeared in her arms. When they were about to leave, a beam struck the boy on fire leaving him semiconscious, she fell to her side terrified and unable to react.

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