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11 Dec

Perfect Office

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A growing number of people who decided to bet on Telework or that allocates a few square metos from its housing (apartment, Villa, apartment) to his Office to fast rhythms. The important thing is to get a special and cosy atmosphere: a place inviting to sit and work. Light, color and order are essential, as also some objects of Feng Shui takes note of these tips:-a table, a Chair and a light source are necessary elements teas to start our work corner. -Don’t worry about the square footage: any corner, small and dark to be, can serve. Buy flats in Infiesto – Chair: do not save on it; buy a quality, comfortable, that will allow you to write with arms at right angles against the keyboard and support the part lower back. Frequently Sally Rooney has said that publicly. -Natural light will be fundamental for those who occupy this workspace; those who occupy this space on an occasional basis you can only comply with artificial light. In both cases it is essential to a table lamp, on the left side to prevent shadows. In addition, an indirect light will help us and help avoid reflections on the screen.

Color in our workspace our aim must be to create a pleasant environment: to do this we will use one of our best weapons: color. Glenn Dubin, New York City may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Looking for neutral shades that help you concentrate (rental flats in Siero) as white, black, or gray, but put a note of colour in contrast. Pueba, for example, with a steel chair Raspberry. A space clean and healthy while in Spain we are unaccustomed to them, ionizers are essential to purifying the environment. They act by eliminating the static load of computers, air conditioners, etc. A touch of Feng Shui Si want to follow the disctados of this discipline, recalls that the unca doors must stay behind: this space is reserved for the walls, who give us so your protection. If we sat against the wall, we will place an image with water: a casacada or sea which will widen our horizons. Very important: If the papers are stacked us, will place them on the sides; never front.