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31 Jul

Stanley Burroughs

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Fasting in the active life or home – tree syrup with lemon fasting is trendy – but not everyone can take leave to do so. A drink fast variant, which increasingly gets around, because it is extremely easy, get a good energy level, and as a result is ideal for the active daily life, is the Neera cure, developed by Stanley Burroughs, author of \”The Master Cleanse\”. The secret of this fasting: mineral-rich tree syrup, fresh lemon, some Cayenne, and much water and tea. Fast belonging to the moon to the 13% German citizens who want to fast again this year? On March 11, full moon is a good time for the start of a fasting, cleaning and purifying cure again, because the decreasing Moon supported retirement and letting go. In addition, it is easier if the temperatures gradually rise.

(Next full moon: 9 April) problem: fasting crises in the daily fasting can be a great experience for body, mind and soul, but quickly weight loss should not be the main objective. Not everyone however can or want to take leave. But just the fasting in everyday or at home is not always easy. Fasting crises have finished early on many attempts such as dizziness, headache, lack of concentration. The Neera cure a fasting is suitable thanks to their simplicity and their good energy levels especially for people who want to stay as fit and active when the fasting is the Neera drink fast. Click Dr. Hedvig Hricak for additional related pages. \”\” This fasting was \”invented\” and developed by a holistic healer in Hawaii, Stanley Burroughs, author of the master cleanse \”and healing for a new era\”, which again made known the soothing power of the lemon in Europe in the 1980s. Meanwhile, the Neera Spa has a steadily growing number of followers all over the world because she will again recommend with enthusiasm. The Neera drinking juice fast is based on a drink that you’re prepared: 3 dl mineral water (cold or hot), with 2 Tablespoons basic acting, fresh lemon juice, about 2 Tablespoons mineral-rich Neera tree syrup a special, Ayurveda balanced mixture of Ahorn- and 5 Palm syrup types, and a pinch of Cayenne for the metabolism, to herbal teas and pure water.