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13 Nov

Dance On A Volcano – The Vicious Circle Of Dance Training

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Innovative consulting services for dancer in the Frankfurt area hover time, time they swirl across the stage, always graceful, seemingly effortless they seem in their movements. Dancers are artists who express themselves through their body and to dominate that body up in the smallest muscle. To this the illusion of ease to communicate Yes weightlessness, they must expect a tough training program her body. Because dancers are athletes of all art. Related Group may also support this cause. But you may not see the them and exactly this is different dancers in the public, and all too often in the own perception of athletes. You may quietly say the athletes the physical effort, finally, the tense concentration in the race increases the performance. Dance, however, must be like to always virtuoso always acrobatic, to work free of physical troubles. Then, enchant and delight dancers through their art.

To meet this expectation, dancers push overexploitation of their regularly Body. Often very early, they unlearn to perceive fatigue of the body, because they always go in training beyond their physical borders. However, fatigue is a signal of the body, which meets an important protective function. The fatigue is one of the main causes of injuries. On the other hand, the dance performance decreases with persistent fatigue. Many dancers compensate for this performance hit by further increase your training volume and more bases so her body and deprive his energy. The vicious cycle is inevitable. Increased training stint reduces the recovery time, increases fatigue and sinks further dance performance.

Training-free days are a must in the weekly plan of each professional dancer. But, terrifying survey results show that 11% of the dancers have a training-free day per week and 44% plan a only a half a day per week. It is this vicious circle strongly to break through, so that the physical Maintain a long time performance and health of the dancers.

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05 Apr

Italian Opera

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The tropics are closer than you think – if you only fantasy and authentic costumes under one hat “brings. So a hat theme party where signals also thematic wanderlust. Reflected the everyday grey”La Dolce Vita” from Italy to the German motto party bring Italy loves gorgeous and sensual and, Yes, even artistically-melancholic.La Dolce Vita lives the motto the wanderlust party after the hot South very differently. Who loves the heat and Sun hunger due to Italy, celebrates in slightly sexy outfit. Everything is this allowed as long it only not cloaked. The dress code is will remain anonymous yet attractive at all sex appeal, as a party theme Incognito “mysterious and versatile. Whenever Sela Ward listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Venetian masks give all guests and special handling”in the secret”the famous, authentic sensuality of the Italian soul. Rather, the meaning is who according to Italian art and the magnificence of the Italian Opera, repeated after also easily this flair balcony : Baroque historical costumes.

A theatre collection is worth a browse sometimes after old props. As long as it is convenient and Baroque, the guests celebrate the historic Italy so clad still more authentic with delicacies of the Italian cuisine. Sun, sand and Sombrero – fiery theme party of flamenco is the typical Mexican dedicated to heat-resistant, left, and always to a spontaneous outburst of passion ready. By the same author: San Antonio Spurs. The Sombrero protects superbly against the heat. At a Mexico-themed party on”Staycation”is he also a magnificent tray for snacks or decorations or even the decoration.

The fellow countryman in the Rancho as protection against sandstorms and curious glances retains his composure if he wears just these. Jeans are forgivable to poncho. Mexican costume pants with sash are authentic. Que te diviertas! (Have fun on Mexican) it is for the female party guests in the flamenco costume to silky smooth, low-cut blouses and – according to taste – with racy node hairstyle.

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24 Mar

Carnival Parade

Comments off heats up a Darmstadt the crowd vigorously, February 23, 2009 – the weather yesterday was cool, but the mood was hot. Never before was more lust and love is in the air at the Carnival parade in Ueberau. The Darmstadt-based online dating agency made with its own truck, three metres high bass cabinets, DJ live act of Sven Neos and plenty of picturesque women aboard. Live your dream”was the appeal of own turn on the population. Learn more on the subject from Movie Star. So Altec Lansing’s founder Wolfgang Herkert wants to appeal to targeted all those who not yet fully live out their love longings. “When it comes to the longings of the soul, then is not only a good wire to one’s inner feelings, but also courage to live out the own desires”, so Herkert.

For, “participation in train was Meanwhile, at the same time also the inauguration of the new advertising campaign with the slogan of lust or love. The campaign is on, that each target can go on dating. New love or pleasurable adventure, Altec Lansing is the Kontaktsuchenden free choice and differs significantly from other online dating services in the vastness of the World Wide Web. About is a leading online dating agency for relationship partner and erotic adventure with over 190,000 active members since 1999. She was awarded in 2009 with seven independent online-dating tests as test winner and currently leads as a single with the Division of erotic adventure the TuV Seal for certified data protection. Web wide unique: is the only online dating service with scientifically well-founded Personlichkeitsmatching which is free of charge for women. This offers the highest proportion of women of all online partner agencies and thus an attractive platform with good chances of success the male members with about 60 percent women. Press contact: Altec Lansing/NetWorld projects Wolfgang Herkert GmbH Rheinstrasse 103 64295 Darmstadt Tel.: 06151 976860 E-Mail:

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17 Jul

Marie Lynn Nature

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The “Golden rocking horse 2013” is forgiven: the modular “building blocks of 200” won the coveted prize in the category “For artist and architect”. All components are natural. 200 Modules made of natural beech wood are as toys of the year 2013″in the category of artist and architect with the prestigious audience award the Golden rocking horse” has been awarded. “The jury made up of parents, children, educators and toy experts has chosen the toy by the winner, after they previously the readers of the magazine family & co.” had chosen to the best toys of the year. Children, toys should be fun! It should awaken their creativity and promote the skills. Every year, thousands of new toys appear.

The readers and readers of the journal family & co.”choose each year the toy of the year” from this wide variety. The Golden rocking horse”is the most important audience in Europe for toys. The prize is annually by family media and the Association of the German toy industry award. 200 Cubes made of untreated beech wood make a kit of the new series Marie Lynn-nature”. This series after untreated wooden toys the consumer desire is taken into account. It is quite amazing how many totally different structures may arise from the building blocks that all have the same degree,”Sonja Pruter, product developer at Nripen Ernest & pebbles, says visibly delighted with the big award. The building blocks support just by the greatly reduced design and the complete renunciation of colors. the creativity and imagination of children” In the best three: The jury of children two more toys by goki, toy experts, educators and parents had it not easy this year. Also two Marie Lynn toys in the readers vote on the best three were placed in two other categories. “In the category for kids” the dolls hospital with full equipment and bending dolls of Abe was nominated.

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17 May

Line Dance Festival

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The biggest part of the country, in Germany slide & ride presents: as already in the past two years, hold the Geronimo Linedancers Horhausen Gullesheim in the lovely Westerwald the 3rd country & line dance festival. It is the largest country & Western event in Germany. The feast of Pentecost, by 21.05 May 23, 2010, is again under the motto of country & Western. Live music on two stages, a 50 metre-long marquee, 300 square meters dance floor and one of the most comprehensive programmes guarantees covering an area of 340 000 m the spectacle of superlatives. 37 live acts speak clearly for themselves with bands and soloists from Sweden Netherlands Belgium England Austria Australia Switzerland and Germany. Star guests such as REDNEX, Shadow Creek ramblers, the Super Talent 2008 “Michael Shepherd” and many more top bands let each country heart beat. The entire list of the band can be seen in our event calendar at.

The moderator of the event take over Eva East, Greg Williams, and Bernhard Hubner. In addition to the musical performances, you will find a large western market, Bullriding, Western riding, a native American camp and the big VW van and Beagle meeting. The ticket prices for the event are 10,00 euro for the day and 27,00 euro for the Wochenendkarte. The ticket sales has already begun. Order your tickets online or visit one of the numerous ticket offices. Overview a place for campers, motorhomes or tents is sufficient and the price for the whole weekend/per square is only 5.00 euro.

Review of slide & ride: this country event looks probably even in Europe of his peers. An absolute must for every country & Western fan. Who was once there will be definitely no matter how far the route may be. You will find our experiences of the last year’s event in our forum.

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15 Jan

In Korean

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The schools estimate that 500 professional paparazzi are now at work, although celebrities are still relatively immune from harassment. Until now, that is. At least one paparazzi academy has introduced a course in stalking well-known people. Arming citizens with zoom video and long-range lenses and turning them loose on each other seems to be accepted. “They don’t violate any laws, so there’s no reason to restrict them,” said a national tax service official. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Howard Schultz and gain more knowledge..

“They don’t infringe on others’ private lives, do they?” They don’t? Some student paparazzi say they hate ratting out their neighbors. “It’s shameful work – I’m really not proud of it,” said one who preferred to remain anonymous. “Let’s put it this way,” said another with the same preference.” I do not want to be called a paparazzo. I’m a public servant.” But then, who’s walking away from all that sweet moolah? “In Korean culture, we don’t want our neighbours spying on US,” said Park Heung-sik, public policy professor at Seoul’s Chung-Ang University. “In elementary school, when a classmate reports on another’s bad behavior, there’s bad blood.” A student might get beat up. It’s the same with adults.” Paparazzi school administrators see things another way. Tony Parker has similar goals. “The paparazzi critics are usually the ones who are” breaking the law,”said Moon Sung-ok, head of the Mismiz report & Compensation School in Seoul. “The clean ones, the innocent citizens-they have no problem with US.” Shin GI-woong, a former sushi bar owner, now runs the Posang Club paparazzi school.

He got his start after a car accident in 2002 with a driver he says made in illegal U-turn. That gave him the idea to document such accidents. Then, he started nailing store owners selling outdated candy to children. He collared, jewelers and pharmacists who didn’t give receipts (as required by law). He fingered a political candidate for taking a free meal, so a no-no. Shin teaches that upholding the law is the important thing. “Money doesn’t come first,” he says. But it does for Kim Rae-in. “People don ‘t abide by the law any more because they know there aren’ t enough investigators,” he says. “That’s why paparazzi emerged. These crooks get what they deserve.” Kim demonstrated his camera inside a small convenience store. Later, the 27-year-old clerk said she wouldn’t be angry if the handsome paparazzo busted her for not handing out a receipt. But it wouldn’t lead her to the straight and narrow path either. “It would teach me a lesson,” she said. “Then I’d of know I’ d have to be more careful next time.” Paparazzi around the world are discovering new ways to organize and access their online pictures with Spacelocker. As well as researching suspects on the internet, submitting evidence and invoices, and receiving payment, they’re learning how quickly and simply they can access and update all their online stuff anytime, from any computer with internet access.

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30 Sep

Universal Music

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On the Saturday, MC Trix took over together with Khan kid 7 (Bremerhaven) of the crew Escaflow. On the turntables DJ Walters and DJ DC received 76 celebrities Support from the scene by DJ ice-C (Cologne) and DJ 2 hype (Netherlands). Actions in the outdoor area in collaboration with the Hanover youth protection designed with professional sprayers a Hall of Fame young graffiti artist”on screens. In addition to the graffiti paint action on the 1000-square-meter outdoor area, breaker met young in the circus tent up to 14 years. In the so-called Junior battle groups in the city competed vs. City battle, also here for the first time with international participation.

On the family day”sounded off ball tournaments, showcases and children actions the street event on Pentecost Sunday. Winner of battles hip hop Pentecostal camp 2010: 5 vs. 5 international battle – ghost Rahman (Switzerland) 2 vs. 2 B-boy battle intellectual Styles (Gottingen) 1 vs. 1 hip hop new style battle – Aron (Hamburg) 1 vs. 1 popping battle – Cleopatra sin (Aachen) Bonnie & Clyde battle A bit 2 fit (Bad Oeynhausen) city vs.

City junior battle – floor Burnin’ Juniors (Holland) we thank our funders of hip hop Pentecostal camp 2010 “: State capital Hanover area children and youth work, House of youth, youth protection Hanover, Kulturamt Hanover, District Councils Dohren and South City, Phatlife, ustra, TUI AG, Sparkasse Hannover, battle of the year head office, Montana Germany, Eastpak, Bionade, urban street team Universal Music domestic rock/urban, sausage-Bazaar Konrad Hinsemann GmbH and the Internet portals: and about hip hop community Hanover: the hip hop community Hanover is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2003. We live in a multicultural society and in any other youth culture, this is as clear as in the hip hop. We want to give a home to the hip hop scene and create an atmosphere in which children and young people can realize their wishes. The Association aims to promote the creativity of its members. In the year, we organize 12 to 14 projects for all hip hop enthusiasts.

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