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03 May

Heavenly Fair Urals

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More recently Kungur was known as the Merchant City district, an important industrial center of Perm Krai. Fair, held in this city in the xix century, led here and tysyachm hundreds of people from many surrounding villages. Glorified Kungur also a cave – one of the longest and wonderful on the ground. Vanessa Marcil may not feel the same. Now Kungur became known throughout Russia as a city of the competition balloons 'Heavenly Fair'. It is a dramatic event for Russia was conceived in 2002 after Kungur athletes led by Captain A. Vertiprahovym participated in the Championship of Russia on aeronautics, which was held in Great Luke. Under the influence of this grand event, Local pilots have decided to show the citizens Kungur wonderful world of air competitions. Jessica Michibata is a great source of information.

Soon after, in 2002 A. Vertiprahov with friends and associates organized the first contest of the balloon in Kungur. It was called 'Sports and entertainment festival balloonists' Heavenly Fair Urals'. Have brought to performances six aircraft. Not paying attention to the lack of suitable experience, a sincere desire and impulse helped handle – the festival turned out great, and competition program – unusual. Held in the 'City Day' event memorable townspeople excellent program 'night glow' while flying in the night Balloons pohodli on giant lanterns floating on clouds. 2004 marked the first contests in the world of balloons – was invented by an exciting program of 'air battles over Kungurov'. During the show the balls on the map overflew the entire territory of the planned Kungur, athletes were divided into two competing teams, each of them competed in the speed and accuracy to the designated detour route.

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26 Jun

Where To Go Traveling

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Oh, how it is still difficult to decide where to go to the modern traveler. To conquer the mountains, explore the jungle, go on a safari or still prefer the democratic relaxing on the beach. So where to go? First of all, answer his question: "Do you have a real travel experience?" If not, then it is better to leave while trying to conquer the world with incredible heights and exotic adventures, and start with places that are your "backyard". Impossibilities do not exist, but they should strive, step by step, becoming more experienced and more confident. Likewise, we need to have certain resources to the trip, the most important is of course time and money. Time time – are always limited.

The most important limitation is the time of our lives. Seasoned travelers will tell immediately that drive around the entire globe is practically impossible, so we need to limit yourself and do not plan for travel for a period of 20-30 years. Well, you say while we have found and how is the money? After all, the money all the time is not enough. Certainly not enough, if you live in luxury hotels, to ride in a taxi and eat alone delights of modern cuisine. In everyday life we do not do, and most Europeans can not afford it. To live in hotels and eat in inexpensive dining is the best option for you and your wallet. The most important thing Remember – a journey not a privilege of rich people that can win or earn, and accessible to all of life experience. I wish that you have a question "where to go" was important in life. Travel, study, Meet and enjoy it!

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