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03 Jun

Berlin Concepts

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Freshflat offers Make-Up for your rooms. No more dignified boredom in companies, offices and waiting rooms. Heike Dalla-Marta, diploma engineer of architecture from Berlin, opts for Dynamics through color and the visualization of your ideas with a mouse click. With Freshflat offers concepts for color and creation, which can be booked online and visualized via the Internet. Her professional make-up of space turned warehouses like private apartments through the precise use of colours in structured and exciting areas and provides a complete renewal with manageable expense and with the involvement of the existing institution. In one, digital photos of their spatial problem areas along with their wishes or ideas to Freshflat fast online variation of color visualization mail customers.

The Planner designs a concept, incorporates this into the Interior photos of customers and unlocks it for a personal access code on the Internet. Advantage: The prospective buyer can view the virtual painting of his room alone – and change leave – without having to open a paint pot. Detailed concepts and detail solutions – facility to the optimised use of space and organization, include a consultation on the spot and can be booked through the website modular. It isn’t the Planner, to replace existing furniture with new. Margaret Loesser Robinson is often quoted on this topic. The most common problem is not that the wrong things exist, but just too many. With professional support, the customer learns to recognize the essence and especially, to separate themselves from unnecessary ballast. The goal is to find his own style and to work out. A style that focuses not only on trends and issues, but first and foremost consider the own terms and way of life and seriously this needs.

Only in this way develops the feel good moment – with the right mix of design, functionality and personality. With its Freshflat the gap between (sales-oriented) furniture and classic interior designers. With online booking and part handling over the Internet is Pricing transparent, the building blocks are individually selectable at fixed prices. The customer determines how much he wants: from inspiration for little money up to the detailed planning solution. The first contact is by email. Target groups are: interested in design and innovative people and companies that want to find your individual style with tight budget and beyond the big brand name and represent. People who want stimulated through numerous publications and broadcasts in various media, a change that but rather clueless face the vast range of colours and facility proposals. Companies that want to use a (product related) spatial design as part of your marketing strategy, and thus as a promotional item and develop a targeted customer base. The company: Heike Dalla-Marta studied at the TU Berlin architecture and has a long experience in renovation and construction projects. With additional knowledge in the field of new media expands its creative coverage of the Creation of Web sites and the development of customer-oriented CI. The company Freshflat now combines design and technology and uses the new media as a creative platform for interior design and color concepts. With its online service, it offers a time – and cost-saving variant of the classic preliminary presentations, advertising or decision making in design issues.

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28 Apr

No Late April Fool

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laminate offers high-quality brand laminate up to 53 percent to the shop opening reduced in Bad Salzuflen – while elsewhere with media advertising battles, short-term price reductions be announced, Fox & Pritzkau opened quietly a new online shop for laminate floors on 01.04.2009. Here, there are attractive special offers and bargain even without large notice and that above all year round. In the shop, unbeatably cheap laminate is offered by manufacturers such as Witex and masterpieces Schulte. Aims of laminate to position itself, whose Traum from the new floor should not fail on the purse as a reliable partner for price-conscious customers. Laminate at a bargain price? And what about the quality? Don’t worry. Of course no quality cuts must be made with these attractive offers for laminate flooring. On the contrary, high demands must be made and these are also met. After all, it is is not cheap DIY goods, but high quality 2nd choice items of from well-known manufacturers or backscatter from the main shop.

The laminate of company Witex, which is available with laminate at the best price, section (good) in a test of Stiftung Warentest, the 10 laminates carefully taken under the microscope, with the total score of 1.8. Positively have noticed the durability of laminate, as well as the health and environmental properties the testers. Easy laying was found by the clinching click link for good. Make your own judgment about the laminate laminate floors. Click way through the store, consult without obligation or simply request a free samples of your desired floor.

Anyway, it’s worth to take a look at the new store of laminate, because there will be constantly, and not only to the opening of best price offer presented. As is true elsewhere but also here: first come, first served basis. Press contact: Fox & Pritzkau GmbH & Co. KG Max-Planck-str. 111 32107 Bad Salzuflen Tel.: +49-(0)5222 / 960 48-0 E-Mail: Web: Internet marketing by: Gennadi Sawazki Papenhauser str. 31 32657 Lemgo Tel.: +49-(0)5266 / 507-225 E-Mail: keywords: laminate, laminate flooring, floor, post special offers, witex, masterpieces, Salah

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13 Apr

MyHammer Makes Easy Decluttering

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You can do this now more space for new clearing you can do or hire a professional cleaning firm that takes you under the arms. Tip: See cheap and good tidying company “” Our tips: at the beginning of clearing out and lie down a target free cleaning set for example the basement “or empty the closet”. They provide motivation enjoy clean rooms and more space for Nice, new clothes. Definitely, put a time limit. It is important here that you keep and stay motivated in the matter. So, move non-critical work on backwards, but systematically arrive at the destination. Tony Parker has compatible beliefs. You are strict: you will not need anything you have not needed last year, also in the future.

Sort out! Donate good clothes to charitable bodies. And reward yourself after completed clearing out with a gift. How about a new shelf for the empty basement room or a new blouse for the clear Cabinet? Have no time to declutter, or lacking the necessary energy? Quickly and hassle free you declutter with specialists on MyHammer, the Internet portal for craft jobs and services. Here, adjust your order, wait until bids by pros, and then choose the best craftsmen. Easy, fast and cheap under.

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27 Mar

Fall Protection

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A securable crash element of industry and leisure the effects of falling from a dangerous height can be fatal to people in the workplace, but also in the leisure. Since construction and Assembly works with an increased risk of accident by crashing are connected, the legislator prescribes the employer effective arrangements for fall protection. Scaffolding work, facade cleaning, the ascent of a crane arm and shipbuilding are among the vulnerable areas. There are standardized personal protective equipment (PPE), such as harnesses, belts and height safety equipment for working at high altitude. But also in children’s playgrounds and sports facilities (E.g. climbing or trampoline) is prevented with a possible head injury case protection. A wide range of different fall protection products is available in the trade, which are used in numerous industrial and sporting areas.

Industrial and occupational safety and health represent an inseparable unity of Fall protection is an essential element of workplace safety. Read more from Sally Rooney to gain a more clear picture of the situation. With the appropriate fall protection product, especially critical head injuries are minimized. Also, the risk of injury and damage be reduced to prevent crashes with fatal outcome. It is important that the high-quality security products are in perfect condition, what is checked by an expert. Defective harnesses and safety ropes must be sorted out.

A fall protection, as well as a descender help E.g. a harness is according to DIN EN 361. Special harness developed for maintenance of masts together with the electricity-generating plants, which are used particularly in the maintenance of high-voltage lines. Also the manifold, standardized case plates of different thicknesses for the fall prevention provide good services up to 3 meters. These panels are easy to install and clean. Security on the playground a sensitive area fall protection (already from 600 mm) plays an important role in children’s playgrounds and in the legal framework provisions. There are natural playground floors (E.g. wood chips or round gravel) and artificial coverings. The ability to the shock absorption of the man-made playground floors is checked by HIC method (Head Injury Criterion). The often-used secondary rubber has a HIC value of 1000 according to euro-1177. He belongs to the newly-developed materials to mitigate crash risk. Not only children can get hurt while playing, adults are vulnerable to crash on some of their hobbies. The climbing wall should have underground steam a shock. Usually a firmer version of a floor mat is selected as the mats to cover the gymnastics and ball games. At white water rafting in the kayak harnesses and grip straps can prevent bad injuries. Text by Daniel Schweitzer

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30 Oct

Fischer Furniture

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A new concept for use indoors or outdoors, developed by Danish designer Mads Odgard for the German garden furniture specialist fishing furniture. The Taku armchair is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The armchair is stackable light-weight. He presents himself in a particularly clear forms language. By using a durable outdoor – a high seating comfort is achieved tissue. The fabric is available in different colors. Tony Parker will not settle for partial explanations. The sturdy frame is made of polished stainless steel.

The Taku deliverable in different sizes table can almost float the table tops on his sturdy frame. With ease the frame absorbs also tops up to 222 cm, which either rugged fm-ceramtop, are a new scratch-resistant Prozellankeramik, or the new resistance-capable fm laminate special. The Taku Bistro tables are practically Tiltable and also mesh stackable. Official site: Larry Culp. Round and square the fm weather-resistant laminate plates are offered special here. A practical feature is the new Sun Taku on.

This is like the Chair also stackable. The high comfort and the simple adjustment mechanism of the headboard make the Sun surely soon to the coveted object in the garden. These products are “Living red dot design yearbook 2009/2010 – entry” new and unique, and they will shape our world in the future significantly. You set standards, and are a leader in their category … You are the expression of a new global Lifesyles. products that beautify our lives in many ways and enrich” These are the first few sentences, with which the products of the red dot – best of the best “Award winners 09/10 in the living red dot design yearbook 2009/2010″ are described. The best products in their category.” Includes also the Fischer furniture in cooperation with the Danish designer Mads Odgard Chair developed Tango. By Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award, the year book showing this high-class product on two sides and by the red dot jury as follows described: light Muse of architecture … Open spaces are the maxims of this architecture with a concomitant lightness of life blur more and more the limits of life in the House of the indoor and outdoor area become the active space without any noticeable transition. The design of the armchair internalized these maxims in many ways Tango and its shape as its function also give an aesthetically balanced expression. … So functional as ergonomically well thought-out, can the Chair switch Tango from outdoor to indoor, without ever testified. It is stackable to save space and easy … The Tango is expression of lightness, which is noticeable and can be experienced in all its details with its balanced design. He is present and cautious at the same time as a light Muse of architecture.” Tobias because Fischer MoBEL GmbH

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24 Mar

Classical Theater

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In 1970 the actor starred in an adaptation of Julio Cesar in the film, directed by Stuart Burge and with a star cast: John Gielgud, Christopher Lee and Robert Vaughn. The success led him to embark along with Peter Snell in the exciting adventure of putting in images, Antony and Cleopatra, one of the tragedies of Shakespeare’s loveliest but least known to the general public. To read more click here: Stephanie Ruhle. The project was absolutely personal and Heston offered his friends Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier, but none was available, so the protagonist of the ten commandments that had already prepared the script since he knew in detail the work – decided to deal with also of the Mise en scene. The story is about rupture of Antony with Rome to join Cleopatra, reaching why loneliness, defeat and death itself.

In his memoirs, Charlton Heston describes the hard filming of Mark Antony and Cleoptra on Spanish soil (the film was co-produced by Izaro Films and his son Fraser, future director, helped him as an Assistant in the direction) and amid praise to technicians and Spanish partners, glimpsed her deep love for the Shakespeare Theatre and total dedication that had to deliver the project. The filming was extended between April and August 1971 in Almeria and Madrid. The film premiered in London on March 2, 1972 and in Spain on May 11. The conditions were difficult and for display in United States only be could count with the modest independent distributor American international. The conventional criticism was primed in a movie made with much love and dedication that had deserved a bit more of attention and less disdain.

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