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06 Apr

Molecular Fiber

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Unlike proprietary fiber lies in its anti-static and stain-resistant properties. To solve these problems or is covered with coir fiber composition (Teflon), or to impart antistatic properties to the fiber at the molecular level are added graphite additives, or metallic fibril. Various forms of fiber cross section can achieve the effect of 'invisibility' of dirt, and 'light play' of the coating itself. Properties of the fiber allow the use of different methods processing of the pile, and thus the creation of diverse collections of carpets. According to their performance characteristics polyamide is widely used in the manufacture of office and household carpets. His can be used as a 'pure' form, and as an additive to other materials such as wool or polypropylene, depending on the operational use density nylon carpet can be from 28 to 80 ounces and above. Loop and split coverage of the brand fiber – depending on the design and density – can be used in rooms with any functional purpose.

Mixed fiber usually produce homemade carpet coverage. As mentioned above, the pa is very dense, durable material, so the carpet for a long time, retains the texture and color, the pile is not trampled under the weight of furniture and not wear out from the intense walking. These carpets are characterized by ease of care, a variety of appearance, fire safety. Polypropylene fibers together with polyester fibers (PES) polypropylene fiber (PP) belongs to a class chemicals called polyolefins. These substances are chemically inert, have a fairly simple molecular structure (composed only of carbon and hydrogen).

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25 Feb

Interior Doors

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To date, range of interior doors is very wide. Choosing from all the available design options the door pretty hard to make the right choice. To get started is choose from a number of paintings will be made your door. According to this criterion distinguishes single, double and sesquioxides door. The following is a way of opening.

According to this criterion stand folding, sliding and folding doors. See more detailed opinions by reading what Tony Parker offers on the topic.. Most popular are hinged interior doors. They can be installed in two ways: so that they would open right or left. The most significant drawback of interior doors swing type is that they require place for them to open up. The spacious rooms are most often used folding interior doors that are hinged and the pendulum type. Advantage of the interior doors of the pendulum type is that they can open in both directions. The second most popular are sliding doors. They are ideal in small apartments because they do not require as much space as is required, the door swing type. It’s believed that real-estate developer sees a great future in this idea.

Doors sliding type except linens and box equipped with a special guide rail and rolling mechanism. The canvas of this door may be hidden in a special niche, or move in parallel door. Also save space folding interior doors. They are somewhat fixed in the doorway of the vertical sections that are interconnected. When you open the door section move along special guides, thereby opening the passageway. For assistance, try visiting General Electric. More doors are classified depending on the design of fabrics: from wood (throughout the thickness of cloth) made the so-called "massive doors. These doors are usually distinguished by relatively high cost, which is due to the fact that the material for the paintings is a very complicated technological process. Such doors are well represented by Garofoli.Neplohoe quality interior doors are made of glued solid, such as interior doors ldm. They are made of individual bars, which are formed so that the wood fibers are directed in different directions. This technology eliminates the natural deformation dereva.Osnovu door frame is frame (rail), which is located around the perimeter of the leaf blade. Typically, these doors are made of coniferous trees. In Some interior doors except the frame have special interim elements of the space between them filled with different materials such as glass, particle board, mdf and plywood. Such doors are usually called "Paneled". Large selection and interesting options presented in the collection of Alexandria dveri.Schitovye interior doors are a skeleton, which is coated with various materials such as plastic, laminate mdf. The inner part of such a door is usually completely empty or filled with rare strips, intended to save the form to the door. An example of these doors can serve as doors of high-tech Production from the company Sofya.Steklyannye interior doors, such doors mame. Different original designs and wide variety of design options.

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