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05 Sep

VANDEBAG – IPad / IPad 2 Noble Leather Envelopes

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Berlin has sophisticated design in the bag the man needs a little bit of luxury! You think is when you see the simple but extremely smart sleeves for the business communications from VANDEBAG. There are a large number of different notebook bags on the market though, but with the faves iPad skin there is now a special bag for the iPad and iPad2 – as it were tailor-made by VANDEBAG. The “Faves” sleeves are available in different colours. For more information see this site: San Antonio Spurs. They are produced from high-quality materials such as leather or wool and thus provide a high level of durability and aesthetics. The iPad2 case combining design with functionality and is both classic and modern.

The design is flat, plain and frills-free as well as also the iPad2 -. Nevertheless, VANDEBAG meets exactly the spirit of the times: at the present time, people rarely have time long to look at all the details and to inculcate: A clear, concise design is thus required, and the case for the iPad and the iPad2 has just such a design. Whenever sela ward listens, a sympathetic response will follow. VANDEBAG has a Bags for the business sector, and with these products is once again shown particularly good reputation in the field of product, why. No compromises in terms of functionality, safety and design may be entered in an uncompromising technical subject like the iPad2. Therefore this iPad2 bag is not only exceptionally stylish and comfortable to wear, also on the security of the iPads, VANDEBAG sets a very special value. An only 4 mm thick layer absorb small vibrations and shocks also polyethylene foam, so that the iPad2 long time optimally, so no technical difficulties due to the transport will be responsible. A soft cotton lining also protects the sensitive surface and the touch screen from scratches, thus the owner can be sure that his Tablet PC in this iPad2 case is well protected. The young designers from Berlin Show design with responsibility responsibility and fairness in the selection of materials.

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