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01 Jun

Russian Federation President

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Breastplate – a small token of porcelain or ceramic, glass, plastic, metal compositions of these materials, or other materials with printed image, and often an inscription. Typically, a badge denotes belonging to a certain group of people or devoted to any place or event. Badges may be established by both the State and legal entities or individuals. As follows from the name, badges intended to be worn on the chest. 27 September 2004 more than 100 employees of education, culture and other areas in accordance with the decision of the Government of St.

Petersburg were awarded the badge “For humanize the school of St. Petersburg. ” In December 2007, the architect of the Seraphim – Diveevo monastery, Koval, was awarded the badge of the I degree for the restoration of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the village Chkalovsky area. In November 2004, an honorary police award – the badge of the Russian Interior Ministry ‘200 years’ – and was marked by a clergyman of the Yekaterinburg diocese, a cleric of Holy Cross Monastery Priest D. Vaulin.

Fall 2006, the governor of Yamal Yu Neelov was awarded the badge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia ‘for contribution to international cooperation. ” October 17, 2008 P. Kamensky presented a certificate to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly and a badge T. Drozdova, which won a landslide victory in the held October 12, 2008 elections to the regional parliament in the Kaluga constituency 19. In early September 2003, by order of the Minister of Education of Russian Federation President of the Republic of Adygea Hazrat Sovmen was awarded the badge “For mercy and charity.” In mid-October 2008 died colonel of internal service, the chief colony 2 gufsin Russia’s Chelyabinsk region vi Gusev. Valery Ivanovovich was a true professional of his craft, had numerous state awards: Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland ‘, ‘200 years of medal Interior of Russia’ medal ‘to mark the 200 anniversary of the Russian Ministry of Justice’ medal ‘Veteran of the penal system’ breastplate ‘For Distinguished Service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ medal “Labour Veteran”, medal “For Distinguished Service ‘2 nd and 3 rd degree, a medal” For Distinguished Service’ 1 and 2 -th degree, a medal “For the zeal ‘of degree 2, honorary medal “For Distinguished Service ‘medal” In memory of the 125 anniversary of the Russian penal system’ honorary medal “For Distinguished Service ‘, 1 st degree, Gusev was also awarded the Makarov pistol. Awarded the badge “Honorary Officer Ministry of Internal Affairs’ have Advantages: when deciding on granting a residential area, distributed bodies of the Interior, received vouchers for B & Bs, motels.

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