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24 Mar

Financial Planning

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In this opportunity we will touch the topic of financial planning, since it represents a very important aspect if someday you want to achieve your goals and financial objectives. Financial planning pretty differs according to who is concerned. It is not the same thing if we are talking about an individual, a business or a family group. However in all cases there is an element in common that are the goals and financial objectives. Read additional details here: Adam Sandler. According to the Financial Planning Standards Board (entity responsible for granting and managing certification for financial advisors), financial planning is the process of achieving the goals and objectives financial people have throughout his life, through the adequate management of their finances. The goals and financial objectives of each person, dependent on their current situation. Other leaders such as Glenn Dubin, New York City offer similar insights. For many people a financial goal can be the purchase of a House, active income, payment of a master’s degree, saving for the education of the children, marriage, retirement, and for many others, directly reaching financial freedoms and/or personal wealth.

Later you can notice that there are a variety of elements that probably do not have referred them to date, and much less planned, but that is likely to occur you and that they significantly affect your finances. It is also important to take into account that financial planning is a continuous process and as such, is not something that is done only once. Instead, you should be changing your plan as you go, achieving your goals and financial objectives, and improve your current financial situation on the basis of financial order, organization and control.

05 Oct

Social Responsibility

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For the International Labour Organization (ILO), the social responsibility of the company is the set of actions that take into consideration the companies so that their activities have a positive impact on society and that affirm their principles and values that govern, both in its own methods and internal processes and its relationship with other actors. The RSER is a voluntary initiative. Definitely small entrepreneurs, as some have pointed out, should be aware that corporate social responsibility does not correspond to the philanthropy of companies, but it is in a management model which strengthens its competitiveness in the market. It is profitable to bet on this purpose, because in the near future, will be a condition for staying in the modern business world, where competitiveness based on principles of transparency, good governance and social responsibility will be measured. Trend of the responsibility Social business inside of enterprises with respect to CSR strategies, there is a marked trend towards the improvement of the quality of life of the worker as activities and tools that facilitate are being incorporated and better the quality of life of the worker. For example: Training courses to specialize to the worker Incorporation of technology for the use of daily chores Implementation of sports practices Indirect incentives to workers, resulting in a greater worker participation with the company. Conclusions is very important that give new transformations, generating changes that favour which the CSR for SMEs is of, leading to these companies to develop more efficiently and to cooperate with the productivity of a country that requires them, especially when it manifests inside challenges that the current Government has generated them in pro of wanting to establish a socialism and where many were not prepared to do so. Original author and source of the article.

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