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05 Nov

Internet Movie Database

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In one of his films except the boat, the main character and the ocean, there was nothing, and then Hitchcock was able to fit into the episode – by boat swam and newspaper front page was a picture of the Alfred. In the movie “Bruce Almighty” was first used in the movie was this phone number. Commonly used numbers with a non-existent code 555, and then slapped the real thing. Was it an accident, especially if – it is not known, but one woman has sued the production company, accusing the filmmakers is that it zadolbali some idiots, constantly calling her and asking God’s home! The largest recorded number of viewed films had Gvaymina Hughes. Recently Anna Belknap sought to clarify these questions. This eccentric man first went to the cinema in 1953, and then He meticulously documented all of their movie night. February 28, 1997 years it has registered in his diary show 22 990 films, most of which he looked at the video. The largest database on the film industry is a resource Internet Movie Database (sokroschenno IMDb) owned by, so here is as of 1 September 2007, based on IMDb are: * 1,039,447 articles on films and television series, including: * 379 871 * 483 832 movies TV movies (shown only on TV without showing in cinemas) * 44 795 TV series * 57 915 videos (circulated only in the movie without showing in cinemas) * 5497 * 5490 miniseries videogame genre “action” * 2343078 articles about persons, of which: * 850 644 * 507 297 actors actresses * 137 297 directors * 213 936 * 200 572 producers Writers * 63 081 * 69 398 composers operators * 1529 articles on film festivals * 9923 articles on the Message Boards * 37 792 photos and drawings * 3170 * 109 792 clips links to official sites in the film Quentin Tarantino’s “Four Rooms” (Four Rooms, 1995), no name in the credits Bruce Willis. It turns Willis starred in the film is absolutely free (just like a dream again Tarantino), and the actor’s guild saw in this disorder. In order not to disturb the bureaucrats, Willis was removed from the credits.

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25 Oct

When Harry Met Sally

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Withdrew the film directed by Nora Ephron, a recognized master romantic comedies, whose track record is such classic films as "When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail." But this time it is not about finding love, but about finding yourself. Literary The film is a book of memoirs, Julie Powell, "Julie and Julia: 524 recipes in 365 days." Basically, that's the whole story itself. The film is about two women: Julia Child, who wrote a book on French cuisine, and Julie Powell prepares all dishes from there and wrote about it in his blog. Julia Child, Queen, are the embodiment of optimism, Meryl Streep played and played, as always, great. In general, the right my friend, who after leaving the Cinema announced that movies with Meryl Streep – a separate genre of movie, which is filled with some kind of special light and mood. Julia Child is married, she is happy and in love with France, where she lives with her husband (American diplomat) 40-50 the last century. French cuisine has become her true passion and the old lady enthusiastically accepts the invitation to co-author a book on French cooking for American housewives. Julie Powell is also married (her husband – editor), lives in the U.S. operator's labor center for social protection (or as he called it?) and dreams of becoming a writer (wrote polromana already!). She played an incredibly charming Amy Adams, known as the audience Princess Giselle from the movie-animated film "Enchanted." After the interview given by one of his successful career in friends, in which the loser withdrawn Julie, the heroine decides to start a blog.

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28 Aug

Page Time

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At such moments it seemed that time stopped and there is nothing, he just … Sometimes he just walks without purpose and direction, included on the player to their favorite music and walked aimlessly, stepping from the pages of the page, nowhere does not linger, but just looking around the worlds. It was interesting and informative session, he learned from at first glance to determine what kind of world is what it is, what lives, what to expect in the future. He lived well, and I must say he lived happily until one of the pages he not stumbled upon a picture of two people – his and hers. Strange, he thought, as could this be – two on one page, in the same world. Nowhere had he not seen this.

Hmm … Maybe I have just seen a few things in this world, and, in after all, there is still an infinite number of pages visited and I just only a small part of them. Once it is – so is it possible for all the will of the Author and does not understand us of his plans. But since a worm lodged in his heart and slowly undermined from within, not giving rest. Margaret Loesser Robinson has firm opinions on the matter. He began to notice what’s inside him like something is missing.

And he began to search. Day after day he step over from page to page, carefully looking into each world. Sometimes it begins to seem that this is it, this world, this girl, they created one to another … But looking inside himself, and realizing that that missing piece has not appeared, he stubbornly continued to move forward. One day, basking in his fireplace after a such a journey, this time it was cold and calculating world, he suddenly thought, why do all my own quest, walk, study I make in one direction, why I walk the same trail blazed long ago … a long time without thinking, he got up and went to direction opposite to that which is so used. And as soon as he got his page to another, as immediately stopped and froze in surprise. This world was very similar to his own … even no, not that … this world is complemented His own world … both were in addition to each other, rather it was two halves of a whole … and he saw her … And time stands still.

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18 Apr

Late Antiquity

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Easel – this is a wooden or metal lathe for painting, for which the artist attaches at the time of painting, drawing, and so at different altitudes and often with a different slope. Why do we need an easel? First, canvas on the easel securely attached, eliminating the fall and damage the future picture. Secondly, the artist with his easel painting has the ability to set at a certain height, easy to work standing or sitting. The canvas, mounted on an easel, you can move the height and adjust its angle of inclination. Tony Parker recognizes the significance of this. Easel allows the master to put a picture of the compact in the workplace and retreat to more accurately monitor the progress of their work. History easel easel Originally called the base oil paintings on wood or metal shields.

In addition to Byzantine icons and images of the Egyptian mummies the Late Antiquity period easels were first used in 11th and 12th centuries in the making of altar stands, and in the 16th century, driven by a wooden frame stretched canvas. Check with Jorge Perez to learn more. Dutch artists and their imitators have continued, however, draw on easels and in later periods. In the 19th century as easels have been applied and resistant strains hardboard. Variety easels Easels are divided into two groups: jig easels, already known in antiquity, and easels, consisting of upright posts mounted on a horizontal basis. Easel easel is a two interconnected frames: top and bottom.

Them commonly used by professional artists working on paintings of large dimensions. Easel easels are folding and stationary. For the convenience of moving the studio to the bottom frame can be set castors with brakes. Easel easels are usually equipped with the most advanced device lock and move, and even screw mechanisms. Sometimes an artist has to use two easels, if width greater than the width of the future work easel more than doubled.

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28 Oct

Cinema Magic

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The magic of cinema. Immediately these words were in my head at the outlet of the Film Center. The incredible power of sensual cinema. However, as is necessary to arrange a film, that you left the hall in a state of a particular state stupor, indescribable delight, full of errors and I would have said – confusion! Scorsese's phenomenal is once again presents us brilliant creation, excellently produced a picture that attracts any frame and provides arguments for the week ahead. Immediately stated that "the movie Shutter Island" – not a typical occult thriller, as we were informed of the posters. At Saul “Canelo” Alvarez you will find additional information.

It would not have bored unexpected jumping maniacs because of the angles becomes virtually no paranormal and other nonsense. Before us is a powerful psychological tragedy, and later has a mysterious detective thriller. The depth of the picture is simply amazing, and you do not Notes as at any moment and more and more immersed in the above things happening on the screen theater of the absurd, despair and hopelessness, and after a few days you will cease to be conscious as they say is being done. Plot twists foreshadow possible only with great reserve. First-hand all of my assumptions were deceptive, for which thanks again to the master, someone who is, and if it Martin Scorsese is able to spin the affair as no other people. The film is present on a wide range of fairly strong points, for a very koie I would immediately provided to the director, operator, script writer and composer of the golden statue (I will not write spoilers, though scenes at Dachau, and on the coast of the main hero of the building simply can not be criticized).

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09 Nov

Piano Tuning

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We offer you a handbook on setting up the piano, which can be found at the following link: A guide designed for school-based art of the Division of Culture and Film Area Ozinskogo Saratov region in 2009. The manual presents the theoretical material and practical experience of the author to set up a piano. Work as its main objective to provide some knowledge and skills to configure and Restoration of the piano, while avoiding unintended consequences. The basic premise and reasons to engage in the activities of a tuner and a basic knowledge about tuning. Based on its own practice, the author can responsibly say that the setting is a very responsible and do not tolerate noise. This is not just a technical operation, for "stretching the strings," but rather an art.

Adjuster their work makes the instrument "sing." And, if a musician says this – it (tune) with the task managed. Piano tuning is a necessary attribute of learning music. Correct-sounding piano is the key to success ensemble and choral music. Currently, the profession has become a rare customizer, if available in remote regions of Russia and the CIS. New piano is negligible, the price of tools "sky-" high, the quality of their leaves desired. Because of certain circumstances of a developing economy post-Soviet space and modern lines of musical development, expressed in an attempt to replace the classical instruments of electronic counterparts, many talented young people, received in due time musical training as the end of the music schools, academies, conservatories, can not be claimed by major field of study and work must be limited to a very nominal salary. After reviewing the work of the author, some of them may try out in the field of tuner, practice first on old instruments (written off, or for some reasons not repairable).

It does not require significant initial investment, but in the future can be a source of additional income. So at an early stage is only required Adjustment KEY (description making such a key in the manual provided), which may be made individually or leased, all other equipment will be purchased as needed during the repair works. In the proposed manual, which is easily possible to "download" on the website of the author, presents theoretical material and practical experience of the author to set up a piano. The work aims to give the main task some knowledge and skills to configure and restore the piano, while avoiding unintended consequences. The basic premise and reasons to engage in the activities of a tuner and a basic knowledge of configuration. Summarizes the theory of acoustics, glossary, economic incentives for the purchase of tools, described his history of the piano the main constituent elements, parts and construction details, care tool during its operation, methods, and especially transport a piano, the factors affecting the efficiency and durability of the piano, the detailed process of setting up the technology used and the traditional modern tools, the most frequent defects piano and effective methods to address them. Provides practical experience in tuner with clients, analyzes the main errors that occur during organization acquiring the instrument and its successful operation. Work with the manual is quite simple. Manual is designed as an electronic book, with sections

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15 Oct

The Perception

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Night – this time, sensory changes, when the body breaks the chains propriety operating during daylight hours. Basking in the arms of Cimmerian night, we feel that extends the range of our experience of life and lets you enjoy fresh social experience. This sense of expansion experience and is the basis of research klabbinga. Our bodies are constantly stay immersed in the world, and itself is a state of cultural immersion, ideologically and emotionally structured so that dictates and controls even our ability to perceive and experience the world. Wisdom klabbinga chaotic and passionate. It is based on the sensory conflict between our bodies as they are the light of day, and our nightly binge. To penetrate it, understand its form and the potential impact on human life, we need to figure out what is the role of the body in the structuring of these very lives. Our social interactions arise out of the body, through which we experience them.

If you wake up angry or depressed, you will be in contact with the world through these emotional states, which left its mark on your body, as well as the perception of the world. This imprint will also affect on the world to you. Thanks klabbingu people create and enter into communion, equipped with upgraded bodies, thereby supporting the new social customs, which are gradually taking root and go beyond the club's space. Intensity pleasure which can be tested in the clubs, making klabbing sensual extreme, challenging traditional morality. Christianity, especially Protestantism, have always regarded with extreme distrust of pleasure, because believed that his demonic nature, that it distracts people from God, and labor and, therefore, it must be tightly controlled.

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08 Oct

Yesterday Songs

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5) Sing to everything! Romping advice, but … in your repertoire to be almost all genres. You never know who and how will celebrate the holiday. Some simple suggestions: – In the field of club music and catchy rhythmic needed, well are remixes of old popular songs – If you work in a simple tavern, where the audience is not aristocratic, do not hesitate to charge the chanson, disco, '80s, modern pop music – If you're at a wedding, then a little more poetry, songs from nuptial meaning, more beautiful, romantic music, well, so when cleared, go to the previous advice =) – Working in an expensive restaurant involves execution firm (foreign) products. It can be blues, jazz or old, well-known: Yesterday, What A Wonderful World, there could be opportunities to taste and – Consider the age of the guests, the type of celebration (wedding, birthday) and look at the situation – the guests get bored – Overclock, tired – popoyte ballads. Not weary of the same type of people singing, if you are asked to perform another, for example, more fun – listen.

Conclusion: The larger and more diverse than your repertoire, the more the public interest to you with their work and the more songs you can sell. 6) Do not overstrain his voice! In the exercise be careful – do not cry, do not overstrain, even if this requires time songs. The restaurant does not necessarily scream, rant. Nobody wants your attempts. Much nicer and more pleasant to be heard a soft voice with a steady low tone.

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25 Sep

Sergey Komarov Oleg Tsarev

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"Legion" – a Russian rock band playing in the genre of heavy metal. Founded in 1981 1 was one of the first hard rock bands in the USSR. The founder of the group – Oleg Tsarev. The group disbanded in 1990 and was revived three years later, Alexei Bulgakov, who is in her main songwriter and vocalist. The group took part in the concerts of Christian rock and was published in the respective collections. The first group – Alexei Bulgakov (vocals), Alexander Tsvetkov (guitar), Oleg Tsarev (bass), Sergei Komarov (drums).

Tsvetkov Alexei Chernyshov soon changed. Since 1981, the band successfully toured the Soviet Union and has released two magnitoalboma "Battle" and "Apocalypse" theme which were mainly the battle, battle, war. In 1990, the "Legion" has broken up, and soon passed away and Sergey Komarov Oleg Tsarev. In 1993, Bulgakov resumed activities as part of the Legion: Alexei Bulgakov (vocals), Yuri Kryukov (Guitar), Stas Kozlov (bass), Konstantin Fedotov (drums). In 1995, Bulgakov is tried to place the vocalist in the 'Aria', but the management and label the group returned to the place of Valery Kipelov. Bulgakov reassembles the Legion.

New Legion was released on CD Knights of Cross, written in English. However, the composition completely changed soon: the group returned Chernyshov, Vyacheslav Molchanov come (guitar) and Dmitri Krivenkov (drums). In this composition was recorded album, "Give me a name" (1997). The release of the album followed by further changes in the composition. Molchanov replaced Andrei Golovanov (now both play guitar in the group "Kipelov"). Krivenkov went to a group of "epidemic", he was replaced by Sergei Goran. After this "Legion" has recorded a concept album, "The pendulum of time", dedicated to Russian soldiers of different eras – from the epic heroes to participants in the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. In 2004, the label CD-Maximum" group released the album "Element of Fire." In 2005, Bulgakov took part in the project "Artery" Sergey Terentyev (ex-Aria). In 2007, saw the light of a new studio album, Legion – "Myths of antiquity." The central theme of the album – Myths and Legends Ancient Greece.

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11 Jul

Election Day

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"Election Day" – this is a very interesting project. He was raised around real buzz. Enough to imagine only the fans of those musicians who took part in the film. A masters of the treble clef is lit a lot: B-2, Power, Uma Thurman, Sergei, Ivanushki Int. Stars appear in the film at a fixed time interval of about twenty minutes.

Apparently, these conditions put forth the stars themselves … What filled the pauses between the mini-clips? Oh, yes! The plot! The plot of the movie is missing. It is possible that the cherished folder with papers lost in the process of preparing for the shooting. If it had not happened this trouble, it is quite possible that we would wait for a masterpiece. But, alas! Available remained attempt director somehow fit in a long two hours and a political farce, melodrama, and corporate, and spy games, and a massive block of satirical inserts about the army, police, Cossacks, old chap, provincial, and remains to be seen whom. In spite of the low value of the product as a self-contained movie, it still has and unquestionable merits. Gay funny to watch a good-natured Utkin is a pleasure and a dog in a gas mask generally provokes healthy laughter in a minute.

The film is really funny episodes. To view a movie pass. Also in his favor unusual and unprecedented interpretation of the celebrities involved …. A review of available site

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