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01 Nov

General Principles

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General principles for treating children with illnesses and developmental disabilities, single kidney, taking into account the patient's age, the nature of the pathological process, the degree of compensation of the functional state of the body is not enough addressed in contemporary literature. Surgical correction of the disease solitary body of a child is often performed in conditions close to the extreme, as the sharp decrease, and in some cases complete absence of potential reserve of the kidney significantly increases the degree of operational risk. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from San Antonio Spurs. In recent years significantly increased the possibility of the complex operations in children with lesions single kidney. This is due to the intense development of pediatric nephrology and biochemistry service allowing accurately represent the physiology and pathophysiology of solitary kidney, identify ways to use the functional reserve of the body to provide timely and necessary correction of disorders of homeostasis at the time of the operation and in the immediate postoperative period..

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08 Jan

Free: Online Hypnosis Training To The Hypno-trainee

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After participation in free training evenings possible online innovation training in the health sector hard to believe what now offers the Homo Vitalis Institute for an achievement: a training in hypnosis as online course. Without long and expensive nights all interested can educate themselves via the Internet in hypnosis. All the important information contained in the video material you need to really to be able to hypnotize. His certificate to the hypno-trainee who answered at least 60% of the questions correctly, gets free of charge. To gain practical experience, presence events offered in addition, where the instructor / trainer personally at the disposal are available.

Further modules in the field of hypnosis and Hypnotherapy will be available online soon. You are with unlimited support by telephone and / or mail links, so that each participant and each participant that saves time and money but not on the quality. This training the necessary expertise with all the advantages of online learning links”, pride announced the head of the Institute, Ms. Nancy Holst. This associate theoretical parts with practical experience. The coaches / trainers have all experience from practice and have already carried out independently many training”, she continues. An additional candy is the granting of discounts for the other modules. A few clicks through the self-explanatory menu and go online training. You look at advance but excerpts from the seminars and trainings: downloads/film.wmv contact and more information: Homo Vitalis Institute head of the Institute Nancy Holst Walker Road 71 25335 Elmshorn phone: 04121 / 701-3002 E-Mail: website:

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29 Jul

Dentures – Naturalness Is Crucial

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Dentist Dr. Inga Muller relaxed chewing, laughing and speaking may be disturbed by dental defects or tooth loss. To regain the quality of life, damaged and lost teeth can today thanks to modern ways are reconstructed and restored. Many aspects of the Organization and production are important for a professional Dental restorations: elaborately in the making, main reason is the recovery of the Masticatory system, therefore replacement with its anatomical structures and its formation must be as optimally as possible to copy the natural tooth and mesh perfectly with the opposite in the jaw. A good main reason is the restoration of the Masticatory system, therefore replacement with its anatomical structures and its formation must be as optimally as possible to copy the natural tooth and mesh perfectly with the opposite in the jaw. between the dentist and the dental laboratory is just as important as the quality of the bite marks and the preparation of the tooth.

Functional analysis is appropriate to the position a functional analysis helps to find out of the lower jaw to the upper jaw, as well as other important information. This can be useful for a costly dentures and refers to the temporomandibular joints and masticatory muscles chewing system included. It helps that the denture in the patient’s mouth is better. Aesthetic dentistry should fit the natural integration of tooth replacement in the teeth is one, particularly in the anterior region, important aspect. Aside from the tooth form, also the colour and the materials play a role. Also must be taken that the gum is tight to the tooth and so no vacancies between the tooth and gums. Dental surgery Dr. Inga Muller Mayor Spitta Avenue 7e 28329 Bremen

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