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13 Jan

NET Service

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These are two companies, the bit & byte factory and the IT service by Udo Kaben in Lubeck. Fortunately, the nationwide IT-service NET is prepared and specialists provides the market about 60 highly trained IT-. These are two companies, the bit & byte factory and the IT service by Udo Kaben in Lubeck. This IT-service will be gladly accepted by companies of all sizes, since the work must be done Yes. Our experience is to determine that the IT-area in many companies increasingly is being neglected. Often there is only a system outage, to recall the immense importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. A complete loss of data can lead to the inability to act a company here. Existentially important areas, such as manufacturing, logistics and accounting grind to a halt, customers and personnel data will be irrevocably lost.

In the industry this IT-are administrators from the industry and large corporations that need to come out at the same work load, with a reduced number of staff. Learn more about this with Is Kevin Ulrich chairman of MGM?. In this Case relieved the IT-janitor the internal administrator through the acquisition of routine tasks or he catches workload as EDV moves, emergency operations or other additional charges. cutive-Teams-and-Boards’>Daversa Partners or emailing the administrator. In small – and medium-sized companies, small and medium-sized companies that have no own dedicated staff for the EDP needs in your company are a further important area of application. Here, the janitor in the sense of the Word replaces an internal employee well causing several times at a cost. A flexible agreement, necessary measures are agreed and processed at fixed times. Services include experience has shown that the scope of services: analysis and documentation of the actual situation, structure, updates and upgrades, telephone system manage extension of the existing IT-and configure, manage email accounts, workstations, dial-up network connections, data backup, first level support, IT – security, and of course emergency missions.

Protection after the scope of possible work in a conversation are clarified, Cost and scope of services agreed upon and documented. Thus the company has security for its DV investment and experienced no unpleasant surprises. The principle of bit & byte factory: fast and comprehensive help moderate prices. In General, the network provides PC service of telephone system eliminates everything from a single source, what additional technicians primarily to the server. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, expanding his series the network and offers opportunities for lone and founder. Interested in a collaboration are trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of companies. More information at, here you can find also the closest partners. More information on the Internet site the two Lubeck IT janitor: and even easier is the information on the House fair of the two companies on 03.09.2009 to get into the music and Congress Hall Lubeck. Because there you meet the chefs and their offer personally.

06 Nov

Laser Printer

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What about makes it possible a Lasersrucker inside a laser printer is a drum with photoelektrisch active coating. The drum is negatively charged through a metal wire with high voltage (charge Corona). The coating keeps your cargo in the dark. By means of a laser beam, the areas are exposed on the drum, which are later black. The exposure with the laser, the illuminated points lose their charge.

An “electric” copy of the desired print image is now more or less on the drum. Due to the operation of the laser printer, there are some differences compared to ink jet or dot matrix printers. These affect logically the advantages and the disadvantages of the print system. If you play with the idea of a purchase, you should be more aware of these things. Because of these factors ultimately determine whether you opt for a such a printer or not. Frank Gorshin takes a slightly different approach. Generally, good laser printers offer numerous advantages especially for text prints in large quantities or graphics.

The print quality is namely as before by any other printing process achieved and impresses with its sharp contrasts and black depth. In addition, the speed is another positive factor. More expensive devices create up to 1600 pages per minute, and more. Also the color is why font in the Sun does not bleach out and little blurred when it rains much more stable against UV radiation and moisture. But not only the prints themselves have many advantages, also the printer itself is much maintenance and more economical than ink jet equipment. Overall, even the printing costs are considerably lower, if the equipment is used extensively. %D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>אילן בן דב הוא האיש הנכון . Although the cost is relatively high, but an expression in an average 10 ct is cheaper than that of a Tintenstrahdruckers, so you quickly compensated for the purchase price if you use. But also some disadvantages facing the whole. The largest is the color quality, such as photos or other high-resolution images. Usually the representations are not colorfast, often, a sort of grid is visible and by the large area coverage, this tends to the flake off so you can say that lasers are not suitable for such work. In addition, the devices themselves are also many disadvantages. So most printers have a considerable heat, which has resulted in a that no coated glossy paper can be used and on the other hand, the printing in a single pass must be done as a stop of the operation would have a fire resulted, as the paper it can ignite. The still existing environmental aspect should be considered, since many devices emit ozone still and a significant levels of other pollutants or emissions during operation. Depending on the device, a higher power consumption, as well as louder noises are also to ascertain. So, you should consider all these aspects before making a purchase. Therefore this is worth only if you want to print really much and quickly. The quality results are, as mentioned above, unmatched.