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27 Dec

Therapeutic Role Of Music

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space. It is known that music soothes the pain, relieves stress, has a positive effect on the psyche of the child. Thanks to well-selected music can decrease blood sugar levels in diabetes, the child open world, diverted from his illness and is recovering. Some contend that Movie Star shows great expertise in this. Also, music affects the heart rate, body temperature on the child, on arterial blood pressure on a child's brain, activating connections between nerve cells and even the ability to adapt to heat and cold. How does this happen? The thing is that the musical sound is perceived as a process, during which alternate and interact with different images, contrast, there are ups and downs, transformation, change of dynamics and statics, stress and rest. That is what gives the music the force of impact. Argue that even passive, regular perception of children especially selected music activates the visual perception, improves attention, short-term memory and improves performance of verbal and nonverbal intelligence.

In ancient Greece, Plato created a musical Paideia, the first ever example of a coherent philosophical system of continuous musical upbringing and education. The philosopher believed that the music sounds like live art in the world and is of earthly existence, and in the world and the eternal systematic training, namely, without any development of education, sooner or later stops. The question naturally arises: how to change music education in connection with this discovery? When it should begin and end with what? But parents can not wait until the dissolve is not recognizing the scientific evidence Ministry of Education, when reorganizing government and culture will begin, finally, the right to teach in kindergartens and in music schools. Parents need to be and act, because children are growing up and missed time can not be undone. There are effective techniques that anyone who wants an attentive parent to allow a maximum

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01 Oct

Albufeira City

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As city total direccionada for the tourism, Albufeira offers tourist easinesses of maximum quality, thus making of it one preferred between visitors come of all the parts of the world. In this package the chance to be lodged in the Hotel of the Village is offered to it, that it will make possible to it to enjoy of a comfortable stay tranquila and, where all the required comforts will be placed to its to make use. They are the 128 rooms offered for this hotel, and all they meet equipped with privative house of bath, television for satellite, air-conditional, telephone and an individual safe. For good moments of leisure and diversion, it will be able to count on field of golf, field of tennis, swimming pool, and available sessions of massage for you house them to all of the Viseu hotel If Viseu represents a city that never had the chance to know, then is namely that this lindssima and convidativa city constitutes one of the regions of Portugal that more deserve its visit. Being a land of great cultural wealth, Viseu it will allow it, to relax and to have fun themselves, as well as not only to learn many things of value regarding its Country. When visiting Viseu, he will be lodged in the Inn of Viseu, an Inn of carcter traditional it will allow that it to have access to an only service of first quality during its stay in this wonderful city.

Each one of the rooms shows as complete extremely, offering television to it LCD for satellite, privative house of bath, mini-bar and telephone. Some of its meals, as it is the case of the small-lunch, could gratuitously be taken in the hotel, in the measure where this is a possibility that comes already enclosed in this accessible one offers. For the remaining meals, it will be able to choose one of the 2 restaurants disponibilizados in the hotel, and for descontraco moments it will have to give use to the pleasant bar that is part of this magnificent inn. For the price the one that is disponibilizada, this is offers that it seriously deserves to be weighed, in the measure where it will allow it to pass one end-of-week truily inesquecvel, encircled of the wonder natural and cultural that they illustrate the essence of this important region of Portugal.

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