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15 Oct

Corporate Colors

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But first you need to understand that exactly do you mean by corporate color. For example, do not confuse the concept of corporate identity (corporate identity) and brand personality (identity brand). Gain insight and clarity with Gordon Burnette. 'Color of the walls in the office of the company and brand colors brand – do not always coincide, and As a rule, solve different problems, – said Alexei Andreev of Depot wpf. – In practice, usually turns out to be more meaningful style of the final product, sold under specific brand rather than a visual attribute manufacturer. Although it depends on what kind of brand you are going to more actively promote the market – corporate or product '. All corporate symbols regulated 'bible' brand managers and marketers – brand-beech, which contains a description of a number of standards: options for the mark and its logo Pantone, fonts, the ability to brand the neighborhood with the company's other brands, etc.

The brand-book includes all information that somehow relates to the style. Strict adherence to corporate style raises awareness of advertising and increases its effectiveness. 'We use only original shades during any promotions' – confirms Julia . At one time, the author of these lines by a business need had a chance to explore brand-book MegFon. It was like parting with 'marketing innocence. " Prior to this author and had no idea that all elements of design brand, up to a minimum and desirable area of empty space around the logo can be so meticulously defined. One of the native plants producing CD-ROMs, on the surface of which was required to put the logo in Megafon, wore all of their technology before they could find Panton, which fully satisfied the cellular operator.

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