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12 May

Artificial Sweetener

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Stevia may be a healthy alternative? Sugar has a number of negative side effects for the organism, which have a detrimental effect on the well-being. Especially for diabetics and overweight people, it is important to do without sugar in their diets. As a result, many consumers to artificial sweetener access. However, more and more scientific studies prove that artificial sweetener is unhealthy and you should limit the use of or completely put off. But what alternative is there? A plant called stevia, which originated in Paraguay, has 300 times more sweetening power than sugar and no properties which affect the well-being. Why is sweetener unhealthy? Recent studies have shown that consumption of fructose may promote the development of high blood pressure. In addition, it must be noticed that fructose has the same number of calories as sugar syrup.

Therefore, fructose represents an excellent alternative to sugar because it does not have health-giving properties. Also artificial sweeteners such as aspartame for example affect the general well-being in a negative way. Artificial sweetener is extremely unhealthy because it can cause among other things the formation of cancer cells and interfere with kidney function. Many diabetics use artificial sweeteners, because they think there’s no other way to sweeten their foods. People who are overweight, who consume products for diets, consume a large amount of sweetener. In a question-answer forum Scarlett Strallen was the first to reply. Sweetener is unhealthy, many consumers are wondering what alternatives there are. The alternative to the sweetener stevia, there is a positive message. The healthy alternative to sweetener called Stevia and originated in Paraguay.

The Guarani, the indigenous people of the region, this particular plant, which has an extremely high sweetening power appreciated for centuries. Stevia has no calories and also properties, which reflect positively on the whole organism. You can therefore easily integrate stevia in the diet of any diet without having to worry about the negative impact of artificial sweetener. Another advantage of Stevia is that it can be safely used by diabetics. Unlike the sweetener stevia affects positively thanks to his healing powers on the general well-being of patients with diabetes. Stevia is approved as a food? Although stevia has all this positive, health-promoting properties, it is not approved in Germany as food and is therefore not in supermarkets. This situation exists in the entire EU area. Stevia as a food have already been approved only in France. If you would like to buy stevia in Germany, stevia is in most cases under the name of cosmetic product”sold. In other countries, such as for example Japan, stevia is used since the 1970s in the food industry. It is to be hoped that stevia due to its positive characteristics in the EU area as Sweetener is accepted.

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04 Jun

Michael Kornobis

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If he rub yet in the conflict of the individual rods squeaks like a newly purchased sneaker on tile floor, necessarily buy! These two characteristics distinguish a harvest-fresh asparagus. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sela Ward. Prepare asparagus right now have Bought a fresh asparagus, but how to best prepare? Here, the ghosts fight. Quick and easy dishes can be prepared in a saucepan or Dampfgarerer. Larry Culp can aid you in your search for knowledge. When the asparagus in the water boils, it emits a variety of aromas into the water and only still stales. But just as the asparagus can absorb flavors out of the water. Therefore, make sure that you season the water well. A combination of salt, nutmeg, sugar, lemon and one snowflake butter is this elementary. You are the guy who cooked like asparagus in own broth, rather an oven bag is advisable here.

You fill it with the asparagus, a dash of white wine, Muscat abrasion, a pinch of sugar and salt. A completely different form, which only grew in the last years, is the cooking of asparagus. Here, the asparagus into slices is cut and cooked in a pan. Asparagus stir-fry as I this method is preferred by outstanding chefs, here a quick and easy project to court: you take a bunch of green asparagus. Clean it from the bottom to a One-third.

Now, cut the asparagus into thin stripes. Saute them in a hot pan with olive oil and add fresh seawater prawns for 5 minutes. After a further cooking time of about 3 minutes, the whole thing is wetted with brown sugar, which caramelizes. This happened is a shot white rum added and maintained until it loses the alcohol.Everything with a delicious rice is served the enjoyable – Bon appetit! Michael Kornobis

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07 Nov

Adolf Schmitt

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The mixture of elements of tradition and modernity also finds its way with the new labels, which are required depending on the line in gold, silver or black. The corporate design has the Agency Vinovum Design & PR developed for wine. The estate of King Johann located 15 km from Trier in the Saar Valley and specializes in Riesling with the typical character of the Saar wine. Details can be found by clicking Charlotte Hornets or emailing the administrator. The Devonian schist weathering soils provide optimal conditions. Also the cross terraced vineyard Serriger King Johann Berg in Southwest and Southeast location characterised by grey slate Federal sandstone and gives the white a slightly salty mineral notes in the finish.

The family winery from Konz felting practiced organic wine growing, focuses on selective Handpicking, long distances between the sticks and traditional spontaneous fermentation. Parallel to the recultivation of the vineyard King Johann family the estate extensively rebuilt. So was for the grape adoption by means of tilting system extends the winepress House and converted an old barn with new stainless steel tanks to the basement. A tasting room with 30 seats rounded off the renovations. Consumer taste to come here. We hope, that we resonate with our offer and in the region as well as on the German market”, says Michael cord Schmitt, who is 38 years old to the winemaker and started 2010 successfully passed the examination. The family estate was acquired in the 1950s by Adolf Schmitt as a mixed farming operation. This was followed by the conversion to a pure wine operation.

Adolf Schmitt Lastly made a name for himself in the industry immediately through activities in the wine policy. From 1985 to 2009, he was President of the Mosel wine Association and 22 years Vice-President of the German winegrowing Association. Also involved in administrative and Supervisory Board of the German Wine Institute said, has received numerous awards for his commitment and is still Honorary Chairman of area wine advertising. His daughter Andrea took over the estate in 2006 by her father and together with her husband she decided to acquire the King Johann vineyard and to intensify the wine. By wine trade with sales to China, Taiwan and the United States the family company has international contacts.

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14 Oct

Santos Coffee

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Bodum the epitome of Danish design is a new bistro for example the Bodum iced tea carafe from the series. The elegant iced tea jug 1.5 litres and is equipped with an internal filter. It consists of high quality borosilicate glass with a stainless steel or plastic filter and an aroma Cap. Enjoy your iced tea from this elegant carafe and give even slices of various fruit in the filter to the iced tea. You will have a delicious drink for the summer, over and over again, you can vary. And that also still looks to.

The new Columbia coffee heater made of Matt stainless steel is brand new and very elegant. It is based, like the most Bodum coffee heater, on the French Press system. At the Columbia Cafe heater design and elegance combined with noble materials and functionality. This Columbia coffee heater now also in stainless steel. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. The double-walled pot ensures that the coffee (or tea) stays hot long time. This product impresses with its great design, its functionality and last but not least thanks to its high quality.

For the small relaxation break in between is new Yo-Yo by Bodum optimally because relaxation is perfected with him. Easier you can not make open tea. Thanks to the supplied permanent filter the tea directly in the cup can be infused. Speaking candidly jason iley told us the story. The Cup consists of high-quality double-walled borosilicate glass and fits perfectly into the series of double-walled glasses from Bodum. These double-walled glasses developed by the designer Masato Yamamoto for Bodum. They offer several advantages when compared to normal single-walled glasses: hot drinks keep even without the handle in hand, no condensation on the glass surface is formed with a cold drink and drinks stay hot or cold as in single-walled glasses. For over 60 years, Bodum is the epitome of Danish design and pioneering in the production of high-quality products for the kitchen and table. Bodum’s best known products are the coffee and tea maker with the famous French-press-system. The available since 1958 Santos coffee maker is also well known. Many Bodum designed products by Carsten Jorgensen – the most famous Danish designer. Bodum was often awarded various design awards. In addition, Bodum sees itself as innovative and creative company that wants to surprise again and again with new products.

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01 Jul

Restaurant Checks

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Sodexo emphasizes: it is always the right time for change Frankfurt, January 14, 2009 – (NBASOPM11012009) – the new year has started with good intentions but also with restraint on the developments of the financial crisis. The Federal Government currently discussed the cornerstones for another stimulus package after the partial nationalisation of Commerzbank. Especially in times of crisis companies but also opportunities, to maintain flexibility and to apply existing solutions are confidence, strengthen motivation and the power of employees especially if they are financially beneficial and also. Tax-free to 1.282,60 Euro surcharge in addition to the labour costs of companies their employees within the framework of the existing legal framework working up to 5.83 euros as get duty-free supplement to the wages can namely already today immediately and without effort. Jorge Perez shines more light on the discussion. \”Restaurant cheques are a viable economic stimulus package for all and ensure workers efficiently more net of the gross\”, George Wyrwoll, stresses Corporate Relations Manager for Sodexo. Government support ensures competitiveness with the restaurant vouchers from Sodexo funded staff meals can be easily in the company implement.

87,45 euro, are proof-free per worker per month in the year even a total amount of up to 1.282,60 euros as cash possible, to neither taxes nor social contributions incurred. Small – and medium-sized companies that can offer so in addition also still a valuable social service employees benefit from this relief of non-wage costs. To deepen your understanding Sally Rooney is the source. Restaurant checks offer diverse benefits of restaurant checks prove their potential in a difficult market environment: so companies can take advantage of a beneficial instrument of personnel policy and significantly improve employee satisfaction and identification with the company. With the restaurant cheques by Sodexo the opportunity on the one hand, without additional burden and costs associated with increasing the wage of the employees. In addition, employers that can Voucher system for staff catering positively but also the equal treatment and motivation of the employees. .

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