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06 Apr

Build A Free And Legal MP3 Collection

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You want to have music in masses on their hard drive? So much whining that their newly bought 80 GB HDD for mercy? No problem, I do tell them how! Even legally, without any copyright infringement. She must know radio streams, also known as Web radio. These streams can take up free! Station Ripper is a tool with which you can record radio streams from the Internet comfortably. With the free version of StationRipper can record two streams simultaneously. With the full version as much as possible using the Internet line. The full version costs $ 20 or $ 30 but for the gold version, since we speak of a free version – forget it. Recording is very simple.

You can choose from thousands of channels of, when the desired station to tune click add to "and. Of course, all shots with the correct ID3 tags, so that one must not make himself. After a few hours of one then has been a lot of songs together. For me, the best station ripper free tool of its kind Can download the Station Ripper at: the Station Ripper can of course have run parallel to their work on the PC to record songs. Depending on how much time they invest, they will soon have hundreds, even thousands of MP3s! But now comes a problem – although the songs are all named, is that a good thing ..

but everything is mixed up. To bring more order into the new collection, I recommend Advanced MP3 Catalog. The Advanced MP3 Catalog is able to organize large MP3 collections, compile playlists and much more. mp3music-blog

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