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30 May

Hotels and More

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The temperature and humidity of its 208 rooms are naturally regulated by an indoor waterfall, while a sliding glass wall that covers the entire facade of the hotel lets the breeze. Montage Hotel Beverly Hills All Montage guests love the same goody-mirrors in the bathrooms, which do not fog. The hotel also has a system of energy saving in heating and lifts operate using 50% less power. Mama Shelter, Paris The fans of the Mac is going to want to stay to live in that hotel, a former parking. The rooms have 24-inch iMac in the common room tables are digital TVs that are large horizontally. From these, we can upload our photos to the MacBook and pass by the restaurant's giant screens. A leading source for info: Vanessa Marcil.

The Upper House, Hong Kong Right from the time of check in will see that this hotel is different, and we'll do through a circuit board. Then it offers guests a touch iPod with music, movies and all the necessary information from the hotel and the city. In addition, all rooms have TVs of 42 inches, and if you share a room and do not you stand in line to see which program, you can always go to the bathroom, where there is another small television. Without hesitation George Laughlin explained all about the problem. Blow Up Hall, Poland Here, the rooms do not have keys, even numbers, is an iPod that gives us access to the cameras. Through it we may also contact the concierge or tourist information available on the Internet over the country. All hotel's design revolves around a video installation, the protagonist of which is the host. When you put one foot in the lobby, you become a great work of art, your image becomes projected with thousands of other camera makers lobby and corridors and can be viewed on small screens.

Peninsula Tokyo Hotel In Tokyo there are many technological and The Peninsula Hotel, where rooms are online radio stations more than 3,000 Aeon! and the sign "Do Not Disturb" was replaced by a light that is activated by a button on the bedside table. You can also change the lights and there are a lot of gadgets, including even a nail polish dryer. Hotel Sax Chicago When they arrive, guests receive a laptop computer and an MP3 that can be used during your stay. All rooms have a 40-inch LCD screen, Wi-Fi connection and on the sixth floor can play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The hotels of the future, experts say And if these are the technological vagaries already here, some experts convened by the Chicago firm Gettys dare to predict what the next few years will bring. According to industry professionals from companies such as Starwood Hotels, Whirlpool and Phillips & Co, in the future corridors detect human presence by CO2 emissions, and automatically installed LCD panels on the roof show a blanket of stars illuminated indicating to the customer the way to their room. Duran is a journalist Neus eventoplus Group, the leading sector of media events (conventions, product launches, incentives, marketing actions live …). Eventoplus Group publishes the website, the magazine events magazine, organized the exhibition and event Days Eventoplus Awards, first prize in this sector.

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