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02 Jun


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OR Equivalent to Word1 word3 Word2 OR. – "Without the words" indicates that the words they write in the box does not appear in search results pages. Equivalent to the use of the symbol – – Additional Terms. – Language. We can choose the language of the pages on which the search will occur.

For example, if we choose English, only pages of results that are written in English. – File format. With this function we can choose the type of file we are interested. For example, only return results file (. Pdf) – Date. We can find pages taking into account the date. For example, display web pages updated in the last three months. – Presence.

By this condition we can restrict where on the website to search. For example, we could find terms that are present in the page title. – Domains. This condition allows us to search only in a domain or exclude the results. – Use Rights. Only show results with content that may be copied or modified, even without any restriction. – SafeSearch. This dropdown allows you to filter sexually explicit content that appears in the search. Limitations: When a search returns too many results we can limit the number of search results. Google makes this process as it only returns web pages that contain all the words in your query, all you have to do is add more query words to written terms. We can also exclude a word by placing a minus sign ("-") immediately in front of the term you want to avoid. It also can limit the results of pages that have changed in the last three, six or twelve months, through the advanced search interface, by selecting the date setting menu down. Thanks to the advanced search, we can also search only for pages: containing all search terms, contain the exact phrase query, containing at least one of the query terms do not contain any of the query terms, are written in a particular language, have been created in a specific file format, have been upgraded over a period of time, belong to a domain or Web site in particular does not contain adult material.

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