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06 Jan

Extend The Unemployment

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Unemployment continues to rise, but the Government still shows happy: data being consolidated the trend that we are on the road to recovery, says an undaunted Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. Obviously with 4.2 million unemployed-the highest figure in Europe each day that passes are fewer jobs by destroying and, consequently, the rate of unemployment will be lower. Pleased with this situation, look for where you look at it, is estolida irresponsible because until now destroying jobs has proved an easy task, but create them again, according to the analysts, will not only be difficult but that the economic recovery in the offing will be conducted with fewer people with work than before the crisis. Instead of investing this dramatic reality, seeking incentives for new jobs, correcting labour market, inventing other forms of occupation, favoring that companies renew contracts, the Government prefers to subsidize the growing unemployment, task Obviously short-lived, because the public coffers are emptied at a breakneck speed. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vanessa Marcil. But it is that economic policy official to call it somehow is a policy of subsidies. There was a generally, of 400 euros, which both favoured Emilio Botin as the last standing, and another check baby, both for the son of an immigrant from Florentino Perez. With something less than absurdity, it was agreed later another aid of 420 euros a month to those unemployed who had been without benefits and another 210 young people as emancipation basic income. But, what is better, give them money by face or offer them a job where he can learn to earn it for themselves? Create a society subsidized from the base carries a cancer social, economic and moral, as happened in the real socialism of the Communist countries, where an apparent full employment underwent brutal collective misery. Less subsidies, and greater job opportunities for a society that, she Yes, is terribly alarmed by unemployment.

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27 Jul

The Pools Of Pamukkale

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Pamukkale which means in Turkish "cotton castle", is a tourist attraction that is located in southwestern Turkey, in Denizli province, located in a natural way on the Menderes River valley, and only 350 km from Istanbul. Pamukkale which means in Turkish "cotton castle", is a tourist attraction that is located in southwestern Turkey, in Denizli province, located in a natural way on the Menderes River valley, and only 350 km from Istanbul . The story dates from the time the Romans decided to build a seaside resort Hiera called cops, who for decades helped to attract thousands of patients seeking on the site, the cure for all ills. In addition, around the site, one can see the arc that used to be the monumental entrance of Domitian, theaters, latrines, remains of the temple belonging to Apollo and necropolis where rest the souls of those who failed to heal. At first glance, if you have the privilege of observing the wonderful landscape of pools of Pamukkale, this is a unique natural scenery in the world on top of it, and crescent-shaped terraces of the surrounding area are located firm over time, the ruins of an ancient civilization Hiera Roman polis, which was declared in 1988 by UNESCO as World Heritage. In scientific terms, these numerous pools of turquoise waters and white, are the product of a geological formation consisting of calcium carbonate, caused by the abundant presence of calcium that emerge from the hot springs in the area.

As a curious fact that reflects the composition of this water is that many tourists who take advantage of the many that can find and come up here, looking to benefit from the nutrients that they give you the skin and eyes in addition to the healing properties of asthma and rheumatism, being its hot spring, the area indicated for use as a natural spa. It is worth noting that some time ago, had begun to build different hotels not only in their surroundings but also, on this natural reservoir, which, thanks to the United Nations organization and other major global groups, put an end to this trade and restored the place, its original charm. For even more details, read what Related Group says on the issue. It is possible to reach Pamukkale happening in a first step, by Hiera polis, the ancient Roman city. In addition, the tourist has the additional power to take a dip in the pool, with about 36 C hot water and enjoy among the ruins of marble columns missing.

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