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11 Jan

PSF Accompaniment

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Considering this aspect it is that one becomes necessary a multiprofessional accompaniment of the hipertenso carrier (BARRETO, 2002, p.13). The precocious identification of the hipertenso cases and the establishment of the bond between these carriers and the Programs Health of the Family (PSFs) are essential elements for the success of the control of these agravos. The accompaniment and the control of the arterial hipertenso in the scope of the basic attention will be able to prevent the sprouting and the progression of the complications, reducing the number of hospital internments, as well as mortality due to these agravos. The therapeutical procedures carried through by the Program Health of the Family in the control of the hipertenso are: the clinical diagnosis of the cases, cadastre of the carriers, measurement of Presso Arterial (P.A) of the users, lapsing of individualizadas diets, domiciliary visit, ambulatorial accompaniment, medicine supply, domiciliary accompaniment of the patients with sequels of AVC and other complications. Add to your understanding with Jorge Perez. preventive procedures of the hipertenso carried through by the PSF are distinguished educative actions for the control of the reversible factors of risk related the habits acquired throughout the life of the individual (the obesidade, sedentary life, tobaccoism and alcoholism), and the prevention of the complications. Margaret Loesser Robinson has many thoughts on the issue.

In this perspective, many actions are being developed. One of them is the disponibilizao for states and cities of a informatizado system (Hiperdia) that it allows the cadastre of carriers of the arterial hipertenso, its accompaniment, at the same time that, in the near future, the profile could be defined epidemiologist of this population. Consequence the planning of strategies for the public health, that will lead to the modification of the current picture, and the reduction of the cases of hipertensos. METHODS Were about a documentary research with quantitative boarding, of the descriptive type prevalence epidemiologist. Tanaka (2001) characterizes the quantitative boarding in description of the meanings that they are considered as inherent to objects and acts, in which allows a focused boarding, prompt and structuralized, using itself of quantitative data; the analysis techniques are deductive, that is, they leave of the generality for the particular one.

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23 Sep

Referencial Identities

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theoretical Referencial and concepts As Geertz (1989) the culture places to the disposal of the multiple individuals and distinct meanings from which the practical individuals inform and guide its and its behaviors. For its carcter heterogneo and dynamic these symbols they inside inform of differentiated form the inserted individuals of the same context. The perspective interpretativa allowed in them to analyze as it is that the people create, recriam the sexual identities and the meanings that they attribute the same ones. I.1. Vanessa Marcil understands that this is vital information. Conceitualizao I.1.1. Social representations For Moscovici (1978) social representations constitute forms of knowledge socially produced and partilhadas with objectivo to construct an age. In the present study I analyze the social representations in two dimensions, nominated the collective representations and the subjective representations.

For the present study I present as collective representations the set of norms, values, forms of behavior that define and mold the forms of behavior of the individuals. E, as subjective representations we understand the form as the people if they appropriate, they create, they recriam and they act informed for the collective representations. I.1.2. Sexual identity For Azeredo (1992) the sexual identities represent the perception that the individuals have of itself or of the others as identified people as men or identified people as women. Still according to author in reference the sexual identities can assume different interpretations, nominated the sexual orientation, the social or sexual papers and the biological characteristics.

The definition suggested for Azeredo (1992) reduces the identities for the dichotomy in this way man and woman, occulting the diversity and the contradictions of the same ones. In the present study I present as sexual identities the particular forms from which the citizens, independently of the type of genital, if identify and identify the others. II. Method of research This is a exploratrio study and was carried through in four phases. In the first phase efectuei the revision of literature.

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