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19 Apr

Dirk Schneider

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Styling tips and tricks for chubby men and women that has Web site increased its range and now offers an additional area for chubby ladies and gentlemen. See section styling tips and tricks for chubby ladies and gentlemen well tips and tricks for styling in XXL format. In addition to hair & beauty – tips, the website offers also styling tips for occasions such as formal wear, swimwear, Office or Disco outfits on. The Web page wants to plump ladies and gentlemen in all walks of life to more self confidence and a good fashionable exterior not only help in the camouflage tips to the right are. thick and chubby people offers a comprehensive fashion care in all areas. In addition to good and varied shopping tips, the Web site offers an own magazine, an online game as well as any kind of information in the form of E.g. encyclopedias, sizing charts, and more.

Through their varied nature, the Web site offers around carefree package indicating that for an all around good body feeling and well-being ensuring the user will. So, the frustration, the thick and chubby people when choosing a matching outfits in the past often had to be placed above all. Also, the website introduces various online shops from the XXL fashion segment and offers as a good overview of the diversity in the XXL fashion online shop market. So, even chubby ladies and gentlemen, can faster and better compare prices and find good fashion in their size. The Web site is a fashion Info Web page from the House of D.S. NET media, which was founded by the Economist (IHK) Dirk Schneider before 3. The company offers numerous challenging information Web pages on different topics on the Web. Above all, fashion and styling Web pages belong to their product portfolio. XXL project offers weekly reports in its shopping and fashion Advisor blog since early 2010. Press contact: presse(a) Web: