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11 May


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The aim of this theme is to tell a novice what outfit as a whole, why it is needed and how to use it. Plan Topics 1) What is the equipment and why it is needed. 2) How to help crews. 3) How to properly wear uniforms. 4) How use of crews. 5) How to achieve the greatest gain from the crews. 6) Storage of equipment. 7) Where can I get crews. Source: neil cole.

What is the equipment and why is it necessary equipment in powerlifting is used for protection from injury and to increase to results. Outfit is for the squat (kombeza, bandages, brifsy) Benches (T-shirts, wristbands), for traction (traction kombeza). Crews make three major firms Titan, Inzer, methane. The first thing you need is a bandage. Bandages come in two (IAP) and 2.5 (VFC / TOF) m long. You will also need wrist bandage for fixation of the wrist. The second place I would put kombeza for the squat, which can be used for traction (although there is certainly a special and traction kombeza. If you have extra money, you can buy yourself this). A leading source for info: Neil Cole.

Kombeza resembles the appearance of the Born ordinary leotards, but made from a very thick material with reinforcing sutures. The third-ranked T-shirt for the regime. Outwardly similar to the T-shirt made of thick material with strong stitching and pull in front of sleeves. Well, if desired can be purchased brifsy, which are essentially kombeza without straps. They dress under kombeza. But they are banned in IAP.

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16 Jul

Balloon Flights Kiev

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I will tell you about a site that is dedicated to fly a hot air balloon on this site balloon flight is presented as a separate program balloon flight Kiev turns out you can get married under the clouds and even married in the basket aozdushnogo ball. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. Can and stag on the ball and the corporate order in a balloon, in short, virtually anything you like … The entire program lasts 4-5 hours, including flight is, in fact, chas.V rest of the time You can see how the balloonists prepare the balloon for flight and, traditionally, the post-flight drink a glass of champagne in the process of initiation into the balloonists. If anyone is interested in the history of aeronautics – this information can also be found on the website. First in the air in a balloon up duck, rooster and baran.Posle as people realize that flying a balloon is safe to fly and become themselves. Aeronautics beginning of the era is 1783, when French Pilatre de Rozier and d'Arland.

up in the sky in hot air balloons. It turns out that the balloon can be used as a unique advertising medium, because its height is the height of the seven-story building. In this he draws set kompvny around mire.Unikalny media advertising causes people only priyanye emotion at the sight of them swimming by balloon. The use of hot air balloons everywhere, on almost all events where there are 50 * 50 m area. For those wishing to buy a hot air balloon, too, there is a corresponding razdel.I, in general, balloon flight, an original gift for all occasions life at creating mind after viewing content of this sayta.Eto and concerts, and festivals, days of the city, and of course the Fiesta sharov.Nesomnenno air, a beautiful sight when in the air simultaneously raised hundreds of thermal aerostatov.Fiesty balloons held around the world. A lot of interesting information + ability to play online. IMHO, an interesting resource.

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