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01 Jun


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Series: common diseases prevention and treat – no doctor! We all know that one after eating brush your teeth to, not only in the morning and in the evening. But if one is not just home, it is not only impractical, it is often impossible. However, there is an easy and equally effective way to liberate the teeth always and everywhere from tooth-damaging food waste. Who had not already at least once listen to the accusation at the dentist, to brush your teeth, not only in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. But by honestly, who creates it already, also to clean the teeth after every small appetizers? Either it is missing on the toothbrush, the location or simply at the time. But tooth bacteria know no mercy. If something in the tooth gaps sticking, they begin their destructive work immediately. Multiply the bacterial strains to multiples within a very short time, shut down the body’s natural defences and scrape the Tooth enamel.

It may be the beginning of decay, especially if the conditions required for this to occur frequently. However, not only caries is to create the teeth. Bacteria can form deep inflammatory dental pockets with the time. The gum and the tooth-supporting jaw bones disappear, so that the teeth are gradually exposed. In the jargon called periodontitis. It must not come however. A simple method of anyone without difficulties could access proves to be very effective: after each dish, main dish or just the biscuit in between, you should rinse your mouth with water, so how it is here used by brushing your teeth.

Typically, food particles, which are caught in the gaps between teeth, be removed thoroughly. Easily can this method in the restaurant, at work or where ever perform. You can find water anywhere! Who has done it, will appreciate the benefits. And the teeth will thank one. Remains not only the formation of bacteria so in the green area, also the aesthetics because of it’s worth. Who like to look into a mouth filled with leftovers? If you follow this method consistently, the teeth are protected along with the regular cleaning in the morning and in the evening,. You can be almost sure get a life long healthy keep your own teeth. Contact information is here: Sela Ward. You will feel better and the money bag freuts by the way, because dental work or even artificial teeth can be very expensive. Who genetically prone to periodontal disease, must even more pay attention to dental hygiene. This method on the heart is set in particular. Anyway he is out indefinitely not entirely without support of the dentist, getting to deal with the progression of the disease. Frentzel / Avendano (dent.)

18 May

The Story Of The Eye Laser Treatment

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Inventiveness and international cooperation launched the eye laser treatment in the way. The eye laser surgery is one of the most useful medical developments of the last 50 years. With their help, eye doctors can improve vision and make wearing glasses forever superfluous in most cases. Since their perfection at the end of the 1980s this technology has improved already the quality of life of thousands of patients and she enjoys increasing popularity. With this specialized method of operation surgeons can make corrections of the cornea. Adjust the buckles in the cornea, which are responsible for the blurry vision.

Myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long sightedness) can be treated with this method. The days in which thick glasses or contact lenses were the only remedy, are numbered. The reason for the modern eye laser treatment was laid in the 1950s. The idea emerged from the cooperation of different doctors, all of that better methods to the Treatment of eye research. The concept goes back to Jose Barraquer, a Spanish ophthalmologist, who said the proposal first to change the shape of the eye through incisions in the cornea.

Twenty years later, the Russian doctor Svjatoslav Fjodorov developed the radial Keratotomy. While he shock accidentally on the idea. As he treated a boy who had fallen down and is doing with the glasses in the eye had cut, Fjodorov realized that the boy by removing the top layer of the eye could see better after his recovery than before. Through the development of the excimer laser at the University of California, the dream of the eye surgery finally became a reality. The first operation could be carried out thanks to the spirit of the inventor and of the research urge of these doctors in Greece in 1989. Meanwhile eye laser treatment has become a routine procedure, which is used all over the world. Further developments of treatment resulted in two types of eye laser treatment. The photorefractive Keratectomy, or PRK, is at the Carried out eye surface. The LASIK method, however, rendered a cut into the surface. The laser treatment itself is carried out on the underlying corneal tissue. Since the eye is a very delicate organ, must perform the operation with great care. Rusty holzer insists that this is the case. Although the technical aspect sounds complicated, the eye laser treatment in the hands of an experienced surgeon is relatively easy. The operation takes about 30 minutes, the actual laser treatment less than 1 minute can be completed on average. Technology and progress have transformed the eye laser treatment in a simple and painless procedure with a short recovery time. Today, the success rate is 95%, and in most patients, then Visual acuity is 20/20. This testifies to the genius of those physicians who have invented this revolutionary method of operation.

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21 Jan

Healthier Life

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The cause of about one-third of all deaths of children and 20% of deaths of pregnant women is the world’s malnutrition better food for a healthier life. For a balanced diet is crucial, not only the quantity but also the quality of the food. The European research project INSTAPA (improved nutrition through staple foods in Africa) improves the average daily rations, the children and mothers in African countries South of the Sahara to take. But not by changing their eating habits, but it is biologically enriched food. An adequate and balanced diet is basic human rights.

To ensure this fundamental right in the poorest regions of Africa (Benin, Mali, Kenya, Burkina Faso), the European Commission funded the total cost of the INSTAPA project of EUR 7,73 million, with EUR 5.8 million from the funding of its seventh of framework programme (FP7). In African countries South of the Sahara are Cereals such as millet, sorghum and maize and tubers such as cassava, for example, the classic staple. These are typically very low in vital nutrients and their exclusive consumption has health problems and a higher mortality rate resulted. In particular pregnant women and children are dependent on a sufficient supply of nutrients. Therefore, this type of malnutrition just for them is often a life-threatening danger. This vicious circle of malnutrition should be broken with INSTAPA. The preventive approach of the project mainly aimed at the enrichment of the staple by bio-fortification and post-harvest treatment. In 2009, selected and planted a year-long field crops with a high nutritional value, scientists both on the abundance of micronutrients as also their bioavailability.

It achieved an overall balanced intake of minerals and vitamins. As a result, the daily diet was improved from the ground up. To the nutritional value of the to get enriched grain recipe booklets made suggestions to the grinding and cooking available, because sometimes something cereals, vegetables and a little palm oil is sufficient for a well-balanced meal. INSTAPA has a new preventive approach: it improves the quality of the staple on the one hand and involves on the other hand actively in these changes families. In line with the Millennium development goals of the United Nations to combat poverty, the cultivation of biologically valuable cereals and tubers offers the chance to diversify their sources of income even for small and medium-sized companies from the poorest African regions. The aim of the project is to combine the strengths of European and African Science and technology and to develop reliable long-term strategies against malnutrition. A whole network of scientists is involved in the INSTAPA project, which observe the actual effects of an improved diet on the growth of children and the health of mothers and evaluate. INSTAPA has begun to train the cultivation of new crops in Africa. In the long run, this could represent a great opportunity for grain growers and their families. Is the Web address of the project:

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19 Jan

Goldman Sachs

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“Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.”

New facilities for the well-being in a project of the maximum quality the Club of Golf Castle of Gorraiz is located in the Valley of Egus, in the heat of Region of Pamplona, to only 4 km of the center of the Navarre capital. Vanessa Marcil oftentimes addresses this issue. The landscape is idyllic and really relajante, providing a stay of relax and sport activity in superb a social atmosphere. In order to reach the principles quality levels and to offer to its clients a renovador rest, the Club has renewed its facilities of wellness with saunas Finnish of the mark Saunas Durn. The quality and guarantees, as well as the good results obtained with the previous facilities, also provided by Saunas Durn, have guaranteed to this same supplier to renew the present ones, including all type of improvements and new tendencies in this type of areas SPA. These saunas, besides being the last tendency in technology and quality, also have made with an exquisite design and in agreement with the rest of facilities of the Club of golf, adapting themselves in style and benefits with the surroundings to which they go directed. This public construction in a golf course tries to offer like a service addition of health and well-being for all the users, with the conviction from which the use of these facilities will benefit and help all clients to be in Club with all a series of benefits that increase their degree of satisfaction. The Club has thought about all those advantages that this type of facilities contributes to its clients: sauna has beneficial effects on the organism, when releasing, by means of sudorizacin, toxins and activating the sanguineous circulation. It always goes accompanied with temperature resistances, the heat session follows one to him of cooling, that extends the effects of perspiration.

It is possible to be taken with hygienic and therapeutic aims. According to they comment to us from Saunas Durn, the demanded products more for the general well-being as much at public level as prevailed they are the steam baths, the Turkish baths and saunas of steam and for that reason Saunas Durn like manufacturers of saunas, include different models with diverse benefits according to the needs of the clients. The products of Saunas Durn contribute numerous options that like manufacturers from 1960, besides supporting a perfect operation, allow to personalize sauna and to turn it into a unique product.

27 Dec

Transportation of Bedridden Patients

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Many in the care of patients faced with the challenge of delivery of the patient to any procedure or examination is often necessary to transport the patient to the other relatives who want to help in the difficult work of caring for patients. For this category of patients, transporting patients – a serious test, and it must be carefully prepared. The first thing to do – as to stabilize the condition of the patient, to follow the heart activity, blood pressure and other problems associated with the underlying disease. Second – morally prepare the patient for transport to explain its necessity and safety. On the day of transporting the patient, better than a lot of it is not fed in order to avoid vomiting during transportation and finding a way to the ambulance.

Cook with a personal hygiene items, essential drugs, any adjustment to which privyknul patient. Before the arrival of an ambulance is necessary to empty the bladder or intestines; make garments, but not putting the patient in order not to interfere with the doctor, who will come to your house to examine the patient and carry out the necessary manipulations. The most practical and safest way is to carry a patient on a soft litter. At the going down stairs – foot-end first, so that the head was higher. Many a way to carry may seem wrong, so it's best not to interfere with team, has been the transport of sick, because Your patient they have is not the first doctor and an ambulance is always correctly determine how to carry it around. As a rule, for the descent or raising the floor requires 3 -4 person, but if your patient's weight of 100 kg, should be invited to help the team. After carrying the patient into the ambulance, check the room left by: turn off the lights, gas, water, etc. In ambulance, the patient must make a comfortable position, fasten your seat belts to a stretcher, then you can get bags with things the patient so that they do not clutter up the aisles.

Impossible during movement feed or water the patient! Accompanying family members must hold on to the handrails, available in the car. Upon arrival, out of the car only after a full stop, then make a bag, the maximum open all the doors and release the passageways leading into the apartment, which is delivered to the patient. After transporting the patient, the ambulance surgeon again makes inspection and make recommendations for further monitoring and care. Transportation of patients need to handle and care, by now, as a rule, paid ambulance service. You may make an order for transportation of patients from apartment to apartment, in a medical clinic for screening, with the expectation and Conversely, delivery of a patient at the station to the airport to the country and even in another city.

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03 Oct

The Health Center

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Competent specialists take care of loving their patients a health centre is a hospital. In this complex building, different specialists and medical service providers patients offer their services under one roof. Advantages of this concept are short routes, effective doctor visits, fast results and tailored treatments. Here is the patient in the foreground and is provided by experienced specialists with a holistic approach. The benefits in a health center ranging from the diagnosis via outpatient surgery to treatment and rehabilitation, and all without costly inpatient stays. The slender structures come in turn to good, who can benefit from the latest medical equipment the patient. A Health Centre combines one-to-one care.

In the House itself you will find opportunity to get medicines at the pharmacy to meet the daily needs for the health in the medical supply store. The short waiting times can be in the cozy Cafe or bistro bridge. For a snack or a cup of coffee in a pleasant neighborhood, patients can insert a small breather. By sharing the management, a health centre allows the discharge of doctors by administrative tasks. Leaving more time for the medical needs and individualized patient care. Even training and seminar series can be used in specially designed rooms in a health centre. If parents have to take a longer visit to the doctor and sitting children waiting in the wings, also a free childcare, is useful for example during an outpatient operation.

Competent educators offer fun and games for children and also for the small and large appetites. Continue is also the out-patient Rehab under the term health center. All health problems after an accident or other illnesses are covered here. In this building are physiotherapists, masseurs, sports scientists, Social workers, nurses, and of course doctors for the needs of patients that are responsible. Here, too, the financial factor plays an important role. Expensive housing costs, and here, too, the slender structures benefit the patient. A great advantage, especially for older patients, is to be able to stay in familiar surroundings and treatment back home to be allowed to drive.

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